Stephen Meyer is named Daniel of the Year for 2009 by World Magazine

Dr. Stephen C. Meyer
Dr. Stephen C. Meyer

There can be only one. (H/T Evolution News)


From his office Meyer has ventured forth to debate at least nine prominent Darwinians on CNN, NPR, FOX, the BBC, and other venues. In it he has written numerous newspaper and magazine columns in defense of Intelligent Design (ID), as well as an academic article that became notorious five years ago when Richard Sternberg, a Smithsonian-affiliated scientist, agreed to publish it in the peer-reviewed Proceedings of the Biological Society of Washington.

[…]When Meyer completed his dissertation, “Of Clues and Causes: A Methodological Interpretation of Origin of Life Studies,” the University of Cambridge in 1991 awarded him its prestigious Ph.D. Meyer, having proceeded through questioning and discernment stages, had to decide whether to enter the courage stage. Everyone knows that microevolution—change within species—occurs, but the critical issue is whether the descendants of dinosaurs become birds through natural selection. Denying macroevolution leaves scientists unprotected even at some Christian colleges.

[…]Courage becomes a determinant once we count the cost and see that it’s great. Meyer’s first inkling came when “talking about my ideas to people at Cambridge High Table settings, and getting that sudden social pall.” But the cost was and is more than conversational ease: San Francisco State University in 1992 expelled a professor, Dean Kenyon, who espoused ID, and other job losses have come since.

I met Dr. Meyer for the first time at the Baylor University conference on intelligent design in 2000. He comes across as extremely genuine and approachable. At other conferences, he even remembered my name! I still hold out hope of one day going for a PhD (I even came up with a great idea this week) and it’s largely because of authentic Christian scholars like Dr. Meyer who inspire me with a vision of what is possible.

4 thoughts on “Stephen Meyer is named Daniel of the Year for 2009 by World Magazine”

  1. My brother does not know it yet, but he’s getting ‘Signature in the cell’ for Christmas…I expect he would prefer a lump of coal.

    However, to his credit, he did watch the Ayala/Craig smackdown and may be coming round to face facts that we ‘pseudoscientists’ have some arguments that require his attention. He won’t be persuaded that ID is true, but the arguments for its viability as a contender were a slap in the face!


    1. You can’t give him anything better than the Meyer book. The origin of life and the Cambrian are the strongest places to argue for intelligent design in nature.


  2. Congratulations Steven for writing a science book that makes sense, And having the guts to face the evolutionary inquisition. Your debates have been fantastic. What amazes me is, the darwinists don’t seem to understand how badly they are losing.


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