Sex abuse survivors discuss consequences of transgender bathroom laws

Obama speaks to the Human Rights Campaign
Obama speaks to the Human Rights Campaign

In this latest video from Alliance Defending Freedom:

The Daily Signal explains the new video:

Policies allowing a person who is biologically male to access women’s restrooms and locker rooms can create negative, unintended consequences, according to some sexual abuse survivors.

“The presence of a male of any variety, whether he’s somebody who identifies as a trans or not, whether he has deviant motives or not, that’s irrelevant to the reality that for survivors of sexual trauma to just turn around and to be exposed to that is an instant trigger,” Kaeley Triller, a sexual trauma survivor, said in a video created by Alliance Defending Freedom, a conservative, Christian legal organization.

The video explains from a first-hand perspective how unintended victims are the consequence of open restroom and locker room policies in place at some companies like Target and in schools, such as in Fort Worth, Texas.

[…]“People are afraid, and with good reason, because they’ve had experiences where they were in places where they were vulnerable and someone hurt them,” a woman named Autumn Bennett said in the video.

[…]Janine Simon, a sexual assault victim, shared her thoughts in the video.

“I’ve only been telling my personal story publicly for a few months,” Simon said. “I do it because I know there are so many kids out, there are so many kids out there already being abused. There’s so many kids out there that pedophiles, they’re just looking for a chance… We’ve just created a law that makes it easier for them to access their victims.”

[…]This year in Washington state, a man was reported to have undressed in front of girls in a women’s locker room.

“As long as the person says, ‘I identify as a woman,’ and they’re not doing something criminal like actually assaulting somebody, this rule gives them the legal right to be present,” Joseph Backholm, executive director of the Family Policy Institute of Washington, told The Washington Times in February.

And as I blogged before, the Obama administration, which is in the back pocket of the gay rights lobby, has ordered all the public schools in the nation to implement transgender bathroom access. Even if you pull your kids out of the public schools, you are still paying for the public schools to be run the way that the gay rights lobby wants them to be run. You can’t opt out of paying taxes to the Democrat Party.

Fort Worth, TX

What is scary is how this is even happening at the state and local level, in states that are supposedly conservative.

Look at this:

The public schools in Fort Worth — Fort Worth — are going trans-positive. Here’s a link to the new school policy, [UPDATE: Link corrected. Sorry! — RD] which is based on the new federal interpretation of Title IX. It’s in Scribd, so I can’t quote excerpts. Highlights include:

  • There doesn’t need to be a medical or mental health diagnosis involved. If a male student says he’s a girl, then he’s a girl, and vice versa.
  • Schools are instructed to keep the student’s asserted gender identity hidden from parents unless authorized to share that information with them.
  • School personnel are to consider themselves to be allies of a student undergoing gender transitioning. That means not telling their parents or guardians.
  • Transgender students must have the opportunity to participate in school sports as the gender they claim to be, though they are not guaranteed this as a right.

But there’s more. The Fort Worth schools are now compelling teachers and others to teach gender ideology to students. Highlights:

  • Teachers are no longer to call their students “boys” and “girls,” but to use gender-neutral language to refer to them, e.g., “students”
  • Classrooms are to “feature diversity” in their classroom materials

So, let’s recap: public school teachers and personnel in the Fort Worth Independent School District are now required by policy to instruct students that gender can be whatever you want it to be. And they are required to keep parents in the dark about their kids transitioning or presenting themselves as the opposite gender at school.

Not in Austin. In Fort Worth.

Where are the people in Fort Worth supposed to go to get their kids away from this? And where do they get the tax money they paid into the system back, if they do pull their kids out of these public schools?

My solution to this is to allow the victims of anything that follows from this to sue the public school administrators and the Democrat Party officials who put the policy in place, and make it very expensive for them. They understand lawsuits. But we’ll have to wait for a real conservative to be elected President before that happens.

3 thoughts on “Sex abuse survivors discuss consequences of transgender bathroom laws”

  1. It might be worth repeating a point I’ve made earlier on this subject. I have an intersex condition. I am not transanything. I was taken to be female at birth and have a female birth certificate. Following surgery to rectify the problem I look male. Completely male. I AM male. But I, a bald old chap with fully male equipment and a beard, would, according to the regulations you propose, have to use a ladies loo, Well, first, my sense of decency and respect for women’s right to a women’s toilet would prevent me from using it. How could I, anyway? I’m a male. And if I went into a male one I would be breaking the law.

    This issue does need more forethought.


  2. You know how this is going to end up being played.

    If this is triggering for abused women, the conclusion is obvious. It seems that sexual abuse was worse than previously thought. It makes normal people turn into bigots. If a trans, or a pretend-trans, individual makes an abused woman feel bad, it is the fault is cis-males.

    Not allowing a trans individual to trigger an abuse victim is creating more victims. It is up to cis-gendered women to get over it and not to become abusers to people who have it worse than they do. After all cis-women have bad it easy compared to trans-women,

    Not a very coherent group of statements, but I don’t expect the rationale to be coherent, just that everyone is a bigot except those who support them enthusiastically enough. This reminds me of the reign of terror after the Feench Revolution. A rush to see who can be more radical, and eventually attacking their own radicals for not being sufficiently radical.


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