Father arrested for challenging public school on assigned book containing graphic sex

Story from the Blaze.


A New Hampshire parent was arrested at a Monday night school board meeting after he voiced outrage his ninth grade daughter was assigned a book that contains a page detailing a graphic sexual encounter.

Gilford school officials claim the book, “Nineteen Minutes” by Jodi Picoult, contains important themes about a school shooting. But some parents believe a scene described in the book is inappropriate for their children.

According to WCVB-TV, the book contains a graphic description of rough sex between two teenagers, which parents were unaware of until the book had already been distributed to their kids.

“I was shocked when I read the passage and not much shocks me anymore,” William Baer told EAG News. “My wife was stunned by the increasingly graphic nature of the sexual content of the scene and the imagery it evoked.”

He went to the school board meeting to express his objections.

“It’s absurd,” he told the school board.

“Sir, would you please be respectful of the other people?” a school board member responded.

“Like you’re respectful of my daughter, right? And my children?” he countered.

A police officer then arrived at the scene, instructing Baer to leave with him.

“You are going to arrest me because I violated the two-minute rule?” the father said. “I guess you are going to have to arrest me.”

Moments later, Baer was escorted outside and placed in handcuffs. According to WMUR-TV, he was charged with disorderly conduct because he did not immediately leave when asked by an officer.

When it comes to public schools indoctrinating your children, parents are the enemy. The teachers have a leftist agenda, and parents just get in the way.

4 thoughts on “Father arrested for challenging public school on assigned book containing graphic sex”

  1. I thought the father’s comments were entirely appropriate. The book sounds awful and the school seems out of line.

    I do think he was out of order. The chairman certainly could have handled it differently, as well as the police officer. Probably a civics lesson all around. When participating in a civic meeting, abide by the rules of order. When chairing a meeting, remember that while you must maintain order, the purpose of the meeting is to carry on a civil discourse. And the police officer, while perhaps he should have escorted the father out and prevented his return, was heavy-handed in arresting him. It’s essentially a lesson in how it’s not supposed to work.

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  2. This man is a national hero. He’s objecting to the pornified government school’s violation of the God-given innocence of his children. If I was there I would have spoken up, unlike this mass of brainwashed automatons. God bless him for caring and for speaking up for decency. I respect him greatly and encourage folks to say enough is enough and then to remove their kids from government schools.
    I don’t give a damn about the two minute rule in this case.


  3. Reblogged this on Into the Dark and commented:
    Parents should always be made aware of any graphic content that their children will be exposed to within a curriculum. It is disgusting to think that anyone would neglect to inform parents before materials are assigned. Children were never exposed to crap like this 40 years ago.


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