The learned helplessness of young men in a feminist state

Dr. Stuart Schneiderman writes an article that perfectly explains what young men are facing in a feminist-dominated society.


It begins in the schools. There, empowered female teachers have set out to enhance the performance of girls by systematically favoring them at the expense of boys.

The Huffington Post reported that British boys are convinced that female teachers grade them unfairly. On the other hand, schoolgirls believe that male teachers grade them fairly.

I do not know the extent to which female American teachers try to punish boys in order to improve the performance of girls, but girls are consistently outperforming boys in schools and are taking up most of the places in colleges.

It seems inevitable that some boys are dropping out of school and failing to pursue advanced education because they have been demoralized.

Think about it, if all the girls receive great grades then boys will, at first try to improve their performance. Once they discover that they are still receiving lower grades, they will give up. This translates into depression.

Convinced, and not without reason, that the game is rigged, they stop playing.

Depression, as Martin Seligman defined it, is learned helplessness. When something is learned, someone is teaching it. When your female teachers convince you that you can never get it right and that you will never be judged fairly, you will become demoralized and depressed.

[…]Rob Long suggests that when these boys grow up they are unlikely to believe that it is possible to have harmonious relationships with women.

A recent poll bears this out. Suzanne Venker reports:

According to Pew Research Center, the share of women ages eighteen to thirty-four that say having a successful marriage is one of the most important things in their lives rose nine percentage points since 1997 – from 28 percent to 37 percent. For men, the opposite occurred. The share voicing this opinion dropped, from 35 percent to 29 percent.

More women want to get married and more men don’t. This suggests that men are increasingly being conditioned to dread close contact with women. It also suggests that men have discovered that, like school, the marriage game is rigged against them.

Read the whole thing.

I post a lot of things for Christian men about how to detect a marriage-enabled Christian woman. But I think we can short-circuit all of that, if you’re rushed. Just send the woman this article and then ask her whether the situation facing young men is a problem she is concerned about, and what she intends to do personally in order to stop it. That’s a one question interview right there.

UPDATE: Reformed Seth has more on this problem.

15 thoughts on “The learned helplessness of young men in a feminist state”

  1. The left, in order to give women an equal footing with men so they said, has not given women an equal footing with men but instead has erased chauvinism and replaced it with feminism. It’s the same problem with a different gender.

    Just look at the kids movies from the past (go back about 15 years) to today: female leads. Not just female leads though, but powerful female leads who don’t need men. We get it. There are some women who are very independent, successful, and all the other stuff. There are also men like that too. The kids aren’t seeing gender equality, they’re seeing female dominance. Where’s the outrage? Where’s the “awareness”? Oh it’s okay since the lead hero is a female? Ohhh okay. So gender dominance is cool if dominated by a female and not cool when dominated by a male? Okay I get it.


    1. This is an interesting serendipity, as I was just reading about this: chauvinism is not male. In fact, it’s completely asexual. The fact you, like all too many others, have bought into the frame that chauvinism is exclusively male means the feminist indoctrination has “taken.”
      The point being that we’re reactive—as a society and as a sex—to a political ideology already defined *as the default* setting means we’ve already lost the battle and are on our way to losing the war.


    2. Sounds melodramatic but I’m stunned at the assumption that I should feel sorry for all the ‘single moms’. That was not an obvious category when I was young. But then we also hadn’t been informed till the 60s that women didn’t need men. Again, in ‘those days’ opposites did in fact attract.


  2. (Bellowing) How dare you imply that women created the conditions that cause men not to marry!? You need to man up and make bricks from straw! Man up! Man up! The answer to every social problem is man-up! (Flexes biceps) Rrrrrraaaaarrrgh!


    1. But Pastor Mark, don’t you think that it is important for women to understand feminism and how it affects men and marriage, and then take appropriate steps to oppose feminist laws and policies, so that men can do what they ought to do?


      1. I’ll use my Ultimate Fighting Champion kung-fu moves on you, you puny weakling! (Flexes triceps) Rrrrrraaaarrrgh! Now man-up and marry Sandra Fluke!


  3. Well, strong women are often at a loss, unless they follow Glenn Reynold’s advice, and find men willing to compete against them.

    The problem, IMHO, is all these women who pretend to be strong, or want to turn non-achieving women into super-achievers. There’s no sense of “Hey, this guy is really super-smart and motivated, but this girl isn’t and doesn’t want to learn math.”


    1. I’m not sure about that – I don’t want someone who competes with ME. However, if a woman listened to my goals and then defeated some opponent of mine, that would be very good.


      1. Geez, Wintery, read the link for the full story:

        Meanwhile, my advice is to compete against men. I had a research assistant who did SCA broadsword competition and was really formidable. She came up against a guy who gave her such a buffet that it turned her helmet around backward and knocked her cold. They were married a year later.


        1. Oh my gosh I totally misread that! I thought that she had knocked HIM senseless.

          You are right Bridget. Women who have encountered difficulties and had to balance a budget and do hard things appreciate good men A LOT MORE. I am in 100% agreement with you on that. The best women I know, have multiple degrees, tough jobs and ENORMOUS responsibilities. On the one hand, it can be tough to deal with a woman who is stressed out, but on the other hand, she is going to be with you on politics and economics.

          I think where you and I disagree is that I want her to quit her job and raise kids, because I want a specialist to do the kids from birth right through to college. At least the first 5 years, it has to be full supervision by an expert. I believe in raising effective, influential kids, and that means no strangers. They just don’t care as much as my wife would, because I test her for that ability to nurture and care during courting.


          1. Yes, no teacher I ever had could have cared anywhere near for me than my mother. If the gov’t was genuinely concerned to educate me they would have had educational seminars to enable mothers/parents to teach. Unfortunately it’s about getting the ‘kids’ away from their ignorant parents!


  4. Seen the lastest Dalrock post?: “More grim news for carousellers hoping to jump at the last minute”

    Here’s an important summary sentence:

    “Putting this together, more women are ending up in their early thirties having not married, and fewer women are able to marry in their thirties.”

    From the stats in the WK post, and the data from Dalrock’s, it seems certain that there will be quite a few disappointed feminists.

    But this should be obvious to anyone who isn’t indoctrinated: what man wants to compete with a spouse, or marry someone who is just like them?

    But feminism inculcates just these cancerous traits, so the different views on marriage are expected.


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