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Analyzing 2022 exit polls: nearly 70% of unmarried women voted for Democrats

Because I’m still unmarried and have done well in my career and finances, and I sometimes approached by people who think that it is a good time for me to get serious about marriage. Although the previous generation of women was very good at marriage, the current generation of younger women is terrible at marriage. And you can see how terrible by looking at how they voted.

Here’s an article from Breitbart News to explain:

Sixty-eight percent of unmarried women favored Democrats in the U.S. House midterm elections compared to 31 percent who favored Republicans, according to exit poll data.

[…]A majority of women (67 percent) also said they were either angry or dissatisfied with Roe v. Wade being overturned, with 72 percent of women who supported Democrat candidates agreeing, compared to 27 percent who supported Republicans. On the other hand, 30 percent of women were either enthusiastic or satisfied with Roe being overturned, with a majority supporting Republicans (84 percent) compared to Democrats (15 percent).

Daily Wire adds:

Studies suggest single women vote Democrat more often than married women because they depend on a single income, have feminist attitudes towards social issues like abortion and pre-marital sexual behavior, and agree with ideologies that redefine gender roles and family responsibilities.

[…]Other notable figures from CNN’s exit poll data show that 72% of women between 18 and 29 voted Democrat.

Are women who vote Democrat a good match for a man who is interested in marriage? Let’s see.

1. Democrats support no-fault divorce laws, and that’s dangerous for men, because we get financially ruined by divorce courts. Divorce courts regularly disregard pre-nups, even if you have one. Men only marry women who hate divorce. Women who hate divorce think that it is their responsibility to evaluate a husband candidate, and then commit to him, no matter what happens. Society just isn’t making women who want the responsibility of choosing a good man, and making a life-long commitment to him.

2. Democrats support abortion, and that’s horrifying for marriage-minded men. Good men value the needs of children above the needs of selfish adults (it’s our protective nature). Pro-abortion women think that they need to be free to “have fun” with attractive men who won’t commit to them before sex. And then if they happen to get pregnant, they can just stop their new baby from living. Unborn babies have their own DNA, distinct from the parents. They are human beings, distinct from their parents. Marriage-minded men don’t want to marry women who are willing to kill other people in order to escape from responsibilities.

3. Democrat women typically value careers over children. They want to put their kids in daycare, and go back to work. But marriage-minded men want someone trustworthy to stay home with very young children for the first 5 years. Research indicates that children benefit from having mom in the home for at least the first 2 years. Marriage-minded men don’t want to get married to women who are going to throw the kids in daycare and go back to work.

4. Democrat women prefer higher taxes and more government spending. When husband earns money, they think that government knows how to spend it better. And they think that teachers, judges and bureaucrats (who are paid by husband) are better at leading the home than husband. Marriage-minded men aren’t interested in paying government people to run his home. He wants choices in everything – especially about who will educate the children.

5. Democrat women favor subsidizing single mothers who make fatherless babies. Instead of setting moral boundaries on single motherhood by choice, Democrat women want to tax husbands to pay for single moms. Marriage-minded men know they only have enough money to pay for their own household, and their own kids. They don’t have money to pay for other people’s kids.

6. Democrat women are in favor of same-sex marriage. That means that they think that marriage is just an arrangement of 2 or more people based on feelings, with the goal of making the adults happy and socially respectable. “Love makes a family” they say. And they think it’s fine to deprive a child of their relationships with a biological mother, or a biological father, or both. Marriage-minded men know the research on how all this affects children. And we aren’t going to marry any woman who puts the selfish desires of adults above the needs of the children for their mom and dad.

If women don’t understand the needs of husbands and children, then marriage-minded men will not marry them

In conclusion, I think it’s important for people who expect marriage-minded men to get married to understands that most of the young women who are available would not make good wives and mothers for us. Men want marriage because they want to lead a home, and to be respected as leaders in their home. If society produces a generation of women who believe in student loan forgiveness, infanticide, gay rights, high taxes, and government regulation of fathers, then society will have to deal with declining marriage rates.

Husbands want to lead. We can’t lead if we don’t get to keep what we earn. We can’t lead if we are overruled by teachers, judges and bureaucrats. We can’t lead if we are dragged into divorce courts. Women will have to choose between voting Democrat, and having husbands.

4 thoughts on “Analyzing 2022 exit polls: nearly 70% of unmarried women voted for Democrats”

  1. Yep. I figured this out long ago, how most married and traditional women vote Republican because they have a stable provider and protector, so they don’t NEED the government to fulfill those roles.

    It’s only recently, that I’ve started to conclude how “strong and independent” really just means “independent from men”…because these ladies are still very much dependent on their girlfriends, the single mothers who raised them to never leave the nest and build their own, the child support from their baby daddies, social justice (the village fighting your battles for you instead of you handling your adversaries yourself), and the government.

    It’ll never leave my mind, a video I saw earlier this year from South Korea, where older unmarried women (in their 40s) raised their concerns in a news segment about how the government should step up and take care of them, because they don’t have any kids or husband and now they’re dealing with depression and the mounting medical bills from feminine health issues. It’s really sad and I don’t know. The way people vote these days, I think the government will step in and provide more and do more for women…because, why wouldn’t you…you misogynist.

    *whispers to self *, “seek first the kingdom of heaven, Rock. Seek first the kingdom…”

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    1. Excellent comment. The video is very interesting. I think that men are slowly declining to focus on education and career, because they see that women dont prefer those things in their 20s. So, when women in their 30s turn to government its funny because they are the ones paying the taxes for these social programs now, not men. So not only are they failing to get into a relationship with a good man (too boring!) But they are going to have to work to pay taxes to the government, which will then help them with their health issues. Health care is mainly used by women, not by men.

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  2. Women who think for themselves and not kowtow to failures like femenazis are worried about the future. No women among my cousins (tribe, if you will, tho the word is erroneous) voted liberal. 10 years ago, some still did. In 2020, my last living elder, an aunt, told everyone to spread the word, if they vote liberal, don’t bother speaking to anyone. They’re not welcome in the family. Some found out the hard way that be be ostracized is not a good thing. No one voted liberal this time around.

    Many conservative women are preppers, and are fast catching up with men in that, including the desire for a weapon. With all the mind blowing drugs available, a can of pepper spray is not going to deter an attacker. My mother told her granddaughters to learn to shoot because after we were attacked at Pearl Harbor, Pappy took her and my aunts out to the woodlot and made them learn first a .22, then a 30-06. They were taught Slap, an American Indian form of kali.

    My youngest son was adamant about that (four years, Army). He, a much better shot than I am, taught his youngest sister, now an EL-T in Navy, how to shoot and his nieces, as well. He did the same with a woman he was serious about. I taught all of the kids Slap as I was taught. Kali is to martial arts what slash-and-burn is to agriculture. They have a lot in common. Pease to all of you. Walk in His beauty


  3. I’ve long maintained, as a married woman, that my interests would be best served by repealing the 19th amendment. I doubt that is possible. Even some time of “every husband in a marriage of at least five years gets an extra vote for the stability of society” would benefit me.

    Yes, I’m concerned about food security and supply chain stability. You can think about food security in terms of what kind of measures are appropriate to maintain it for your household. Everyone should start with “has enough supplies for normal seasonal weather events (snow/ice/tropical cyclones/whatever you have)”, so you aren’t the person who needs to be at the store fighting for milk. I’ve moved on (in roughly increasing order of effort/concern required) to having “in town garden for seasonal vegetables”, “freezing produce”, “more garden at a church friend’s place in the country that was freely offered to anyone who wants to plan more garden”, “home canning and dehydrating”, “starting a compost system to increase garden productivity”, and “saving seeds of heirloom vegetables”. I’m not sure what the next measures on the list would be. [Elders at the church did a “if we need protein, its a group men’s hunting trip” assessment.] It would involve even more garden and probably figuring out how to produce a starch other than potatoes.

    My oldest daughter wants to grow beans, so I’m think that we will plant black beans next year – both for the protein source and because they are good for crop rotation.


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