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State Supreme Court orders Orthodox Jewish university to allow LGBT club

I’m always very surprised when people accuse religious people of “hate” merely for disagreeing with LGBT activism. If anything, it seems to me like the LGBT activists hate the religious people. Today’s post is interesting because you might have thought that only Christians ever got attacked by the LGBT activists. But actually, Orthodox Jews get attacked, too.

Here’s the story from The Federalist:

This week, New York’s Yeshiva University — an Orthodox Jewish university — filed an emergency application to the U.S. Supreme Court after a state supreme court judge ordered the school to recognize an LGBT student group in violation of its religious beliefs regarding sexual morality. Yeshiva has asked for a stay of the lower court decision’s ruling pending their appeal. In the alternative, it has asked for a petition for writ of certiorari so the high court can order briefing and arguments and consider the full case on its merits.

Yeshiva maintains that the “message of Torah on [the LGBT] issue is nuanced, both accepting each individual with love and affirming its timeless prescriptions.” Accordingly, although Yeshiva admits LGBT students, as it is “wholly committed to and guided by Halacha and Torah values,” it cannot lend its “own name or seal of approval” to clubs that appear “[in]consistent with [its] Torah values.”

I thought the part in bold was interesting:

The plaintiffs argued that Yeshiva had violated the law by refusing to recognize their student group, admitting that in the creation of the group, they sought to alter Yeshiva’s religious environment. Yeshiva countered that it was a “religious corporation incorporated under the education law” as defined in section 8-102 of the human rights law, making it exempt. YU Pride disagreed, and State Supreme Court Justice Lynn Kotler sided with the student group.

I looked up Lynn Kotler and she’s a Democrat, which is hardly surprising.

So you can see that the LGBT students were the aggressors. They wanted to change the university’s religious traditions, even though they could have gone to any of the other universities in the country.

Yeshiva’s motto — “Torah Umadda” — reflects its core mission: the pursuit of rigorous religious and secular studies. All students engage in high-level study of Hebrew scripture, the Talmud, and the vast corpus of Jewish texts. The academic calendar is in harmony with the Jewish calendar, observing the Sabbath and all Jewish holy days. The campuses are sex-segregated in accordance with Jewish law, the food offered is strictly kosher, doorways have mezuzot affixed, and each student has a mashgiach ruchani (spiritual advisor).

This reminds me of the Canadian case where a Christian university wanted to have standards for sexual behavior. The university required students to abstain from sexuality activity of any kind before marriage.

Christian Post reports on what happened to them:

The Ontario Court of Appeal ruled Wednesday that a Christian University can be denied accreditation because of its opposition to homosexuality.

[…]At specific issue is the university’s community covenant, which requires students and faculty to “voluntarily abstain” from “sexual intimacy that violates the sacredness of marriage between a man and a woman.”

“The university’s mission, core values, curriculum and community life are formed by a firm commitment to the person and work of Jesus Christ as declared in the Bible,” reads the covenant.

“The community covenant is a solemn pledge in which members place themselves under obligations on the part of the institution to its members, the members to the institution, and the members to one another.”

I think we should have views about LGBT activists that take into account their actions against people who take the Bible seriously. If you try to use the law to force your beliefs on me, that doesn’t seem neutral. No one is forcing students to attend these religious universities. But the LGBT activists are forcing these universities to go against the Bible. Which one is guilty of hate? Seems to me that forcing someone to go against their conscience is hateful.

5 thoughts on “State Supreme Court orders Orthodox Jewish university to allow LGBT club”

  1. “Today’s post is interesting because you might have thought that only Christians ever got attacked by the LGBT activists. But actually, Orthodox Jews get attacked, too.”

    But, not Muslims. And we all know why. :-)

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  2. I can’t for the life of me consider going anywhere without acknowledging the rules for being there and being willing to comply. Sure…I might not be perfect in my compliance. But to have been found out and then complain that I’m somehow the victim is about as dishonest as can be.

    These people are despicable enough without demanding an institution must bend to their perversions or be punished by law. I hope they fight until the end.

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  3. Do they offer degrees other than becoming a rabbi? Isn’t a yeshiva really a seminary?

    Headline could just as well read “judge orders Orthodox Yeshiva to convert to Reform.”

    Oi vey!


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