Planned Parenthood conceals rape and breaks the law

Story is at Hot Air. (H/T The Pugnacious Irishman)

Ed Morrissey writes:

Lila Rose and Jackie Stollar have another of their series of exposés of Planned Parenthood clinics and their refusal to follow the law in reporting sexual abuses of underaged girls.  This time, Lila and Jackie went to Birmingham, Alabama to procure an abortion as a 14-year-old girl impregnated by a 31-year-old man.  According to Alabama law, that’s statutory rape, and the law requires any health-care provider to report it to law enforcement.  Does this PP clinic follow the law?

Click through to Hot Air and watch the video to find out what happens!

LaShawn Barber notes the pro-abortion response to being caught:

U.S. News and World Report blogger Bonnie Erbe wants to know why the pro-life crusader hasn’t been arrested for trespassing or fraud, and – get this – Planned Parenthood has posted Lila Rose’s picture so its disgraceful workers will be on the alert.

Pro-life spies kick butt!

Also see my previous post on how the “non-profit” Planned Parenthood makes millions in profits while still receiving taxpayer subsidies.

7 thoughts on “Planned Parenthood conceals rape and breaks the law”

    1. Because taxpayers are stupid? Because Republicans don’t make this an issue? Because Christians not only hate apologetics, but they also hate taking moral stands against evil? Because pro-lifers don’t take an incremental approach? Because pro-lifers can’t make arguments that appeal to fiscal conservatives? Because pro-lifers tie their arguments to religion, instead of focusing on logic and evidence?

      Paging Canbuhay…


    1. I did see that! I don’t think anyone, no matter if they are a few days old or a few years, should ever look like that. I’ve managed to go my whole life without hurting anyone physically, (except for that one tae kwan do accident – but we were sparring!). I try to not even hurt people emotionally, other than disagreeing with them (and then they get spoiled until they forgive me). Why is it that people find it so easy to spill other people’s blood?

      How about this: let’s all agree not to intentionally kill innocent people! Or to undertake actions that might result in the death of an innocent person, like out-of-wedlock sex! Let’s try to help people who are hurting, instead. Let’s be inclusive about who counts as a human and who doesn’t. Let’s prefer to suffer with other people’s impositions on us instead of using power to silence them, coerce them, imprison them or kill them.


  1. Well, I can’t help but agree with you Knight. That’s why we started our organization, to fill the niche up in Canada that wasn’t being done. Too many times pro-life advocates hope people will come to them to be educated and that they’ll be able to convince others about why abortion is wrong simply by being nice to them (very emergent church-y).

    Recently, a pro-life leader here in Canada told a national newspaper that pro-lifers shouldn’t tell others that abortion is wrong because that just turns people off.

    At least you have groups like CBR, STR and LifeTraining Institute and LifeDynamics (which produces the video on the site sayn linked to). They are on the cutting edge of pro-life apologetics, taking down bad thinking coming from pro-aborts and leaving them with the dilemma of maintaining their pro-abortion position without good reason or changing their minds.

    Here’s a heads up – our group, which takes a lot of wisdom from these US groups will be producing some cutting edge training on our own. Just watch our website at

    Think Nooma with real truths and without the fluff (and postmoderny stuff).


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