Tonight at 8 PM Eastern: live-streaming of William Lane Craig on the Kalam Cosmological argument

Dr. Craig is speaking on the kalam cosmological argument on Monday night at the Georgia Institute of Technology.

There will be a live-stream here.


What happened at the beginning of time? Dr. William Lane Craig will be using science and philosophy to pain a picture of what happened, and discuss how the implications should rule our lives. Dr. Craig is considered one of the world’s experts on this topic, so you won’t want to miss it! Door open at 8!

Time: Monday, March 3, 2014 at 8:00 pm to 9:30 pm EST

Here’s what Dr. Craig said about this event on Facebook:

Monday night I speak at Georgia Tech on the kalam cosmological argument. I plan to expand on things said in the Carroll debate.

Facebook Page:

The Craig-Carroll debate

If you missed the Carroll debate, you can watch the video here:

That’s the debate, here’s the concluding remarks:

And here’s my short review, which contains a link to another review as well.

4 thoughts on “Tonight at 8 PM Eastern: live-streaming of William Lane Craig on the Kalam Cosmological argument”

  1. I just thought that was an outstanding lecture, and the questions were excellent too. WLC is so smooth, so confident, and yet so winsome. We could do much worse than to try to emulate him in our apologetics presentations. Thanks for the heads-up, WK!


  2. Two of the very first apologetics books I bought after my conversion were his “Reasonable Faith” and “Hard Questions, Real Answers.” (In reverse order, I might add.) I had no idea who he was – I just totally lucked into them. I barely knew what “apologetics” meant. Those two books really appealed to me with my engineering background – I still think that they are probably the best combinations of deep intellectual philosophy and popular accessibility out there.


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