William Lane Craig defends Michele Bachmann’s Christian faith

The world foremost living Christian academic debater defends Michele Bachmann from the scurrilous charges of the secular left elite.

The MP3 file is here. (13 MB | 14 minutes)

My friend Dennis Fuller sent him the New Yorker article, and he made this podcast. If anyone can defend Michele’s faith and her Christian views, it’s William Lane Craig.  He calls the New York article “religious McCarthyism”. His purpose here is not really to defend Michele, but more to defend the works of Francis Schaeffer and Nancy Pearcey.

In case you’d like to see who William Lane Craig is, and what he can do, watch this debate between Craig and Christopher Hitchens, the famous atheist.

That’s why he’s number one.

More about Michele Bachmann


Reactions from her first debate performance:

Profiles of Michele Bachmann:

And here are some of her media interviews and speeches in the House of Representatives.

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2 thoughts on “William Lane Craig defends Michele Bachmann’s Christian faith”

    1. She introduces Ravi Zacharias when he gives talks:
      [audio src="http://dl.dropbox.com/u/1701569/maclaurin_institute__copyright_2002.mp3" /]

      I see that Democrat blogs consider Ravi Zacharias to be a “radical influence” on Michele.


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