NOAA: summer temperatures were below average

Here is the story from the NOAA News. (H/T Watts Up With That via ECM)




  • For the 2009 summer, the average temperature of 71.7 degrees F was 0.4 degree F below the 20th Century average. The 2008 average summer temperature was 72.7 degrees F.
  • A recurring upper level trough held the June-August temperatures down in the central states, where Michigan experienced its fifth, Wisconsin, Minnesota, and South Dakota their seventh, Nebraska its eighth, and Iowa its ninth coolest summer. By contrast, Florida had its fourth warmest summer, while Washington and Texas experienced their eighth and ninth warmest, respectively.
  • The Michigan, Wisconsin, Iowa and Minnesota region experienced its sixth coolest summer on record. Only the Northwest averaged above normal temperatures.

I’m pretty sure that this indicates a long-term trend towards catastrophic global warming!

2 thoughts on “NOAA: summer temperatures were below average”

  1. I hate to be the one to tell you this – the continental US is not the globe – so to display one year’s worth of temperatures for one small part of the world and then claim to be able to make a global prediction on long-term weather patterns…hmmm…well that just seems wrong.

    I guess one could do it that way, but it’s not how science works, only religion works that way.


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