Conservative speakers take on political correctness at U Mass

Ratio Christi event at Ohio State University featuring Frank Turek
Conservative speakers face liberal students on campus

My friend N. sent me this video of a campus event at the EXTREMELY liberal University of Massachusetts. This is the center of the leftist universe, the worst place in the world for conservatives students.

WARNING: this video contains the most horrible swearing and language you can possibly imagine, and it will scar you for life. But it is really interesting to see how non-leftist ideas are received on a liberal university campus. It’s just incredible, the screaming, shouting, insults, threats of violence – all from the secular left. It is so bad that even I cringed at some of the un-PC talk and thought the mean conservatives went too far at times. Even I was offended!

Here’s the video:

Do not watch this with little kids or even teens around, it’s just horrible, like watching a train wreck with everyone on fire and screaming and dying. I really feel bad about posting it, but my friend loved it so much, and I was permanently scarred by it. Holy snark, have the universities ever become radicalized by the secular left.


  • Milo Yiannopoulos
  • Christina Hoff Sommers
  • Steven Crowder



  • Milo: feminism is cancer
  • Sommers: feminist theory is put forward with lies, misrepresentations and false statistics
  • Steven: the leftist students are shouting down the speakers because they are spoiled, entitled brats

Political correctness:

  • Milo: etiquette is good for discussions, but political correctness undermines the pursuit of truth, and can even have deadly consequences, e.g. – citizens refusing to report the Muslim rape gangs in the UK because of fear of political correctness
  • Sommers: etiquette is good for discussions, but political correctness is a way of pushing one set of political views and shutting down discussions
  • Steven: political correctness is a tool for shutting down discussions used by people who don’t have reason or evidence on their side

Hate speech:

  • Milo: we should allow people who are extremists on either side to speak, because that allows people to hear them and reject them
  • Sommers: some students are shouting down speakers because they oppose intellectual diversity, and are afraid that conservative views are correct and others will be persuaded if they are allowed to hear them
  • Steven: leftists fear intellectual diversity, they shout down conservative speakers because they live in a bubble where they never hear libertarian or conservative points of view
  • Milo: leftists are guilty of the worst kind of bigotry: they insist that gay people be leftists, that black people be leftists and women be leftists, they treat conservatives in these minority groups horribly

Is there a wage gap between men and women?

  • Sommers: the evidence shows that the differences in pay are explained by what women choose to study, time women take time off for babies, how many hours women work, and other choices
  • Sommers: women should major in things like economics and engineering, not feminist dance therapy

Are 1 in 5 women sexually assaulted on campus?

  • Steven: a lot of these sensationalized rape claims later turn out to be false, e.g. – Columbia mattress girl, Virginia Rolling Stone girl
  • Sommers: this is another example of how feminists advance an agenda by misusing statistics, but the number from real government studies is 1 in 53

This ends the panel discussion. I cannot write what the questions are, because the questioners were almost entirely rude, and just stood up and said lots of swear words, which you can apparently get credit for at the University of Massachusetts.

Several of my friends posted this video clip, taken from a member of the audience, which gives you a close up view of how indoctrinated in leftism the students are:

It seems to me that the barbarians are inside the gates, and the zombie apocalypse is nearly upon us. Can you imagine living next to one of these little psychopaths?

2 thoughts on “Conservative speakers take on political correctness at U Mass”

  1. In 1992 I was the Bush / Quayle campaign chair for my college in Vermont. A private liberal-arts college. I had human excrement smeared on my door to my dorm room on several occasions. I was shouted down during a campus wide debate, and not allowed to reply, give an answer, or to even state a position. I was threatened with mail, letters stating they hoped my mother would be raped.

    When I presented evidence to the Dean and campus public safety I was told:

    You represent ideas that are extremist (Bush 1st was extremist???), hateful and and untolerent; people have every right to express their anger towards you.

    I can’t imagine how bad it is today though


  2. Only one of our sons went to university (the others went to technical “universities”, i.e. former technical colleges). I’d raised him with Biblical values, explaining the reason for these values. At university, a hotbed of secular humanism, especially in the science department where he studied, he turned his back on the Lord and by the time he finished his degrees, had become an anti-theist.
    He has totally “drunk the Kool-Aid” of the secular left, being pro-abortion, regards smoking cigarettes as more harmful than porn (at least he’s not into drugs), is cohabiting, not wanting to get married and have a family, and the other evening told me that prostitution persists because it is criminalised. I told him that the answer is to penalise the clients (as has worked in countries where this has been implemented), while also providing an exit route for prostitutes. He wouldn’t listen to my point that legalising prostitution makes life easier for drug lords and traffickers.
    It is a matter of considerable concern that universities (which historically began as Christian institutions) have, during the past century, become agents for spreading Godless secular humanism through society via their graduates going into teaching, journalism, politics, etc.


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