Knight and Rose Show – Episode 29: Commitment Issues: Searching for Love with Purpose

Welcome to episode 29 of the Knight and Rose podcast! In this episode, Wintery Knight and Desert Rose strategies for finding a partner for life-long married love. This episode contains mature subject matter. Listener discretion is advised. If you like this episode, please subscribe to the podcast, and subscribe to our YouTube channel. We would appreciate it if you left us a 5-star review on Apple Podcasts or Spotify.

Podcast description:

Christian apologists Wintery Knight and Desert Rose discuss apologetics, policy, culture, relationships, and more. Each episode equips you with evidence you can use to boldly engage anyone, anywhere. We train our listeners to become Christian secret agents. Action and adventure guaranteed. 30-45 minutes per episode. New episode every week.

Episode 29:

Episode  Summary:

Wintery Knight and Desert Rose discuss how to find a partner to marry. We talk about God’s design for marriage, and contrast that with society’s view of marriage. We talk about how to measure a person’s suitability for marriage. We contrast our strategies with a half-dozen rival strategies, using peer-reviewed research. We talk about compatibility and common areas of tension. And we recommend our favorite book about marriage.

Speaker biographies

Wintery Knight is a black legal immigrant. He is a senior software engineer by day, and an amateur Christian apologist by night. He has been blogging at since January of 2009, covering news, policy and Christian worldview issues.

Desert Rose did her undergraduate degree in public policy, and then worked for a conservative Washington lobbyist organization. She also has a graduate degree from a prestigious evangelical seminary. She is active in Christian apologetics as a speaker, author, and teacher.

Important note:

In the podcast, we kept saying that “Gary Chapman” wrote “The Sacred Search”. It’s actually Gary Thomas. Gary Chapman wrote “The Five Love Languages”, which is another of our favorite books. We apologize for the confusion.


My 2 Cents:

We mentioned my friend My 2 Cents in our podcast, who is another Christian man who is amazing on the topic of dating and marriage. I highly recommend his YouTube channel. He definitely has a very developed, thoughtful view on marriage that respects chastity but is brutally realistic about what men are facing.

He did a series defending traditional marriage from a red-pilled male perspective:

  1. What is Marriage and Why is it Important?
  2. Why Traditional Gender Roles Matter in Marriage
  3. Marriage and the State
  4. Private Marriage, Promises, and Guarantees
  5. The Truth about Domestic Abuse

And here are some of his popular videos:

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Strength Of The Titans by Kevin MacLeod

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