Senate Democrats block Republican bill to crack down on sanctuary cities

Map of sanctuary cities
Map of sanctuary cities

Now, you would think that when a 32-year-old woman is shot and killed by an illegal immigrant in a sanctuary city, that politicians would get serious about protecting law-abiding taxpayers from illegal immigrants who have a criminal record.

Well, the leftist Washington Post reports that the Republicans are serious about it, but the Democrats are not.


Senate Democrats blocked legislation Tuesday that would crack down on local governments that refuse to fully cooperate with federal immigration authorities in order to protect illegal immigrants from deportation.

The bill targeting so-called “sanctuary cities” failed in a 54 to 45 procedural vote. Sixty votes were necessary to advance the bill, which would block such jurisdictions from collecting some federal grants and would toughen criminal sentences for illegal immigrants who are convicted of a serious crime after being repeatedly deported.

The House approved a similar bill in July, weeks after an illegal immigrant allegedly shot and killed 32-year-old Kate Steinle on a San Francisco pier, touching off a national firestorm about the immigration policies of that city and others like it who argue that threats of deportation make it harder to police immigrant communities.

Steinle’s death continues to reverberate on Capitol Hill.

“The city of San Francisco is proudly a sanctuary city. They say to illegal immigrants across the country and across the world, ‘Come to San Francisco. We will protect you from federal immigration laws,’” Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) said Tuesday on the Senate floor. “These policies are inexcusable.”

Meanwhile, The Hill reports that the Obama White House also threatened to veto the bill, should it pass the Senate:

The White House on Tuesday threatened to veto a Republican bill that cuts off federal funding for so-called sanctuary cities that refuse to help the government crack down on illegal immigration.

Interesting. So, on the one hand, the Democrats are very opposed to Kim Davis refusing to sign marriage certificates for gay couples, because that makes the gay couple feel bad. But, if an entire city wants to break federal law, and that makes someone like Kate Steinle DEAD, that’s OK with them. That doesn’t seem fair to me. Laws exist to protect the public, and that’s why they need to be enforced. We can have an expanded guest worker program for people who can get with an employer to come here and work. But there’s no excuse for allowing illegal immigrants with criminal convictions to live in sanctuary cities, where they can commit more crimes.

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