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How strong fathers are a positive influence on their daughters

An interview with Dr. Meg Meeker! (H/T Andrew)

Questions answered in the interview:

  • Q: Why are fathers so important?
  • Q: What are fathers doing wrong?
  • Q: What are fathers doing right?
  • Q: Can an absent or irresponsible father make up for lost time?
  • Q: What is the most important thing a father should know?
  • Q: Any tips for being the kind of father a daughter really needs?


Fathers carry an authority in children’s eyes that is different from their mother’s. Fathers are also pivotal in the development of a healthy sexuality in a daughter’s life. Girls who have a good relationship with their dads are shown to: have a higher self-esteem, be less likely to become sexually active at an early age, less likely to experience depression, less likely to develop an eating disorder and typically have a higher GPA in high school. Also, the most effective way to bolster a girl’s self esteem is through getting physical affection from her father.

There is a lot of useful information summarized in this short little interview.