What would a Christian apologetics movie look like?

I found this video at Rational Thoughts.

This movie clip was made by Brian Godawa.

One of our commenters Kelli Welch just got her first movie on the big screen as well. She is interested in making films from a Christian worldview.

More on God and morality

Oh, I just noticed this related post from Cloud of Witnesses  via the Apologetics 315 Twitter feed.

This is a quote from Chad Meister from the new book “God is Great, God is Good“, edited by William Lane Craig and Chad Meister.


“If evil truly exists, what we could call ‘objective evil’ — then there also exist objective moral values, moral values which are binding on all people, whether they acknowledge them as such or not.  If rape, racism, torture, murder, government-sanctioned genocide and so forth are objectively evil, what makes them so?  What makes them truly evil, rather than simply activities we dislike?  What made the atrocities of the Nazis evil, even though Hitler and his thugs maintained otherwise?  One cannot consistently affirm both that there are no objective moral values, on the one hand, and that rape, torture and the like are objectively morally evil on the other.  If there are objective moral values, there must be some basis — some metaphysical foundation — for their being so. . . .

But [you] can’t have [your] cake and eat it too.  If good and evil are objectively real, they need an objective foundation.  No atheist has provided one, and it’s doubtful that one will be forthcoming.

See, this is the kind of book that Christians should read, because it helps them to talk to their neighbors and to raise their children. Everyone needs to understand the moral argument, and to bring people to account when they claim to be a “good person”. What does good even mean, based on the claimant’s worldview?

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10 thoughts on “What would a Christian apologetics movie look like?”

  1. Eek. That was REALLY creepy. And it’s night time here… [shudders] Am going to send this on to an atheist friend I was discussing this topic with on Saturday. Thanks.


  2. That’s a really oool movie. I like stuff like that; ideas portraryed through cultural mediums and through fiction. That’s why books such as C.S. Lewis’ Narnia Chronicles are so powerful, and books such as the Da Vinci Code and His Dark Materials series are so harmful.


  3. Thanks for the mention Wintery! By the way, the premiere went very well. Now we’re working on a new project, to be finished in August.

    You might want to check out Hitchcock’s “Rope”. It poses a very similar question.


    1. Hi Kelli,
      Is there any way I could find your movie? Is it literal big screens or is it on the web? Congratulations either way!


      1. Thanks Evan. It was premiered at a theater in Grand Rapids, MI. It will (hopefully) be hitting the festival circuit soon. Unfortunately that means we’re not allowed to distribute it yet.


  4. I suggest checking out his other seminal work, Lines That Divide, on the ESCR debate. Just as fascinating and informative!


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