Construction workers prevent gunman from shooting up school

Story here in the Union-Tribune. (H/T Gateway Pundit via Wes Widner)


A man seemingly bent on violence and destruction stormed Kelly Elementary School in Carlsbad Friday and fired into a crowd of children on the playground, striking two girls, before being chased and tackled by nearby construction workers.

Brendan L. O’Rourke, 41, believed to be a transient, was arrested on six counts of attempted murder and various weapons charges, Carlsbad police said.

A trail of blood led to a classroom, which held two second-graders who suffered bullet wounds to their right arms, police said. The girls, ages 6 and 7, were flown to Rady Children’s Hospital for treatment and were doing well, Carlsbad Police Chief Gary Morrison said.

“We are grateful to God only two children were hurt,” Carlsbad Mayor Bud Lewis said. “We know in this tragedy, it could have been far worse.”

Several witnesses saw the gunman clad in black, running on the school grounds shortly after noon carrying a gas can and shooting at random during recess.

“He was dressed just like a bad guy,” in a black hooded sweatshirt and black pants, said neighbor Scott Chandler, who saw the violence unfold from his driveway near the schoolyard on Kelly and Riviera drives.

Chandler ran toward the school as fast as he could and caught up with two construction workers, Steven Kane and Mario Contreras, assigned to a cafeteria expansion project. They chased the gunman through the field and over a fence.

Carlos Partida, another construction worker, said he jumped into his black Ford F-150 pickup when his co-workers started chasing the gunman. Partida struck the man with his truck, knocking him to the ground, police said.

Partida, Kane and Contreras wrestled a .357 Magnum silver revolver with a wooden handle from O’Rourke.

Here’s a previous post I did about whether multiple-victim shooters prefer to target areas where people will be armed or whether they prefer to attack “gun-free zones” provided by liberal educators. The left really doesn’t understand the difference between intentions and incentives. The only people who obey gun-free zone signs are people you don’t have to fear. Criminals see a gun-free zone sign and they think that you’ve opened a shooting gallery just for them. Luckily, the men standing near the area had not attended women’s studies classes at the local elite university. They did not know that all men are evil oppressors, so they had the confidence to act on their convictions.

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