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Audio recording confirms hospital performs hysterectomies on children

If you’re not following Libs of Tik Tok, then you are really missing out on some of the finest conservative activism you are ever going to see. Last week, she posted videos made by one children’s hospital, in which they explained how they perform sex-change surgeries on children. This week, she called another children’s hospital and she has audio and screen grabs confirming that they do, too.

Here is the what she wrote:

Last week, I was viciously attacked by the media for raising awareness about Boston Children’s Hospital offering gender-affirming hysterectomies for young girls. Left-wing activists called for me to be banned from social media for drawing attention to a practice Boston Children’s Hospital was publicly advertising. The attacks lasted for a week. They gaslit the public and denied that these types of procedures were being performed on children. According to the media, I was baselessly stoking anti-trans outrage and therefore deserved to be silenced.

Undeterred, I decided to focus on finding out if other children’s hospitals were engaged in these barbaric practices, too. That’s when I stumbled across Children’s National Hospital in Washington, D.C. Scrolling through their site, I came across a page which says the hospital treats young patients between the ages of 0 and 21 for gynecology care and gender-affirming medical treatments, including hysterectomies.

[…]Hysterectomies — whether for gender-affirming reasons or not — are not reversible and will render the patient permanently unable to bear children.

I looked at her screen grab of the hospital web site, and was able to confirm her screen grab at this archive site. The archived snapshot is dated May 31, 2022. It says lists hysterectomy under the “gender affirming” services they provide to people aged 0-21.  As she points out, they scrubbed the site as soon as they got caught. And they will probably have a fact check from Politifact, written by an English major, who will claim that the web site never said that.

Before I posted about this story, I double-checked the details on a mainstream news site, Fox News. They confirmed the story.

Boston Children’s Hospital

Libs of Tik Tok’s previous big story was about Boston Children’s Hospital and their “gender-affirming”. If you haven’t seen the story and the videos that were made by the hospital, and put out there for the public to know what they do, you should see it.

That story was confirmed by Daily Wire. Again, I expect an English major at Politifact to contact the hospital, tell them to change their web site, then issue a “fact check” claiming that the web site doesn’t say that. And then Facebook and YouTube and Twitter will ban anyone who talks about what the web site said before it was scrubbed at the request of the far left “fact checker”.

Münchausen syndrome by proxy

Right now, we are living in a world where selfish adults conceive of children in environments that are not optimal for children.

Just take a look at this story from The Post Millennial:

Recent reporting from Reduxx magazine on the 10-year-old “youngest trans model” has uncovered revealing information about the child’s family. Noella McMaher, a trans-identified male, belongs to two trans-identified female parents, who additionally have a nonbinary “theybie.”

[…]Reduxx reported on information collected from a now private social media profile, that Noella’s biological mother, Dee McMaher, is “a social justice advocate who identifies as non-binary, appears to be on hormone replacement therapy, and recently had a cosmetic mastectomy.”

McMaher, 35, and her partner Ray, 32, recently wed in 2019. Ray is a biological female who also identifies as transgender and works in “LGBTQ health justice,” according to Reduxx. They describe Noella beginning his transition at age 4, where they began referring to him as a girl and dressing him in girls’ clothing.

Noella was 4 when his mother said she brought him to therapy at the gender development clinic at Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago. During the sessions, Noella told a gender counselor he was a “girl” and by age 6, his legal documentation was already changed.

Where’s the father?

McMaher has stated in an interview for Chicago Parent that she plans for Noella to have “gender surgeries” at age 16, but would start the child on puberty blockers and hormone therapy before then.

[…]The “hate crime” – as the individual who wrote Noella’s profile refers to – is about the biological father, who was against Noella’s transition.

What’s really going on here?

[…]Sinead Watson, a prominent voice of the detransitioner community, spoke to Reduxx about the situation with Noella. “That this child parents both happen to be ‘trans’ or ‘queer’ is no surprise to me. They are forcing their own ideological ideas onto their innocent baby,” she said.

“As with the social contagion among vulnerable children, we’re seeing more and more parents with Münchausen syndrome by proxy. It’s not the kids who are trans – it’s the parents who want them to be trans,” added Watson.

When I read stories like this, I understand that the secular left has thrown out the entire concept of morality. After all, if you vote for infanticide, child mutilation, stripping parents of child custody for disagreeing with permanent damage to their children, etc. then you have left morality behind. How do people on the secular left expect to marry and have children, if they have no concept of right and wrong? Pity their children.

I really hope that Republicans pass laws allowing children who regret what selfish adults did to them to sue them for everything they have.

One thought on “Audio recording confirms hospital performs hysterectomies on children”

  1. There needs to be prison time for these monsters that do that to children too. Just like abortion, transgendering children is a crime against humanity.

    Never fear, God WILL get them. And subject them to the same treatment that they subjected His precious little ones to – inside of the womb and out. (Luke 17:2 and Galatians 6:7)


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