Underage teen girl forced into daily sex by Muslim “grooming” gang in Rotherham, UK

Muslim populations in Europe
Muslim populations in Europe

I’ve covered this story before, but there are some new details about the alleged sexual abuse from the trial.

This was reported in the radically leftist UK Guardian, of all places. (H/T Ari)


A teenage girl abused by the Rotherham grooming ring was forced into daily sexual relations with men for years and used as a commodity to settle her abuser’s debts, a court has heard.

The girl, who was in and out of care from the age of 12, was allegedly taken around the country and made to perform sexual acts up to three times a day on different men, becoming pregnant twice, once when she was only 14.

She had just turned 16, and was still in local authority care, when her abuse became a daily occurrence, the jury was told. She terminated the first pregnancy but later gave birth to a boy who was looked after by her mother.

The girl is one of 12 allegedly groomed in a child sexual exploitation ring led by seven people, including two sets of brothers and two women, who between them are accused of 51 counts of abuse including rape, indecent assault, false imprisonment, abduction and procurement of girls for prostitution or for sex with another.

All of the girls were vulnerable to grooming and predatory behaviour, with unstable family backgrounds. “Some had unsettled home lives, had suffered previous ill treatment or abuse and some were in local authority care,” said prosecutor Michelle Colborne QC.

They were deliberately “targeted, sexualised and in some instances subjected to acts of a degrading and violent nature”, she said, adding that one girl was so terrified of her alleged abuser, Basharat Hussain, she feared for her life.

The jury heard on Thursday that one of the girls was 12 when she was first abused, while the grooming of another alleged victim started with treats of “sweets and pop” and progressed to gifts of perfume and a mobile phone.

The catalogue of alleged abuse, which spanned more than a decade from 1990 to 2003, was said to have been masterminded by Basharat’s brother, Arshid Hussain, 40, who is facing 29 counts relating to nine girls. The court heard that he passed the lead victim to his brother and friends and arranged her abuse in flats, garages and houses in the Rotherham area and in London.

The violence against her allegedly became regular and no one in the victim’s care home expressed concern when she returned bloodied or shaken from encounters, the jury was told. On one occasion, it is alleged she was bundled into the boot of a car and taken to a house in Tottenham, north London, where she was abused by five men, all in their 20s.

“Afterwards she was driven back to Rotherham and ‘Mad Ash’ [Arshid Hussein] told her he loved her,” said Colborne. She tried to say no to the abuse, but eventually knew that to resist was to invite more violence and “protracted” attacks, the court heard.

“She was beaten, had a cigarette stubbed out on her chest, she was tied up, she was raped from a very young age, often by numerous men, one after the other, at the say-so of Arshid Hussain. She was insecure and vulnerable and believed he was her boyfriend,” said Colborne. “He passed her to his brother and friends, and over time gave her as payment to men for debts he owed.”

Also in the dock were brothers Sajid Bostan, 38, and Majid Bostan, 37, associates of the Hussain brothers, and two women, Karen MacGregor, 58, and Shelley Davies, 40, who associated with one another and with Ali and Arshid Hussain. All seven deny the charges.

One connecting feature in the case is a minicab firm, Speedline Taxis, owned by the Hussain’s uncle and co-defendant, Qurban Ali. MacGregor worked there as a radio operator and one of the victims said the Hussain brothers visited the office regularly.

The jury heard how Arshid and Basharat plied some of the girls with alcohol or drugs after initially befriending them. They then dominated and controlled them and subjected them to horrific abuse.

Jurors also heard that five of the girls became pregnant through the abuse, two of them twice and two of them aged just 14. Both had a termination the first time but gave birth the second time.

When one of the victims got pregnant she was persuaded by Basharat to have an abortion. “He told her Ash [Arshid] had children with seven English women already,” said Colborne.

The jury heard the final victim “suffered years of mental and physical cruelty”. She was 15 when she met Basharat Hussain, then 24, and they quickly started having sex. Her mother was unhappy about the relationship and would confiscate her phone, but Basharat would replace it. “He would habitually be violent. He would slap, punch, kick and spit at her,” Colborne said.

At one stage he became angry with her and called her a “slag”. He told her he had shovels in the boot of his car and she could dig her own grave, the prosecution said.

The girl went to the police on numerous occasions and asked to go into the witness protection programme, but Hussain allegedly told her he had a paid mole in the force and knew all about her plans, which she then abandoned.

Another victim said she was taken to a house that was run like a brothel. She recognised one of the men there “as an MP or councillor from Rotherham” who she believed was “related to one of the defendants”.

The trial is the first to take place since the Jay report into child sexual exploitation in the Rotherham area was published last year.

Explaining how the grooming allegedly worked, Colborne told the jury that one of the alleged victims, Girl A, lived in “squalid conditions” in the 1980s and was befriended by Davies, who was just three years older and took her to stay at MacGregor’s house. Girl A thought the house was “posh” and “she was made to feel welcome and was fed and clothed”.

The prosecution said “there would always be Asian men in the house in the early hours” and abuse soon started.

The girl, who was between 15 and 17 years old at the time and is now 43, told no one about the incident until she reported it this year after seeing allegations about MacGregor in the press and on Facebook, the court heard.

Notice how the Muslim men were (reportedly) able to find English women to assist them with their abuse of English girls. That part really sickens me – how could these grown women put their needs above an innocent child? Anyone can look at a little girl and know that what is best for her is education, care, chastity and marriage. Not sexual abuse! She was just a little girl! I guess I should expect this from a country where abortion is the law of the land… if they will murder innocent unborn children, then of course they’ll torture and abuse born children.

The problem of fatherless girls being vulnerable to abusers only gets worse as left-wing policies eject more and more fathers from the home, e.g. – single mother welfare, no-fault divorce, etc. Those policies sound nice, but all they do is encourage reckless, irresponsible women to make babies before marriage with “fun” men, instead of getting married to “boring” good men. I am sure that if these girls had fathers, they would not have been easy victims.

I would think that in our own country, that teenage girl could expect as much protection from Democrats as they were willing to give Kate Steinle, when they voted against punishing sanctuary cities that provide safe harbor for violent criminals. Democrats don’t care about the harm that can result to the most vulnerable in society when they refuse to punish criminals. In fact, siding with evil against the good is a virtue, on the secular left. Previously, I wrote about how the police had ignored complaints from the victims because they were afraid of being seen as racists. They get that idea from the left, which denounces anyone who tries to protect the innocent from evildoers as “intolerant”. Well, I think that the rights of innocent children are more important than the feelings of criminals.

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23 thoughts on “Underage teen girl forced into daily sex by Muslim “grooming” gang in Rotherham, UK”

  1. I’m glad to see you posting on this… there is more information out there, in the Rotherham report specifically, and it does seem like they targeted specific girls with low self-esteem, or who weren’t classically pretty, and almost used a form of “game” on them. When their parents or guardians would be upset about their “relationship” with this Muslim man, the boyfriend would accuse her parents of just being racist. Such scum of the earth, these Muslim “men.” But you might want to look into how they seemed to have been using a form of pick up artistry with these girls – it’s very interesting and heartbreaking that it would be used that way.


  2. Also, it wasn’t just “sexual abuse” that was done to these girls… people who created the report said it’s more like sexual “destruction.” The things they did to them are FAR beyond normal prostitution acts… like nailing their tongues to tables… pouring petroleum on their skin, and so much more… just horrific acts. And when they went to the police, the police tried to tell these girls that they were sluts and whores, that they DESERVED whatever happened to them.

    It’s all in the report from 1,000’s of women who have come forward with their accounts of what happened to them. The accounts were so horrific that the people employed/volunteers who took the reports had to receive counseling after hearing about what all these women went through.


    1. That response from the police shouldn’t be that all of a surprise. This response is one reason why rape crimes dont get reported and the second is false accusations


      1. I think it was political correctness. Under the leadership of the Labour party and Harriet Harman and Lynne Featherstone at the EHRC (Human Rights Commission), it’s become a crime to say anything that can be deemed “racist” or “anti-multicultural”. In fact, that’s what the police say when you ask them why they did nothing in the UK, and here at home. (It’s in the links) When you see the firestorm that white police officers get, it’s no wonder. Also, the same thing happened with the San Bernadino terrorist cell. The neighbors knew something was going on but they didn’t say anything. And then the attorney general comes out and confirms their fears – if you offend Muslims (by pointing out the sexual abuse of this teenager), then the liberal government will prosecute you for inciting violence. That’s where these crimes come from – they go undetected because the leftists scare anyone from reporting them in the name of political correctness and multiculturalism. The left takes power in government and makes protecting the innocent into a hate crime. Everyone shuts up and stops making moral judgments.

        The same thing happened in Canada with Human Rights Commissions there – the Muslims went after Mark Steyn and Ezra Levant for offensive speech. Naturally, the police can see which way the wind is blowing. After all, when a certain majority of the population elects leftists, then it follows as the night the day that judging evil becomes illegal – it makes the evil people feel bad. There is actually a name for it – it’s called “lawfare”. In Canada, when the property of white people is on fire from the native peoples, the police literally turned their backs and let it burn – the police chief told them not to interfere. And here in the US, the Baltimore police chief told the police to leave space for the rioters to burn down and vandalize people’s property. That’s where this comes from – the secular left causes it with their political correctness and their elevation of feelings over moral standards.

        I’ve written about most of these things on my blog – you can go back and read the reports from the mainstream media – I always link to reliable sources.


        1. Yeah if you offend Muslims who have done nothing wrong and judging them based on a few isis memebers then yeah – its wrong. I dont judge all christians based on the actions of that west b. church.

          As for the police officers in america, many of them are guilty of racial profiling. I have seen videos of both black and white people being beaten by cops even with the person in handcuffs or the person isn’t even resisting arrest at all, they are just asking the officer why they are being arrested. Most are not even read their rights while being arrested. So yes people have a right of being judgmental of officers. The good ones need to speak up and say something cause by them not saying anything these officers are gonna constantly get away with stuff thus ensuring that the american public does not trust them.


          1. West B church are not Christians, nor are they any recognized church. It’s two dozen people in one family. The Christian church that subscribes the the Bible and the Apostle’s creed is billions of people.

            Positive attitudes towards sharia law, on the other hand are WIDESPREAD in the Muslim world. I blogged about this widespread support for extremism as well, maybe you missed it. Support for things like the death penalty for apostasy enjoys WIDESPREAD support, as does parallel Muslim courts for Muslims, etc.

            The real problem in America for blacks is black-on-black crime caused by the black community’s embrace of single motherhood which was in turned caused by the welfare programs pushed by white Democrat elites. So, ironically, it is white people who are to blame for crime against blacks – white liberals who made it lucrative to have babies before marriage.


          2. Do you ever refer to crime committed by whites against white on white crime? No you do not,so why when its against balck against black its refered to as black on black crime? We as blacks know that we have issues of violence and single motherhood in our own communties -we’re not stupid. We have those to deal with and the systemic racism that is ongoing in America.


          3. Because when you look at a black victim of crime (me, when my car was broken into, say) then in the overwhelming majority of cases, the criminal is black. It’s not skin color. It’s the fatherlessness.

            Walter Williams:


            I’m not attacking you at all. I hate the fatherlessness, I blame the welfare programs and the liberal whites who created them. Skin color has nothing to do with it.


          4. We are seeing the same problems in the UK with rampant fatherlessness there – it causes enormous troubles for the white kids, too. Children need their dads!!!!!! Why do you think I never had sex before marriage? So that every kid I had would have a mom and a dad. Children need their mom and dad to watch over them and lead them and care for them.


          5. Which one is often shown in the media? When it comes to black children, its always the same narrative, fatherless, thug, and its always a negative picture that they show. When its a white child its the opposite,oh he’s a good kid or he has some sort of mental illness and its always a decent picture of him looking all nice or a them with their family.

            Its one reason why i dont watch the news anymore. The media only shows you what they want you to see.


          6. When you compare religions, you don’t do it by comparing the most radical people you can find that associate in some way with the religion. Neither do you do it by comparing the nicest, most peaceful people you can find that associate with the religion. What you do to compare religions, to see which ones teach violence, is to actually learn about what the religion teaches.

            There may be people who claim to be Christians who kill others, but they are doing so in violation of what the Bible teaches. The Bible does not teach killing people who disagree or who hold to a different religion. Meanwhile, Muslims who kill others are doing it because it is what Islam actually teaches. So devout Muslims kill people while devout Christians do not.

            It’s not about there being radical elements in different religions. It’s about whether the people doing violent things are doing it BECAUSE it’s what their religion teaches or doing it IN SPITE OF what their religion teaches. That’s an important distinction and one too few people take the time to make.


  3. If this young woman met this man at the age of 15, why didn’t the mom report this? Is the laws of consent different in the UK? I know that the legal age to drink there is lower than the USA.

    Also when it comes to situations like this is not suprising to see women involved in these things. I’m also curious that the men this poor girl was solicited to are going to go to jail? Cause I’m pretty sure it was more that muslim men abusing these girls.


    1. Sigh. She probably did. The trouble is that 1) the girl has no father in the home, and fathers are naturally very bossy and protective, especially of their daughters. 2) women who grow up fatherless or with absent/defective fathers tend to be emotion-driven and rebellious. I think I read that in earlier stories I read said that the young woman was initially proud of her older boyfriend, snuck out a lot, and shoved in her her moms when her mom challenged her. It was only later when things became abusive and violent, but by then it was too late. It’s the fathers who protect daughters from this.


      1. My father wasn’t around but that didn’t mean my mom did not keep a close eye on me. She raise me with moraps and discipline- i have never rebelled against her.


        1. Great, but the studies show that the daughters of single mothers have ENORMOUS problems, especially much earlier sexual activity – they are searching for male affection that they did not get from their fathers.




          1. Then maybe those mothers should balance discipline and space. I never could see a reason why mothers, especially single mothers let their children be wild. My mother did not have it easy, she had me at 19 and only has a high school degree yet without my father being active in my life, she didn’t let that stop her from raising me right. Like i dont see how hard it is to raise your child up right? Especially if you only have one child


        2. ChildofRa,

          It sounds like you had it better than a lot of fatherless girls. It certainly can happen that a single mother protects her children and they turn out well. It’s just not very common and it’s very hard to do. I don’t envy the women trying to raise children without a husband. Raising children is a two-person job for sure.


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