Augusta State University orders student to abandon her faith to graduate

Story here from the leftist Atlanta Journal-Constitution. (H/T Wes Widner)


A graduate student has filed a lawsuit accusing Augusta State University officials of violating her constitutional rights by ordering her to change her views opposing homosexuality.

Jennifer Keeton, a graduate student in the school of counseling, says in her court filing that the school threatened to expel her if she didn’t complete a remediation plan that includes diversity sensitivity workshops. Keeton had said in and out class that, according to her Christian beliefs, homosexuality is immoral and a lifestyle choice, according to her suit.

The lawsuit was filed Wednesday in federal court in Augusta. The university has not been served with the lawsuit and officials declined to comment on the case, spokeswoman Kathy Schofe said Friday. She did say that the university does not discriminate and has policies in place to protect students if they believe they have been discriminated against.

Keeton is represented by the Alliance Defense Fund, a coalition of Christian attorneys. The suit accuses Augusta State officials of violating Keeton’s First  Amendment rights to free speech and the free exercise of religion.

“A public university student shouldn’t be threatened with expulsion for being a Christian and refusing to publicly renounce her faith, but that’s exactly what’s happening here,” David French, senior counsel for the defense fund, said in a news release. “Abandoning one’s own religious beliefs should not be a precondition at a public university for obtaining a degree.”

Keeton, who is pursuing a master’s degree in the education college’s counseling program, was told her beliefs are incompatible with the prevailing views of the counseling profession, her attorneys said in a news release.

[…]The defense fund has filed similar lawsuits against Missouri State University and Eastern Michigan University.

It’s good that the ADF is on the case, as usual.

6 thoughts on “Augusta State University orders student to abandon her faith to graduate”

  1. The world has gone mad. I frequently get told by atheist friends that my beliefs are wrong in every way. Richard Dawkins claims that people of religious belief are stupid or immoral or deluded. I disagree with them, but they are entitled to makes such claims. But nobody is allowed to say that things are immoral that non-christians do. It’s such hypocrisy! I got into a debate today about the need a child has for a mother and a father, not just one parent or two of the same gender. I wasn’t even debating homosexuality itself. In fact, I used the example of a single woman who chooses to conceive a child via IVF with a sperm donor. I was talking about a child’s need for parents of both genders being important and saying that it’s irresponsible to intentionally deny them that. To make a long story short, the person I was debating with got angry and I was told that I may not discuss that topic with her again on that forum. THAT is real intolerance.


    1. There’s something funny about all this anger I keep seeing from people who resent the idea that they ought to choose not to act in ways that harm others. It’s like they resent the idea that there should be any standard outside of them that should limit their pursuit of pleasure. It’s amazing how brazen people are about dismissing the needs and rights of unborn children and even born children. Anyone can look at a baby, or a child, or even a spouse, and see what they need in order to flourish. But somehow, people get so angry about the demands of these relationships when it impacts their pursuit of pleasure. I think that the desperation we see today is partly due to the decline in morality from the widespread belief that this life is all there is. If this life is all there is, and there is no “design” for how we ought to be, then why be any way that doesn’t make us feel good? Who cares about the little ones who are harmed? Darwin taught us that the strong can take what they want from the weak.


  2. Yep. I think it was Nietche who proclaimed the death of God and championed the “will to power”. Ironically, his wife took his advice and when he was was old and senile sold tickets for people to come and look at him for kicks.


    1. Do you have a link about Nietzche’s wife selling tickets so people can gawk at him? I wonder why he didn’t ”will” his wife not to cheat on him.

      but on the article, the secularists always try to make it seem like Christians are the only ones pushing their views on people. But he see a gross violation of Keeton’s beliefs.


      1. I’m not sure if it was his wife or his sister. It may have been his sister. He was going insane at the time. I read it in John Blanchard’s book “Does God Believe in Atheists”.


  3. It is amazing how much evil people can accept in the name of good. (Notably, in my book, dictating what opinions others may or may not have using force, including extortion, is one of the worst evils there is.)

    Even as an atheist, I wish more people would pay attention to Matthew 7.


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