UK Conservative Prime Minister Liz Truss

Meet Britain’s new conservative Prime Minister Liz Truss

UK’s Prime Minister Boris Johnson resigned earlier this week after a revolt from within the conservative party. I thought it might be a good idea to read something about the new Prime Minister, Liz Truss, because America and the UK have a “special relationship”. We certainly can’t depend on Canada for anything. Anyway, in this post, we’re going to see what the new UK PM is like.

Nile Gardiner writes about her in Fox News: (H/T Carla)

Truss, who previously served as Foreign Secretary and International Trade Secretary, succeeds Boris Johnson, who resigned as Prime Minister following a rebellion among Conservative Members of Parliament. She faces immense challenges, from soaring inflation and a large-scale energy crisis, to the continuing war in Ukraine and growing aggression from the enemies of the free world, including Russia, China and Iran.

Truss is the right leader for Britain at this moment. She models herself on Thatcher’s leadership and is a self-described “Thatcherite,” who believes in cutting taxes, reducing government spending, and shrinking the size of the state.

If she is another Thatcher, then she will be more than enough to face these challengers. And so far, so good:

A born-again Brexiteer (after originally opposing Brexit in the 2016 referendum), she is a strong defender of British national sovereignty and self-determination, and has resolved to stand up to the European Union on vital areas of British national interest, including amending the hugely flawed Northern Ireland Protocol.

Her early actions are promising:

Truss is already off to a flying start, appointing a strongly conservative cabinet, many of whom are on the right of the Conservative Party. It includes rising stars Suella Braverman as the new Home Secretary in charge of securing Britain’s borders and ending illegal migration from France, as well as Kemi Badenoch in the position of International Trade Secretary, overseeing Britain’s drive to secure a trade deal with the United States. Both Braverman and Badenoch have also been at the forefront of Britain’s culture wars, and key figures in combating the left’s nefarious “woke” agenda.

In addition, leading free-marketeers Kwasi Kwarteng and Jacob Rees-Mogg have been appointed to the key positions of Chancellor of the Exchequer and Business Secretary respectively, with vital roles at a time when Britain’s economy is under great duress. Ben Wallace, who has been an outstanding Defence Secretary, remains in his post, and will be a major thorn in the side of Vladimir Putin and Russia’s barbaric efforts to invade Ukraine.

[…]Encouragingly, she has called for an aspiration-based society, one that champions individual freedom over government handouts, and celebrates the free market instead of tying its hands.

Jacob Rees-Mogg is my favorite UK MP, so I’m glad to see him getting promoted. Keep an eye on the UK. It looks like they could be more free, prosperous and secure than they have been.

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