Knight and Rose Show – Episode 17: Common Muslim Objections to Christianity

Welcome to episode 17 of the Knight and Rose podcast! In this episode, Wintery Knight and Desert Rose discuss common Muslim objections to Christianity. If you like this episode, please subscribe to the podcast, and subscribe to our YouTube channel. We would appreciate it if you left us a 5-star review on Apple Podcasts or Spotify.

Podcast description:

Christian apologists Wintery Knight and Desert Rose discuss apologetics, policy, culture, relationships, and more. Each episode equips you with evidence you can use to boldly engage anyone, anywhere. We train our listeners to become Christian secret agents. Action and adventure guaranteed. 30-45 minutes per episode. New episode every week.

Episode 17:

Episode  Summary:

Wintery Knight and Desert Rose discuss five common objections that Muslims raise against Christianity. We evaluate each objection using historical evidence, evidence from non-Christian New Testament scholars, and claims from the Qur’an itself. We also talk about how these arguments perform in scholarly debates. We recommend several of our favorite resources on the topic. We conclude with a story from Rose about an interaction she had with a Muslim friend when she responded to one of these common objections.

Speaker biographies

Wintery Knight is a black legal immigrant. He is a senior software engineer by day, and an amateur Christian apologist by night. He has been blogging at since January of 2009, covering news, policy and Christian worldview issues.

Desert Rose did her undergraduate degree in public policy, and then worked for a conservative Washington lobbyist organization. She also has a graduate degree from a prestigious evangelical seminary. She is active in Christian apologetics as a speaker, author, and teacher.



Peter J. Williams debates Bart Ehrman on his book “Misquoting Jesus” by Wintery Knight

The Islamic Dilemma

a. The Qur’an affirms the inspiration, authority, and preservation of the Gospels

i. Divine inspiration: Qur’an 3:3-4; 5:47

ii. Ongoing authority: Qur’an 5:47; 5:68 (Note: If the Gospels were reliable in the 7th century, then they’re reliable now because our Gospels are based on manuscripts that pre-date the 7th century)

iii. Perfect preservation: Qur’an 6:115; 18:27

b. But the Qur’an contradicts the Gospels on key issues

i. Deity of Jesus: Qur’an 5:116; 5:72

ii. Death of Jesus: Qur’an 4:157

iii. Resurrection of Jesus

c. So, if the Gospels ARE trustworthy, then the Qur’an is not trustworthy because the Qur’an contradicts the Gospels on key issues.

d. But if the Gospels ARE NOT trustworthy, then the Qur’an is not trustworthy because the Qur’an says the Gospels are trustworthy

e. Either way, the Qur’an is false (and Islam stands or falls on the reliability of the Qur’an)


Objection comes from Qur’an 5:116; 5:72

Did the early church invent the divinity of Jesus over a long period of time? by Wintery Knight

The Date Of Mark’s Gospel: Insight from the Law in Earliest Christianity by non-Christian New Testament scholar Dr. James Crossley


What do skeptical ancient historians think of the earliest Christian creed? by Wintery Knight


Episode #1 of Knight and Rose Show: Easter: Making the Case for the Resurrection of Jesus to Non-Christians

William Lane Craig debates James Crossley on the resurrection of Jesus

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