Congresswoman Michele Bachmann is Mrs November in new calendar

Michele Bachmann is Miss November in new Clare Boothe Luce 2010 calendar
Michele Bachmann is Miss November in new Clare Boothe Luce 2010 calendar

Story from Newsbusters:

The Clare Boothe Luce Policy Institute is now previewing its 2010 Great American Conservative Women calendar which will be available for sale on October 2.

The participants are: Kate Obenshain, Clare Boothe Luce, Ann Coulter, Michelle Malkin, Marji Ross, Bay Buchanan, Kellyanne Conway, Michele Bachmann, Carrie Prejean, Phyllis Schlafly, SE Cupp, and Star Parker.

Fox News has a slide show of the participants available here.

Last week her new action figure came out.

You can see Michele’s latest video below.

I don’t know why these videos can’t be done with higher quality! Boo!

More Michele Bachmann pictures and videos

These are the three that you MUST SEE. In the newer videos, she is much prettier though.

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Here are my recent posts on Michele Bachmann:

Michele Bachmann is my favorite member of Congress! She’s just perfect in every way! Please send her a contribution here, and bookmark her blog and her youtube channel.

You can read more about her in World Net Daily, Atlas Shrugs, and World Magazine.

4 thoughts on “Congresswoman Michele Bachmann is Mrs November in new calendar”

  1. Michele Bachmann absolutely positively TURNS ME ON!!! She’s not only hot, she’s tough and she is sure of who she is and has the heart of a lion. No wonder the allegedly tolerant left is so scared of her.


  2. Sarah Palin is beautiful, true. But Rep. Michele Bachmann is beautiful AND has a very large and powerful brain! I enjoy her lectures on the Fed, economics and tax law. However, I have to pace myself because I don’t have the intellectual capacity to keep up with her speeches on taxes and tax law. As a tax litigation attorney, Rep. Bachmann could make my head explode! Lol. Remarkable woman and I’m glad I’m on her side.


    1. I like Michele Bachmann’s brain, but if you watch the videos in this post, she also has a lot of passion! She seems to be so energetic and full of concern for others. That’s the way women ought to be.


  3. Michelle is fabulous!! Smart, beautiful and articulate. No wonder the LEFT tries so hard to discredit her. She is a tax lawyer who worked for the IRS for 5 years. Huffington, Obermann (Ivey League farm school of Cornell) , Anderson, Katie and Williams….look at their academic backgrounds.


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