Obama enlists radical groups and labor unions to push for amnesty

Story from the lefty AP. (H/T Gateway Pundit)


President Barack Obama is enlisting activists and labor leaders in a push for comprehensive immigration legislation that will showcase Republican opposition and include a speech by the president.

The strategy was discussed during a meeting Monday by a range of prominent labor leaders and activist groups. Participants said Obama reiterated his support for immigration legislation but noted the political realities that have stalled it in Congress.

Latino leaders say they will work in coming months to pressure Republicans to give way and support an immigration bill — and make opponents pay at the ballot box if they don’t.

“We’re going to make absolutely crystal clear who’s at fault here,” said Eliseo Medina, a leader of the Service Employees International Union.

I hope these union people don’t organize a mob to chant on my front lawn. They do things like that, you know. They’re unions. That’s what unions do. They march around and intimidate people. Sometimes they even beat people up.

2 thoughts on “Obama enlists radical groups and labor unions to push for amnesty”

  1. It must be awesome being a union member: they take your dues money and turn that into activism that will help drive down your wages.


    1. I don’t think that the typical union person has an accurat grasp on economics… things like free trade makes no sense to them. There’s no economics union. Who would higher a union economist?


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