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Mother gives up her own life to save her unborn child

Totally awesome story from the Daily Signal.


In a selfless act, a mother from Aurora, Colo., made a decision during childbirth that put the life of her unborn baby son before her own. That decision ultimately ended her life while saving her seven-pound, four-ounce “miracle.”

“How do I explain to him that his mom is gone giving birth to him?” the woman’s husband, Wes Bugal, asked in an interview with NBC 9 News in Aurora. “I think about that all the time. How do I explain when he asks where’s Mommy?”

Karisa Bugal died Nov. 4, hours after giving birth the day before to the couple’s second child, a son named Declan. She had developed a rare complication called amniotic fluid embolism, which causes protective fluids around a baby to escape into the mother’s body, resulting in a breakdown of her organs.

After medical staff informed Bugal of the danger the embolism posed, she had two options: undergo surgery that could save her life but endanger Declan, whose heart rate had begun to dip, or get a Caesarean section to save her unborn baby’s life but put her own at risk.

Bugal chose the second option, a decision that a few hours later resulted in her death.

Friends set up a fundraiser page to help Wes Bugal raise the couple’s two children. In just one day, the site surpassed its goal of $20,000.

What a loss for the husband, though. Devastating.

Edmonton man drives in front of a speeding car to protect four children

Map of Canada with cities
Map of Canada with cities

From Sun News, Canada’s conservative news source.


Darrell Krushelnicki didn’t think twice when he pulled his Hummer in front of a speeding car in order to prevent four children crossing the street from being mowed down.

The 46-year-old from Taber, AB, was in Edmonton on Friday visiting his parents and had just dropped off his girlfriend at Bonnie Doon Mall. He was stopped at an intersection around 4:30 p.m. when he noticed four kids, ranging in age from three to 16, crossing the street at a marked crosswalk with overhead amber lights.

All the vehicles on the road had stopped, except for a car whizzing up in the far lane. Krushelnicki noticed the car travelling at high speed so he crept into the intersection with his 2006 Hummer.

“I could just tell it was a bad scenario that was going to take place,” said Krushelnicki, who works in the oilpatch in northern BC “The driver did not see the crosswalk, the amber light flashing, nor the posted speed limit and he appeared to be on a hand-held device of some sort

In order to prevent a disaster, Krushelnicki drove his vehicle in front of the speeding car, which hit the front end of his passenger side, pushing in the bumper and grill.

Aside from a loose tooth, Krushelnicki wasn’t injured in the collision. He immediately jumped out of his vehicle to make sure the shaken kids — who watched the crash occur within about 15 or 20 feet of them — were okay.

“They were all shaken up. I couldn’t see any visual injuries. I asked them to go sit on the lawn of the church on the corner,” said Krushelnicki, noting some of the kids were crying.

The driver of the speeding car has been charged with dangerous driving.

Man gives his life to save the child of a vacationing family

From Fox News.


A 65-year-old man drowned while trying to save a 4-year-old girl struggling in rip currents at Florida’s Honeymoon Island State Park, officials said Monday.

Three children vacationing from Ohio became caught in rip currents at Pet Beach in the southern portion of the state park in Dunedin on Sunday, Florida Department of Environmental Protection spokeswoman Jennifer Diaz told FoxNews.com.

The children’s parents, Kevin and Nicole Monahan, responded and were able to rescue two of them, Bryden, 10, and Ruby, 5, Diaz said.

Alan B. Hall, a resident of Land O’ Lakes, Fla., then noticed the third child was still in distress and he ran into the water to save Lucy, the 4-year-old girl. After grabbing the girl and pushing her out of the current, she was able to swim back to shore. But Hall turned face down in the water, Diaz said.

Hall was retrieved by a boater and was administered CPR on the shore, where he was unresponsive and not breathing. He later died upon arrival at Mease Dunedin Hospital, Diaz said.

The incident remains under investigation by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection. Diaz said Hall was not related to the unidentified Ohio family. A medical examiner will determine a cause of death, she said.

“The Florida Department of Environmental Protection offers our sincere condolences [to Hall’s relatives],” Diaz said.

Rip currents have been strong off the state park for several days, the Tampa Bay Times reports.

We hear so many negative stories about men in the news that it’s important to balance them out with positive stories.

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