Left Wing Domestic Terrorism

Will the shooting of a black Republican councilwoman be investigated as a hate crime?

Democrats in the corporate media are terrified of Republicans lately. Apparently, those married Presbyterian conservatives with kids are committing all sorts of insurrections, arsons and other violence. In fact, the FBI thinks that parents who are concerned about the coerced transing of their kids are “domestic terrorists”. But if you look at the actual crimes, it’s Democrats committing them.

Here’s the latest from The Post Millennial:

A New Jersey Councilwoman was shot and killed outside of her home on Wednesday evening in what is believed to be a targeted shooting.

Eunice Dwumfour, 30, was found dead in her white Nissan SUV after it crashed near her home in New Jersey.

Dwumfour, a Republican, was shot multiple times and was pronounced dead at the scene by police, the Daily Mail reports.

One witness said that the gunman shot at Dwumfour and drove off quickly from the Camelot at La Mer apartment complex. A call to police was made at 7:22 pm.

[…]No arrests have been made in the case. The Sayreville Police and officials from Middlesex County are investigating the matter.

According to the Daily Mail, close friends posted about Dwumfour’s death, describing her as an “amazing friend” who “loved God.”

The young mother defeated the sitting Democrat in Sayreville in November 2021, and was not up for reelection until 2024.

It’s not unusual for people on the secular left to resort to violence when confronted with ideas they oppose. You might think that there would be some moral restraint on actions like this, but how could there be? You can’t ground notions like “human rights” and “objective moral duties” in an accidental universe, where human beings were just coughed up by an evolutionary process that did not have them in mind.

There are lots of domestic terrorists on the secular left left. Check out this recent article from the Washington Times:

Dozens of pro-life pregnancy centers have been terrorized for months by a radical pro-choice outfit calling itself Jane’s Revenge, but now it looks as if the previously unknown group is entwined with a more significant threat: Antifa.

Antifa trackers and conservative media outlets linked two Miami residents charged with conspiracy in attacks on crisis pregnancy centers in Florida to the shadowy anarchist movement after the Justice Department unsealed the federal indictment last week.

One of the suspects, 23-year-old Amber Smith-Stewart, has made no secret of her Antifa sympathies. She has identified herself as “Antifa, anti-capitalist” on her Facebook page, which includes images of pro-Antifa posters and flags from a screenshot posted on the AntifaWatch website.

The second suspect, 27-year-old Caleb Freestone, is listed on AntifaWatch and has been active with Whatever It Takes, a left-wing pro-choice group with no love for “fascists” that advocates for “sustained civil resistance” and “direct action.”

He was arrested in July at a heated Miami-Dade County school board meeting and charged with disorderly conduct, resisting arrest without violence and trespassing after a warning. A woman at the meeting publicly accused him of being with Antifa, which he appeared to deny.

[…]The two are accused in June attacks on a trio of pregnancy resource centers in Hialeah, Hollywood and Winter Haven. Vandals left behind spray-painted messages such as “Jane,” “Jane was here” and “Jane’s Revenge,” as well as the anarchist “A” symbol favored by Antifa.

That doesn’t mean Antifa and Jane’s Revenge are the same, but they likely share much of the same personnel, said Kyle Shideler, senior analyst for homeland security and counterterrorism for the Center for Security Policy.

I have noticed that people on the secular left are actively supporting infanticide. People on the secular left are actively supporting sex-change surgeries on children. People on the secular left are actively supporting sex-trafficking children. I don’t think that they are as wonderful and compassionate as they want people to believe.

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