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Leading gender dysphoria expert says 80% of children grow out of gender confusion

Progressives in America like to think that Europe is very far ahead of us. And since Europe is more progressive than us, we should become more progressive to catch up to them. But what happens when the Europeans have gone further down the road of progressivism, and they turn back because it led them to a dead end?

Here’s the latest from Daily Wire, about an expert in gender dysphoria named Dr. Riittakerttu Kaltiala.


Finland’s leading expert on pediatric gender medicine says “four out of five” children will grow out of their gender confusion.

Dr. Riittakerttu Kaltiala, the chief psychiatrist at Tampere University, Finland’s largest pediatric gender clinic, recently had an interview with the country’s top newspaper about her reluctance to recommend surgical and chemical sex change services for minors who identify as transgender.

Dr. Kaltiala explained that while it is “important to accept the child as they are,” it is also necessary to recognize that it is common for children to strongly identify with the opposite sex at some point in their lives, but four out of five children who identify as transgender will grow out of it during puberty.

And what about the argument that if we don’t let children make permanent, life-altering decisions without adult supervision, then they will end themselves?


Transgender advocacy groups… frequently rely on the debunked affirm-or-suicide narrative to lobby for early medicalization of childhood gender dysphoria.

Dr. Kaltiala calls the notion that hormone treatments and legal gender recognition for minors are urgently needed due to increased suicide risk “purposeful disinformation” and “irresponsible.” Suicidal thoughts and behavior in young people with “gender identity” issues are related to concurrent psychiatric disorders, not just “unaffirmed” gender, she explained.

“Mentally healthy young people who experience their gender in a way that differs from their biological body are not automatically suicidal,” said Dr. Kaltiala.

Here’s a study:

In a large Swedish study, suicide mortality significantly increased among adults who received sex-change treatments, and a Finnish study found that the mental health of many minors who received hormonal care deteriorated.

“Therefore, it is not justified to tell the parents of young people experiencing transgenderism that the young person is at risk of suicide without corrective treatment and that the danger can be countered with gender reassignment treatment,” says Dr. Kaltiala. She recommends not beginning medicalization before adulthood.

If I get asked about these issues at work, I just come to my blog and dig up these articles. I hope you get some use out of my blog when it’s your turn to debate.

One thought on “Leading gender dysphoria expert says 80% of children grow out of gender confusion”

  1. A couple of thoughts:

    1. It’s far, far higher than 80%. It’s 99.99%. A quibble, but still worth mentioning.

    2. Even if it were *only* 80%, it’s still absolutely wrong and evil to castrate and mutilate children’s bodies.

    3. The argument I use when talking to people like this goes as follows: “Fine, you say trans is ‘normal’. By that definition of ‘normal’ any anti-social behavior you can point at is ‘normal’ – in the sense that all human populations across time exhibit some level of these behaviors: Suicide; addiction; dependence on welfare handouts (refusal of able-bodied, capable people to self-support); animal cruelty…Based on your logic, should we “affirm” these behaviors too?” OF COURSE NOT. Some liberals will hear that. Most will not. Hence step 4:

    4. If I run into a particularly strident liberal, instead of #3, I find that the single best way to get a liberal to recoil in horror is to sincerely advocate FOR their own policies – but at the most extreme logical outcome. “Oh, yes, I agree that we should encourage X policy – only harder and faster (and in a way that will negatively impact you directly).”

    And then I find a way to make it impact their lives in a way that I *KNOW* will horrify them. Example: “Oh, yes, we should support illegal immigration – by the millions. Erase the border, bring them all in to the US. In fact, I support the government identifying homes for sale, buying those homes and housing illegal aliens in those homes on a rotating basis, permanently!…So, for example, there’s a home for sale right next to your home! The government should buy it and move 7 families of illegals into it, tomorrow….!!!”

    The minute…..the second….the NANO-second I finish saying that, the liberal I’m talking with will object. “Oh, no, that’s a bad idea…how will they blend in, how would they go to school, that wouldn’t work, that’s too expensive…..” As if spending other people’s money ever stopped a liberal…

    To which I respond, “Gosh, that sounds awfully racist. What are you some kind of Trump-voter? Why do you hate brown people?” If you get good at this, you can almost cause liberals to have convulsing seizures on the spot. They simply CANNOT handle having their illegitimate tactics used against them. And, as a bonus, once I’ve done that to a liberal, they will NEVER raise the topic of politics with me ever again – they actually experience shame (maybe for the first time in their lives). Life is pleasant when liberals are afraid to open their mouths because they don’t want to embarrass themselves.

    5. Lastly, the problem with arguing with liberal over matters of prudence of “common sense” or that 80% of kids will recover from “trans” feeling is this: Liberals DON’T WANT KIDS TO RECOVER. They KNOW that once a kid is trans’ed, they’ll become captive life-long Democrats: Slaves on the Democrat vote plantation. Their parents will be pressured to become Democrats; all their friends will be Democrats; they’ll vote ever-more for increasing liberal fascism until the end of time.

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