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After being paid, sex change surgeon ignores life-threatening complications

So, I see a lot of people posting stories about how much they regret taking puberty blockers, hormone replacement drugs, and especially having sex change surgeries. But the story I’ll talk about below really takes the cake. It has to do with a doctor in Florida, who calls herself “Teetus Deletus” on social media. She likes to make videos of herself dancing and joking about “yeeting the teets” of her patients.

Here’s the story from The Post Millennial:

A former patient of the Yeet the Teets surgeon has told the harrowing story of life-threatening complications that led to having over half a foot of dead rotting tissue removed following a “gender-affirming” bilateral mastectomy.

A trans-identified female has told the harrowing story of life-threatening complications that led to having over half a foot of dead rotting tissue removed following a bilateral mastectomy performed by Dr. Sidhbh Gallagher, the celebrity surgeon who advertises her “gender-affirming” services on social media to impressionable adolescents and who has apparently opted out of malpractice insurance as a crafty way to ensure no one can sue her.

The part I want to focus on is the denial of responsibility. It is so prevalent today that people on the secular left do what feels good to them, and then refuse any responsibility for the destruction they cause. They refuse to even acknowledge it, much less take responsibility to fix it. It’s the same attitude you see in reckless hook-up sex, abortion as birth control, frivolous divorce, single motherhood by choice, and raising kids in same-sex homes so that they don’t have a mother AND a father. Selfishness.

Let’s make a list of what this sex change surgeon is like.

No taking precautions to address things that could go wrong:

Mastectomies usually involve the insertion of drains to remove the blood, pus, and excess fluids that can build up in the week following the invasive procedure, and due to the seriousness of the surgery, most surgeons will require trans-identified females to be of a healthy weight to reduce the risk of complications. Neither of these precautions appear to be important to the Yeet the Teets celebrity gender-affirming surgeon.

Joking about the complications:

For Rylan, the nightmare started on day 4 post-op, when a hematoma appeared and the wound started leaking blood, which Gallagher dismissed as “just bruising.” It was suggested that the patient’s weight was to blame, and true to form, the medical team even had a cutesy name for it: a “blowhole,” and they joked that it was Rylan’s “period.”

Refusal to fix the problems:

After flying home in agony and bleeding through clothes on the plane, Rylan spent days bed-ridden before ending up in the ER after a blood clot the size of a golf ball fell out of the wound.

“I was splitting open and, within days, those two holes would both become gaping abscesses,” said Rylan, who describes being “exhausted and in unspeakable pain.”

Photographs were sent of the incision and the clot, and Gallagher again replied that it was normal and there was “no need for the ER.”

Refusal to take the escalation seriously:

After another night of agonizing pain, Rylan woke to a frightening sight.

“I saw that the hole in my incision had collapsed into a hollow, black cavity. Brown and dark yellow tissue were spilling slightly out of it. It had a putrid smell,” recalls Rylan, who sent a photograph of this terrifying change to Gallagher, knowing deep down that she couldn’t be trusted. Gallagher’s response was: “It’s looking good – not infected,” and she advised putting “some antibiotic cream on the open area.”

Someone else has to clean up her mess:

Thankfully, Rylan was able to get an appointment with another “top surgeon” who saw the signs of infection immediately, put the patient on a course of antibiotics, and scheduled an emergency surgery to fix the mess that Gallagher, who calls herself Dr. Teetus Deletus on social media, had created.

In the surgery 3 days later, over half a foot of Rylan’s left side had to be removed as it had been killed by a bacteria “that has a high mortality rate.”

“When I saw the photo of what they removed, it dawned on me what would’ve happened if I’d listened to Dr. Gallagher,” said Rylan.

No apology for the harm she caused:

Gallagher hasn’t checked in once with the patient she almost killed, and Rylan doesn’t think she ever will.

“In the wise words of the surgeon who saved my life, ‘she doesn’t give a sh*t about you,'” wrote Rylan.

And she can’t be sued, because she doesn’t have insurance:

But seeking advice from a medical malpractice lawyer revealed some shocking information. Gallagher has apparently opted out of malpractice insurance, making suing her almost impossible. Most lawyers will be reluctant to take on a case against an uninsured defendant as there would likely be no means for them to collect their fee. Rylan was told that Gallagher likely uses this loophole deliberately.

Can you imagine purchasing a product or a service where you couldn’t get any accountability for catastrophic failure? People need to be careful dealing with the secular left. They don’t like expectations, responsibilities or obligations. They just want to dance around and feel happy. You can’t count on reckless, irresponsible people like that. Beware of people who affirm you when you go down a self-destructive path. As soon as things blow up, they disappear. They make problems. They don’t solve problems.

7 thoughts on “After being paid, sex change surgeon ignores life-threatening complications”

  1. Oh, God, but this has to stop. People like this odd-ball have to be sued for endangering a life. There are ways around things, always are. It does not have to be malpractice, but can be in the range of homicide. Complains about the doctor should be sent to Florida Board of Med., and governor’s office. Money is a secularists only god. Take it away and they suffer. niio

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  2. No accountability for catastrophic failure. That could also be said of the Covid shots. That’s why thinking people refuse them unless and until they can make an informed decision on whether or not it get it; which the powers that be have made virtually impossible.

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  3. It should be pushed to a high level to try and take away any right for an uncaring incompetent dr to perform w surgery that could have killed the patient and would have had they not sought treatment.

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