MUST-READ: New study on public health care in South Africa

Story from the SA Times Live. (H/T Mary)


A damning report, the “South African Child Gauge for 2009/2010”, released by the University of Cape Town’s Children’s Institute, blames the crumbling public health system for much of our children’s woes.

South Africa holds the dishonorable distinction of being one of only 12 countries – including war-torn Afghanistan – to have failed to reduce child mortality since 1990.

It ranks in the company of the Democratic Republic of Congo and Burundi.

South African child deaths have risen from 56 deaths per 1000 births in 1990 to 67 deaths per 1000 births in 2008, according to Unicef.

This is despite South Africa’s high GDP and the billions of rands pumped into providing public health services.

Just imagine that it was your child. Or a the child of someone you care about.

When will things get bad enough for people to try something different? How about trying consumer choice and competition? How about consumer-driven health care?

5 thoughts on “MUST-READ: New study on public health care in South Africa”

  1. Culturally, Africa is a long way away from consumer-driven healthcare — first, there would have to be “consumers”. (Maybe not South Africa as much).


  2. I know. But if you went to a typical African, OK, Zambian, and asked them what their views as a “consumer” were, I think you would get a stare back. I don’t think they seem themselves as consumers. South Africa is on my African “to-do” list.


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