Mandatory sex education for 11-year olds and up in New York city

From Fox News. (H/T Wes)


Students in New York City will be required to take sex education classes that include lessons on how to use a condom – a curriculum that the head of the school system said is long overdue.

It’s the first time in nearly two decades that middle and high school students will be forced to take the mandatory classes, according to a report first published in The New York Times.

One of the lessons includes instruction on how to properly use a condom.

“We must be committed to ensuring that both middle school and high school students are exposed to this valuable information so they can learn to keep themselves safe before, and when, they decide to have sex,” NYC Schools Chancellor Dennis Walcott wrote in a letter to principals and obtained by Fox News Radio.

Children as young as 11 years old will take part in discussions on a variety of topics ranging from the risks of unprotected sex to the appropriate age for sexual activity, the newspaper reported.

“I believe the school system has an important role to play with regard to educating our children about sex and the potential consequences of engaging in risky behavior,” he said. But there are concerns about the mandatory classes among New York City’s religious community.

[…]Until now, sex education classes had been left to the discretion of local principals, but Family Research Council senior fellow Peter Sprigg said now the city is trying to “impose a mandatory, top-down curriculum.”

“I think there’s a lot of virtue in allowing the local principals to make decisions based on the needs of their students,” Sprigg told Fox News Radio, noting that parents would have a lot of concern about the “explicit nature” of the lessons.

It’s a shame that taxpayers have to pay for a failing system that sexualizes children. If you want to opt out, you have to come up with the money for homeschooling or private schools. How is that fair?

5 thoughts on “Mandatory sex education for 11-year olds and up in New York city”

  1. I’m not sure fair is what these people are concerned about. In their view, we are nothing more than dogs having sex all the time without regard for the higher things in life. It comes from their debased worldview. We must continue teaching the truth, that we are more than dogs. WE are created in the image of God, with eternal souls and we must answer to Him some day.

    Human sexuality is a beautiful gift from God, but the godless just see it as another activity to fill the day with. It’s amazing how they exalt themselves as being more open minded concerning these things, and in the process, make themselves out to be nothing but animals.


  2. I don’t understand how (or why) the majority of Christian parents think they can instill a deep, lasting faith in their children by sending them to a public school where they must hide & compartmentalize their faith as if it is something shameful while also being taught so many things against Christian faith & morality or why “experts” are so shocked when the majority of Christian children leave the church when they leave home. They’ve just spent 12+ years being taught at best Christianity doesn’t matter or at worst it is wrong/a lie.


  3. That human sexuality is a “beautiful gift from God” is not something one can support Biblically. Neither is to merely call it a “gift”, unless we include a host of other things that are mere biological functions. Each can be called a gift for the purpose each has, but that would then devalue the term “gift”. Frankly, I can’t think of anywhere in the Bible where sexual behavior is granted a positive view by God, other than the call to go forth and multiply. There ARE, however, many prohibitions on various sexual behaviors, and it seems more accurate to say that sex within a true marriage situation is tolerated more than anything else. I believe the reason for this to be that sex is so completely selfish. It’s an act of self-gratification making it somewhat idolatrous even within the context of marriage. It is not an act of love, but of lust. The act of love part comes with only engaging in the behavior with one’s spouse exclusively, forsaking all others.

    I get quite a negative reaction from even those with whom I am normally in agreement on most other matters. But this is the reality of the situation and without acknowledging it, I can’t see as how one can truly get across to young people why they shouldn’t engage in sexual activity. Take out pregnancy and disease and within Christian teaching, sex outside of marriage is still sinful. The Bible never prohibits it because of the potential for pregnancy or disease, does it?

    Teaching kids about sex without the major focus being that they should abstain until marriage is not going to reduce the ills that sexual desires bring about when acted upon. And if kids aren’t taught that there is Someone to Whom they must eventually answer, then they will take whatever risks with which they might feel comfortable in order to satisfy their sexual desires. Lame liberal notions of sex education will only help them achieve that goal.


    1. Allow me to ask the obvious question – What bible are you reading ?

      “sex within a true marriage situation is tolerated more than anything else”

      I think you are misrepresenting the nature of God by this.
      – Garden of Eden
      – Dont have to work
      – Beautiful wife
      – Fellowship with God
      – Pet Lion/Tiger ( a entire zoo for pets)
      – Painless childbirth
      – Commanded to “go have fun” ( this is the second commandment of God to man)
      – ONE House rule – “DONT TOUCH THE TREE”

      This is a “bad deal” or a less than ideal setting ? I think it shows how incredibly “cool” God is.

      Btw Have you read the Song of Soloman (specifically Chapter 7) and the Flash of Yah (Rotherham translation) ? In review of that book – God is very romantic and approves of sex very much (do you find it interesting it is how the human race pro-creates ?)

      God does mention the consequences. Not all of them but HE does. Regardless, it doesn’t mean there aren’t any (ie pregnancy, STD’s, emotional/mental distress etc.)

      Heb 13:4 sums it up beautifully:
      Let marriage be held in honor among all, and let the marriage bed be undefiled, for God will judge the sexually immoral and adulterous.

      I believe if a child has a relationship with Jesus ( just like the parents do) then engaging in sex will jeopardize that relationship ( Gal 5:19-21)


      1. The Song of Solomon is always brought up, but one doesn’t find any mention of sex being a “wonderful” or “beautiful” gift from God there, either. What one finds is a story of a girl with whom the king is enamored for superficial reasons and wants to jump her bones. She wants to save herself for after marriage to her true love. Pretty basic stuff, really.

        The consequences to which I refer are not those to which you imply. I was speaking of what pre- or extra-marital sex can cause here on earth, not the consequences of Judgement. The point was that God did not prohibit non-marital sexual activity because of consequences of the earthly variety.

        I admit I don’t understand the point you’re making with your bullet points. And I would ask what Bible YOU’RE reading as none of mine indicate God commanding anyone to “go have fun”. Please elaborate.

        My point is the whole “wonderful gift” notion attached to sex. It sure feels like a gift, I’ll grant you. But so does an afternoon in a hammock with a pina colada on a summer day. No one has been able to show from Scripture how anything suggests that sex was given as a gift to enjoy between a man and wife, rather than merely a consequence of having two sexes called to multiply.


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