Democrats closed churches during C0VID, but gay orgies continue during monkeyp0x

In this post, we’ll start with the latest data on monkeyp0x from the Center for Disease Control. Then, we will look at how the secular left responds when their freedom to engage in Darwinian monkey sex is threatened. Then, we’ll contrast that with how the secular left responded when churches wanted to continue to meet during the the C0VID pandemic.

Here’s the Wall Street Journal:

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released data finding the monkeyp0x outbreak is concentrated among men who have had sex with several men, and issued more detailed recommendations on how to avoid exposure to the disease.

Among 291 men surveyed, 40% reported that they had two to four partners and 14% reported five to nine partners in the three weeks before developing monkeyp0x , according to the report. About 19% reported 10 or more partners during that period, the CDC said Friday.

And among 86 men who reported information, 28% said they had had group sex, which is defined as sex with more than two people, at a festival, group sex event or sex party, based on the report. The research was conducted from May 17 through July 22.

The article notes that there are now 7,000 known cases in the U.S.

The initial response of the secular left authorities to monkeyp0x was to avoid restricting the behaviors of gay men, lest these restrictions be perceived as disapproval of what they are doing. The secular left said “anyone can get monkeyp0x, so there is no sense making our beloved LGHDTV crowd feel singled out for their truth. Love is love. And we need to love everyone”.

The Federalist notes:

After so much emphasis on the importance of personal sacrifice for the greater good, you would think that a new, highly contagious disease would be treated with more seriousness by the left. Instead, when monkeyp0x crossed over onto America’s shores, the left decided the rules no longer applied to them. Similar to how 1,000 health professionals demanded Black Lives Matter protests were worth the risk during the height of C0vid, LGBT folks decided anonymous sex and fetish parades were more important than public safety.

California state Sen. Scott Wiener, best known for lowering the criminal penalty for knowingly exposing others to HIV and advocating to keep adults as old as 24 from being placed on the sex offender list if they sexually exploit a minor as young as 14, declared, “Lots of sex shaming of gay men around monkeyp0x… Lecturing people not to have sex isn’t a public health strategy…”

The important thing is not to do good for gay men by warning them about the consequences of their choices. The important thing is to let them have “fun”.

The mental health of the secular left cannot be harmed by restricting the gay orgies:

Jack Turban, assistant professor of child psychiatry at UC San Francisco, insisted, “Monkeyp0x has serious physical symptoms, but we also need to focus on the mental health impact for the #queer community. Being gay is a healthy & normal aspect of human diversity. Sex is a healthy normal part of life. Have pride in your community while we combat the virus.”

There was no such concern for the mental health of people who wanted to attend church services during C0VID, thought:

During the C0vid pandemic, everyone was expected to shut down their lives, at great sacrifice to their families and careers, lock down, stay indoors, and wear masks. The police raided Orthodox Jewish homes to stop services and arrested pastors for holding church services, funerals weren’t allowed, and the media, especially LGBT media, mocked people for dying from C0vid. People were accused of being murderers and dangers to society, and Wiener himself berated members of Congress for failing to wear masks.

I think the view of the secular left is that church services are OK to ban, but gay orgies are morally superior, and cannot be banned. You can’t even ask people to avoid attending gay orgies, because gay orgies are so amazingly awesome and important.

I have an atheist friend in Seattle who is a big supporter of same-sex marriage. I wonder if this is what he means by “same-sex marriage”:

As the Daily Caller reported, a popular OnlyFans user, with 98,000 followers on his adult Twitter, put into perspective how far this all can go. In the middle of a growing monkeyp0x outbreak in the gay male community, he decided to attend two orgies in one weekend — sexually engaging with at least 20 and upwards of 40 men — hook up with three additional strangers later that evening, and enjoy a four-way the following day before discovering he had been infected with the disease. If that sounds like an extreme example, keep in mind that the festival promoted by the San Francisco AIDS Foundation was described as “Up Your Alley (aka Dore Alley), where you’ll get your fill of hot hairy daddies, hungry pigs, BDSM babes and kinks of all kinds. Douchie’s got some hot tips for a fun and filthy weekend — free of anxiety.”

Wow, talk about atheist objective morality. In Christianity, you limit your freedom and sacrifice your interests to help others. In atheist morality, it’s… different. In Christian morality, you get married for 50 years and have 4 kids, and 12 grand kids. In atheist morality, it’s… different.

2 thoughts on “Democrats closed churches during C0VID, but gay orgies continue during monkeyp0x”

  1. Look, the men of Sodom groped for the door to pursue their homosexual desires even after God literally blinded them*. Do you really think the Leftists, including the “Christian” Leftists, are going to give up so easily? They are all conceding that the Pervert Lobby has zero self-control. Nothing has changed since then.

    *Genesis 19:11 And they struck with blindness the men who were at the entrance of the house, both small and great, so that they wore themselves out groping for the door.


  2. I also blame a mix of weak and lukewarm Christians for tolerating Church shut downs. They listened to fake Christians that said shut down a church like Jesus would, a flat out lie. Jesus went to lepers and all people with sick communicable diseases to heal them, so finding actual evidence Jesus would have submitted to Rome or King Herod is for the fake Christian to prove by actual scripture and not feelings

    At the same time Christians need to emphasize we have a dual mixed reality, compared to a secular physical only view.

    You can go too far in saying things are exclusively natural or the other way of a demon under every bush. But to a Christian what we do affects our spiritual health and that is our most important state.

    For gov’t to refuse spiritual teaching and growth to be allowed is not of God and by teaching of the new testament can be labelled in the doctrine of devils category.

    I always pause and place in many extra points because I don’t beleive the church needs to cast a demon out of everyone in the country and to go extreme like that as many things are dealt with naturally, until those with spiritual discernment find a specific case where more is going on in the spirit for that exact local situation.

    But in this situation and many events it is flat out the devil is mixed in with many events like we never saw in our nation. We may need to ask African pastors how they deal with those that have dark spiritist views that attack the church.

    It always seems crazy to our western mind because we prefer nice and neat simple theology alone and things to be all clean.

    But when you have open public events like above with no concern for safety or health and only condemnation to those that don’t support it, we are past a political topic into a spiritual and religious attack upon core beliefs and rights to be a Christian

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