Christian preacher arrested for saying that homosexuality is a sin

Story from the UK Telegraph. (H/T ECM)


Dale McAlpine was charged with causing “harassment, alarm or distress” after a homosexual police community support officer (PCSO) overheard him reciting a number of “sins” referred to in the Bible, including blasphemy, drunkenness and same sex relationships.

[…]Mr McAlpine, who was taken to the police station in the back of a marked van and locked in a cell for seven hours on April 20, said the incident was among the worst experiences of his life.

[…]Mr McAlpine was handing out leaflets explaining the Ten Commandments or offering a “ticket to heaven” with a church colleague on April 20, when a woman came up and engaged him in a debate about his faith.

During the exchange, he says he quietly listed homosexuality among a number of sins referred to in 1 Corinthians, including blasphemy, fornication, adultery and drunkenness.

After the woman walked away, she was approached by a PCSO who spoke with her briefly and then walked over to Mr McAlpine and told him a complaint had been made, and that he could be arrested for using racist or homophobic language.

The street preacher said he told the PCSO: “I am not homophobic but sometimes I do say that the Bible says homosexuality is a crime against the Creator”.

He claims that the PCSO then said he was homosexual and identified himself as the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender liaison officer for Cumbria police. Mr McAlpine replied: “It’s still a sin.”

The preacher then began a 20 minute sermon, in which he says he mentioned drunkenness and adultery, but not homosexuality. Three regular uniformed police officers arrived during the address, arrested Mr McAlpine and put him in the back of a police van.

At the station, he was told to empty his pockets and his mobile telephone, belt and shoes were confiscated. Police took fingerprints, a palm print, a retina scan and a DNA swab.

Sounds like this was a police sting operation in which a Christian acting as a Christian in public was targeted by the state-run police force for holding views that are incompatible with the ruling elite. He was put in jail for disagreeing publicly with his elected officials on a question of morality.

8 thoughts on “Christian preacher arrested for saying that homosexuality is a sin”

  1. I know I am not in his shoes, but I wouldn’t be shy about what the Bible says: Homosexuality is a sin. I’m sure I will get the chance to wear his shoes if our country continues to be run by the Leftist in power. Never mind that First Amendment thingy.


  2. My favorite part of the article:

    “He claims that the PCSO then said he was homosexual and identified himself as the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender liaison officer for Cumbria police. Mr McAlpine replied: “It’s still a sin.”

    I can’t think of a more reasonable response. Give all the excuses, list all the A-list people and organizations that disagree, give all the social and economic reasons to disagree, the bottom line is “It’s still a sin.” I have yet to find any scripture that even intimates a same-sex union is anything but an abomination of what God established. Until i’ve been shown that scriptural support, “It’s still a sin.”


  3. For years I’ve been trying to get a supporter of homosexual marriages to explain how his “serious Biblical study” and “prayerful meditations” lead to his finding how the Bible teaches marriage also includes same-sex partners. Years. Still waiting.


  4. Interesting,

    And there are those who want people who criticise the “Anthropogenic CO2 causes Global Warming” hypothesis to be arrested as well.

    Besides as far as I know, the bible does not criticise homosexual leanings but refers to the act and those who practice it.




  5. I feel that the message of the preacher is completely amoral, however nobody should have the right to prevent him from communicating his biggoted hate speech. This is not a question of left versus right, it is just a plain violation of the first amendment. Most of my fellow atheist friends also have the same view that it is a slipperly slope when you start to censor speech, no matter how ignorant, arrogant, or closed minded that speech is.


  6. The pastor mentions drunkenness, but nobody arrested him for mentioning those. Weren’t the rights of those who people to drink heavily offended, too? Why didn’t they have him arrested?


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