Reporter Michelle Fields files criminal charges against Trump’s campaign manager

Trump holds up Bible he "received from his mother" to evangelicals
Trump holds up Bible he “received from his mother” to evangelicals

David French writes about it for National Review.

Excerpt: (links removed)

Yesterday, I wrote a lengthy post outlining the charges and countercharges between Breitbart’s Michelle Fields and the Donald Trump campaign. Fields claimed that Trump’s campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski, yanked her away from Trump when she tried to ask him a question about affirmative action, bruising her arm and almost causing her to fall. Fields tweeted a photo of the bruises, and aWashington Post reporter backed her account — as did an audio recording of the event.

The Trump campaign responded with scorched earth. Not only did it release a statement falsely claiming that no other reporter witnessed the incident, Lewandowski himself spewed forth a vile series of tweets that not only implied Fields was a fabulist, he also implied that she’d made up a sexual harassment charge in the recent past. The campaign demanded to see video evidence.

Here’s the video – the reaching for the reporter occurs at the 8-second mark:

French continues:

Slowed-down video shows Lewandowski reaching more clearly, and now Fields has filed a criminal complaint. As I said before, the Trump campaign’s behavior has been reprehensible. When faced with a credible, corroborated claim of mistreatment, a responsible campaign pledges to investigate and treats the alleged victim with respect. Instead, the campaign chose to lie and — even worse — to attempt to ruin Fields’s reputation.

This is no surprise, since Trump’s rhetoric is borderline fascistic, and this staff and supporters have obviously picked up on it and putting it into practice. In talking with Trump supporters, what I’ve found is that they are angry, low-information voters. When confronted with the facts about their candidate, they resort to name calling, coercion and even violence.

One of my best friends was confronting a “Christian” supporter of Trump recently. The Trump supporter paralleled Trump with Jesus. My friend spoke up and listed out some of Trump’s immoral behavior, e.g. – adultery, frivolous divorce, abortion, strip clubs, casinos. She linked to evidence for all of these things. The Trump supporter responded by literally threatening her with damnation. He literally said “You are a liar. God damn you.” The person who this happened to can comment if she likes, I know she’s a reader of the blog.

Now some of the people who comment here don’t strike me as that crazy, but this is what I am seeing from Trump supporters in social media. He’s probably the most immoral candidate to run as a Republican, and yet his supporters will do anything to protect him.

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6 thoughts on “Reporter Michelle Fields files criminal charges against Trump’s campaign manager”

  1. Minor technicality, but I believe a private citizen cannot file criminal charges. Only the State can. The citizen can file a complaint and the State can then file criminal charges based on the complaint. Although I will stand corrected.


  2. Come on Wintery, this is not evidence of anything. What a joke. I watched the video several times thinking I missed something. I did, it wasn’t there. Then I noticed the following youtube and listened to it. Pardon the rough language but it makes the point well. This is nonsense.
    Having been a long time admirer of what you put out, I am disappointed.


  3. I watched the video 3 times. You can’t tell if the Secret Service guy grabbed her arm or if Lewadowski grabbed it. Fields did not even know who grabbed her arm. She relied on a liberal Washington Post reporter telling her that it was Lewandowski that grabbed her. Then a Washington Post photographer that was present lied and said he was not covering the event. If Fields was a true conservative she would know not to trust a liberal Washington Post reporter.


  4. WK,
    I agree with you.

    Here is another video of the incident:

    What I see in this video is Ms. Fields being stopped cold (even moving slightly backward), slightly dipping down, and glancing in the general direction of Mr. Lewandowski as he moves around her.

    Based on the audio, various videos, eyewitness and written accounts of the event it appears that Ms. Fields was walking with Donald Trump (as she was asking him a question) and she was pulled back. She was pulled back with enough force to move her backwards, cause her to dip down slightly and apparently leave her with bruising on her arm.

    Again, based on the available evidence, it can reasonably be concluded that Mr. Lewandowski grabbed Ms. Fields arm causing the above dynamic event.

    Now the Trump campaign is in full denial mode that the event even took place. They are maligning the character of the victim (how Alinskyite of them btw). And many of his supporters agree with and participate in this character assassination. Thuggish, cowardly and truly pathetic.



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