Portland bar owner fined $400,000 for offending transexuals

Wow. Fresh on the heels of the Portland bakery closing comes this new story about a Portland bar closing.


A North Portland bar owner is facing a $400,000 fine for discriminating against a transgender woman’s group.

The Bureau of Labor and Industries handed down the fine yesterday to Chris Penner, the owner of the bar formerly known as the “P Club.”

Last summer, one woman said they received a voicemail from Penner, who said they were not allowed to return because he didn’t want people to think he ran a “tranny bar.” In the voicemail, Penner claimed the group was hurting business.

“People think that A.) we’re a tranny bar, or B.) that we’re a gay bar. We are neither. People are not coming in because they just don’t want to be here on a Friday night now,” he said.

Under Oregon law, Oregonians may not be denied full and equal service based on sexual orientation. The law provides an exemption for religious organizations and schools, but does not allow private business owners to discriminate based on sexual orientation, just as they cannot legally deny service based on race, sex, age, disability or religion.

The fine is the first imposed under the 2007 Oregon Equality Act.

Since 2007, Oregonians have filed 11 complaints of unlawful discrimination in public places.

In addition to the massive fine, Penner also has to pay a $5,000 civil penalty.

The argument by radical gay activists is that free speech is less important their feelings of being offended. They don’t want to be offended by your disagreement/disapproval. And if they are offended then they have to threaten you and attack you and hurt you and hurt your business and hurt your career until you stop offending them. And everyone on the left thinks that this is fine.

I would expect moderate gays to be speaking out to defend the right of individuals to disagree and disapprove of behaviors that they don’t agree with, but I’m not seeing a lot of that.

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4 thoughts on “Portland bar owner fined $400,000 for offending transexuals”

  1. I have noticed that now that same-sex “marriage” has triumphed in so many states, homosexuals and the rest of the rainbow crowd are becoming more brazen in their bullying tactics.

    This is going to get worse day by day.

    The sad part is that Christians will not speak out about it. They will not. Doing so is now considered “unloving”, and those followers of Christ who do speak up are now being criticized by their fellow Christians.

    I am at a loss. Truly. It’s hard enough to fight the culture, but now our fellow believers are against us as well?

    Where do we go from here? I honestly don’t know anymore.


    1. We do what I am doing and find arguments that are secular so that they appeal to non-Christians. Unfortunately, Christians are either the Al Mohler tack of making this a Christian vs sin problem (but still political engagement is good), or the worse John Piper tack which is Christian vs sin problem with NO political engagement. So there is a way forward, but we don’t have the right Christian leaders for it.

      Better leadership is found with people like Jennifer Roback Morse, Mark Regnerus and Ryan Anderson.


  2. Obviously, it is OK to discriminate against those who disagree with the homosexual agenda. THAT perspective simply cannot be tolerated. In the meantime, people like this bar owner are experiencing some of the ways that the acceptance of the homosexual agenda will hurt them personally. Perhaps he should just wait until all those who stand for righteousness die off. Then his business will pick up.


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