Tennessee legislation allows victims of gender transitioning to sue for damages

Everyone is talking about how Ron DeSantis won Florida by 20 points, by using a combination of competent policy and social conservatism. But there are other good states with really good conservative legislatures, and legislators. And they are not scared about passing laws to protect vulnerable children from the selfishness and greed of adults.

Daily Wire has the story:

Tennessee Majority Leaders William Lamberth and Jack Johnson, both Republicans, introduced the Protecting Children from Gender Mutilation Act on Wednesday, November 9, which would effectively bar doctors from prescribing puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones, and performing gender-related surgeries on minors for the purpose of medical transition. It would also allow patients and their families to sue for damages and let the courts impose an additional $25,000 penalty for each violation.

You might think that Republicans are scared to pass socially conservative legislation. That’s what a lot of people who don’t follow politics closely would say. “Both parties are the same” or maybe “Republicans never do anything about social issues”. But it’s not true in Tennessee. A recent report by the American Conservative Union found that Tennessee had the #1 most conservative legislature – more conservative than even Florida:

Conservative State Rankings of Lgislatures

Back to the Daily Wire article. Here are some comments from the bill’s authors that show their motivation.

Read this:

“This bill is about protecting children,” said Johnson. “Under no circumstances should minors be allowed to undergo irreversible elective procedures to mutilate body parts and intentionally harm their reproductive systems. This practice comes with lifelong health complications that children are not capable of understanding.”

[…]“Interfering or destroying the healthy, normal reproductive organs of a child for the purpose of altering their appearance is profoundly unethical and morally wrong,” Lamberth said. “Tennesseans across our state have demanded an immediate call to action.”

“Through the passage of House Bill 1/Senate Bill 1, Tennessee will protect vulnerable children who cannot give informed consent for adult decisions they aren’t ready for,” Lamberth added.

They’re going to get sued by the pedophilia-supporting legal groups, but they don’t care. They got sued for banning men from women’s sports, too, but that didn’t stop them from passing the law. They got sued for passing  a ban on all abortions after 6 weeks. Tennessee doesn’t care about the secular left bullies. And as soon as Roe v. Wade was repealed, they banned all abortions. These are serious, serious conservative legislators.

Two key parts of the law. First, children who sustained injuries due to medical transition can sue for damages. And second, since this is a criminal law, the government can get involved when the law is violated:

The Protecting Children from Gender Mutilation Act would also create a private right of action, allowing a minor or the parent of a minor who sustained injuries due to medical transition to sue for damages. Additionally, it would enable a child to bring a civil cause of action against a parent if that parent helped to facilitate their child’s medical transition.

The bill would allow courts to impose a $25,000 penalty per violation and the state attorney general to bring an action against a healthcare provider for knowingly violating the law within 20 years of the offense. The proposed bill would require the state attorney general to establish a process for reporting violations of the law.

The secular leftists are evil, but even they understand money leaving their pockets. This is the way to stop them – take their money.

The Daily Caller adds:

The legislation comes after a bombshell report revealed that Vanderbilt University’s Dr. Shayne Taylor said in 2018 that providing sex change surgeries to minors was a “big money maker” and clarified that individuals who were against these surgeries due to religious beliefs would face “consequences”…

I’ll bet Dr. Shane Taylor is sorry now that she ever made that video! Instead of religious parents facing consequences, it’s the transgender profiteers who are going to face consequences.

My impression of Tennessee from watching their legislation is that they seem to get upset whenever blue states pass legislation they don’t like, and they pass legislation to go in the opposite direction of these blue states. Like, they point at New York and go “look, they are supporting infanticide! We should probably ban all abortions” or maybe “look California is banning guns! We should loosen restrictions on concealed carry permits!” And then they do it. They are not just trying to slow down secular leftists. They are on the offense, passing laws to make the state even more conservative. Why do you think the Daily Wire people chose to move to Nashville? Nashville is the new headquarters of the conservative movement.

If you missed it, Ben Shapiro recently interviewed the governor of Tennessee for his Sunday Special:

Tennessee now has 8 Republican congressmen out of 9 possible districts. If you’re looking for a conservative state, put Tennessee on your short list.

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