Obama makes fifth attempt to reduce tax deduction for charity

From the Heritage Foundation.


Once again, President Barack Obama has proposed lowering the income tax deduction for charitable giving. In his proposed budget for fiscal year 2013, the President calls for reducing the charitable deduction rate from 35 percent to 28 percent for those in the top tax bracket (individuals making $200,000 or more or families making $250,000 or more). By decreasing the value of itemized tax deductions for higher-income taxpayers, Obama’s proposal would weaken the incentive for the wealthy to give to organizations that help the poor.

President Obama has tried this before. Not once, not twice, not three times, but on four previous occasions, he has put forward a plan to lower the deduction rate for wealthy donors (twice in previous budget proposals and twice in funding proposals for other priorities, including Obamacare).

As The Heritage Foundation has previously noted, the President’s plan would likely dampen charitable giving at a time when nonprofits have been forced to do more with less. The greatest impact would probably hit organizations like hospitals and educational institutions that depend on large gifts from wealthy donors. While these donors make up only a small percentage of total American households, they contribute almost half of the donations claimed each year as charitable deductions.

How far would Obama’s proposal cause total itemized contributions to fall? Experts predict up to $5.6 billion each year.

Why would a socialist like Obama want to discourage people from giving to charity? Well, socialists want to increase the amount of dependency that people in need have on the government, so that the government can control them. When people in need have options, they don’t have to care as much about the opinions of the people who help them. But when the government squeezes charities out by cutting off their donations, then the people in need have to choose government. And what do you suppose happens at election time? A whole bunch of people in need vote for their savior – big government. This is not good.

People in need should be able to get help from their families, neighbors and charities, in that order. We don’t want this becoming political – i.e. “vote for me or you don’t eat”. It should also be noted that when government takes over the task of helping the poor, the Christian church loses its influence. Do we really want Christians to lose influence at a time when millions of unborn children are being murdered and the family is being redefined by liberal social engineers?

3 thoughts on “Obama makes fifth attempt to reduce tax deduction for charity”

  1. I prefer the way we do it in the UK. The giver fills in what is called a Gift Aid form if they pay tax in the UK. At the end of the financial year (end of March for some reason) the charity put these forms into the Tax Office and the charity get the tax back not the giver. This means that every time a tax payer pays 1 pound to a registered charity, they are really giving 1.28.

  2. Obama wants to make it more costly to give to charities of your choice and he wants the government to get more that money instead so they can give it to causes of his choice. This is all about Obama forcing the government’s preferred giving patterns on the people. Resist!!

  3. Conservatives should make a HUGE deal of this. Liberals are always harping on about how mean conservatives don’t want to give (read: don’t want to give to his favoured causes). Meantime, here are the liberals making giving harder!

    See the Liberal in Chief, the self-appointed Champion of Charity and Choice, reducing charity and limiting choice.

    See the hypocrisy!

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