Catholic teachers march in favor of gay rights and perverted sex education

Catholic high school has student arrested for saying that there are only two genders

If you take a look at the image above, you’ll see Catholic teachers from the province of Ontario in Canada marching in a gay rights rally. That should not surprise you, as they also march in pro-abortion (and infanticide) rallies. In Canada, the Catholic school system isn’t a private school system. It’s a government-run system, funded by the secular left government.

Here is the article from the Toronto Sun, by famous Canadian conservative Brian Lilley:

In the name of diversity, a Catholic school in Renfrew suspended a student and had him arrested for saying there are only two genders.

Josh Alexander was suspended last November over comments made about gender in class and told he couldn’t return to class until he recanted.

On Monday, Alexander returned to class and was promptly met by the vice-principal, arrested by two local police officers and charged with trespassing. The… former student of St. Joseph’s Catholic High School [said] that he made comments during a class discussion on gender.“It was about male students using female washrooms, gender dysphoria and male breastfeeding. Everyone was sharing their opinions on it, any student who wanted to was participating, including the teacher,” Alexander said.

“I said there were only two genders, and you were born either a male or a female, and that got me into trouble. And then I said that gender doesn’t trump biology.”

Remember – this student’s parent’s paid their taxes to get access to these public schools. This is the danger of paying for a service through mandatory taxes. In the private sector, you only pay a service or product provider when you want what they are selling. But in the public sector, you pay first, through your taxes, and then they decide what to serve you.

Most of the employees of these public schools are going through life on easy mode. They do worthless non-STEM degrees. They avoid competitive pressures that are in the private sector. They have no consumers to answer to. They just do what feels good to them. And their students graduate and cannot even read or write. No teacher faces career consequences for failing to produce educated students – because the union protects them from consequences.

By the way, Canada only has a minority of evangelical Protestants. Most of their “Christians” are “Catholic”, like Joe Biden is Catholic. These are not religious people. They don’t take the Bible seriously, any more than an atheist would take the Bible seriously. If a genuine Christian shows up, they call the police and have him arrested.

15 thoughts on “Catholic high school has student arrested for saying that there are only two genders”

  1. These public sector employees are not serious people and neither is the USA. Western governments just need a good long tough war on their own soil with accompanying hardships where tough, serious, toxic masculine men get involved, who are to the right of Atilla the Hun. Then, the dependent feminists, diversity, vibrancy and inclusion crowd will go by the wayside. I foresee young women changing their top 20% and resultant children being raised with good guidance. Ahhh, but what do I know….

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      1. Joe Biden is exactly the same…promoting abortion and transgenderism.
        “Bible-believing, Christ-centered Catholics” As a former Missionary Catholic priest, now an evangelical Christian, ‘Christ-centred’ and Catholic’ is an oxymoron…a contradiction in terms, theologically.


  2. I oppose the action taken by the catholic school against the student who stated that there are only two sexes.

    A school is there to educate students and instead of arresting the student, they should have focussed on education.

    We should, however, acknowledge that a small proportion of infants are born with mixed genitalia and internal reproductive apparatus. Also, some are born with abnormal sex chromosomes: XXY and XYY. I think it should be the responsibility of the parents to decide what should be done, surgically, and in terms of upbringing for this minority of infants.

    Below is a link to a study from the Mayo Clinic:

    We cannot ignore this problem and I would consider it wrong to abort the foetuses for having three sex chromosomes instead of two, or for having a mix of genitalia.


  3. There are many strong, Bible-believing, Christ-centered Catholics in Canada. Unfortunately, they are in the minority. Pray for them to stay strong.

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      1. I am sorry to read this comment. First off, it is not germane to the point of Wintery Knight’s article.

        More importantly, the splitting of Christendom into almost uncountable splinters and divisions, the pitting of them against each other, and the moral and theological rot which has pervaded all the divisions to one degree or another, is undeniably the most successful of Satan’s temporal victories, and is enduring to the present time. The misery that this has engendered–and will continue to engender–is immeasurable.

        Thank God that the FINAL, ETERNAL victory will be His, and not Satan’s.


        1. Mary, it is very germane and relevant. You stated that Catholicism is “Christ-centred.” Biblically, this is a false claim. It is germane to YOUR claim, which was inserted into your own response. You introduced the relevance into the article. You can’t gaslight and feign victimhood and hurt feelings. It isn’t about “the splitting of Christendom into almost uncountable splinters and divisions, the pitting of them against each other, and the moral and theological rot which has pervaded all the divisions to one degree or another.” Scripturally, it is a biblical fact, despite how much you attempt to muddy the theological waters.
          Promoting and upholding biblical teachings and doctrine isn’t “undeniably the most successful of Satan’s temporal victories and is enduring to the present time.” Jesus, Paul, and others have died for that position. Biblical Christians are persecuted, daily, in order to promote biblical teachings around the world. It’s about the Bible, not about a church or religious organisation that encourages Faith + Works = Salvation. Even now, Pope Francis is promoting the sinlessness of homosexuality.
          “The misery that this has engendered–and will continue to engender–is immeasurable.” The emotional blackmail and disingenuous victimhood don’t enhance or develop your argument.
          On a more conciliatory note, we can both agree that “Thank God that the FINAL, ETERNAL victory will be His, and not Satan’s.”


          1. You’ve read too much into my remarks.

            God bless you in your endeavors.


          2. God bless to you also, Mary. I pray that you discover the REAL Jesus of Scripture. Stay well.


      1. I agree that the difference in the standards. People like Michael, whom I respect, is a devout Catholic and an excellent scientist. Morally, there is a major difference between the people mentioned here and the “Catholic teachers” in the parades.
        Notwithstanding this, the issue is whether or not we follow Scripture or any other group, organisation, or church that doesn’t follow Scripture. It isn’t about a ‘them and us’ situation, but the biblical God…or an amalgam of God and Man.


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