Oklahoma attorney general signals resistance against DOJ transgender decree

Obama speaks to the Human Rights Campaign
Obama speaks to the Human Rights Campaign

President Obama issued a Kingly decree to his subjects that all public schools in the land are to allow men to use women’s bathrooms, showers, change rooms, etc., because it is part of their rigorous public school education, and will prepare them to compete for jobs.

The Weekly Standard reports:

Late Friday afternoon Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt wrote a letter to the Justice and Education officials advising that “if you attempt to enforce this . . . letter on schools in the State of Oklahoma, we will vigorously defend the State’s interests.” Pruitt’s letter sets forth the grounds of defense: That without warrant the administration has redefined “sex” to mean “gender identity”; that it has forced this definition on parents, students, and communities because it has “deemed unjustifiable any discomfort that [transgender students] may express,” thus elevating “the status of transgender students over those who would define their sex based on biology and who would seek to have their definition honored in the most private of places”; and that it compels schools to enforce the new definition of sex “by conditioning receipt of federal funds on compliance” with the letter—”an ultimatum: take it or lose it,” which is not a “real choice” for many schools.

Pruitt concludes by saying that the administration’s actions are unlawful and “represent the most egregious administrative overreach to date. You have taken a public policy issue that must, by our constitutional design, be worked out in the laboratory of democracy and enforced it on all people. And you have done so through a misuse of the spending power.”

State attorneys general in the age of Obama have devised state coalitions to challenge federal overreach. Most notably, 26 states have joined in taking on the president’s executive action on immigration, now before the Supreme Court. Watch for a new coalition to be formed, in the event of actions taken to enforce the guidance letter.

Are you feeling sad? Then read the letter (PDF) from the Oklahoma attorney general.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott defies the tyrant
Texas Governor Greg Abbott defies the tyrant

Meanwhile, the Washington Post reports on Texas’ response to Obama’s Kingly decree:

Texas Lieutenant Gov. Dan Patrick said on May 13 the state will “not yield to blackmail” after the Obama administration announced a directive to public schools to give transgender students access to facilities, including bathrooms that match their chosen gender identity.

[…]Just hours after news outlets reported on the directive, which will be sent to all public schools across the country Friday, Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick offered a doomsday outlook.

“This will be the beginning of the end of the public school system as we know it,” he told NBC 5.

Patrick and other top Republicans in America’s largest conservative state, had spent the day listening to Gov. Greg Abbott’s vows to unite with the state of North Carolina as it wages a legal battle with the federal government over the Tar Heel state’s new law requiring people to use the bathroom that aligns with the gender on their birth certificate.

And just this week, Patrick called for the resignation of a Fort Worth schools superintendent after he proposed policies more inclusive of transgender students.

For those of you looking for a good state to move to, Oklahoma and Texas.

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