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Diversity and inclusion: secular leftist UK police decline to prosecute Muslim sex-traffickers

If you listened to the recent episode of the Knight and Rose Show about “Women and Islam“, then you heard us talk about the epidemic of sex-trafficking in the UK. In the show notes, I talked about some of the cities where this happens. The UK elected the secular leftist Labour Party, who imported unskilled young men from Middle East countries like Pakistan. What could go wrong?

Here is a recent story from the UK Times. (archive)

It says:

More than a thousand children were sexually exploited over at least 30 years in Telford amid “shocking” police and council failings, an inquiry has found.

Unnecessary suffering and child deaths might have been avoided had West Mercia police “done its most basic job”, according to findings published yesterday.

The inquiry found that child sexual exploitation “thrived” for decades in the Shropshire town, in part because of fears that investigations into Asian men would “inflame racial tensions”.

Children were brainwashed for years by men who bought them alcohol and cigarettes in what was described as a “loverboy” method to exploit them.

Tom Crowther QC, the inquiry chairman, said: “The overwhelming theme of the evidence has been the appalling suffering of generations of children caused by the utter cruelty of those who committed child sexual exploitation. Victims and survivors repeatedly told the inquiry how, when they were children, adult men worked to gain their trust before ruthlessly betraying that trust, treating them as sexual objects or commodities.

“Countless children were sexually assaulted and raped. They were deliberately humiliated and degraded. They were shared and trafficked. They were subjected to violence and their families were threatened. They lived in fear and their lives were for ever changed.”

The three-year investigation by the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse (IICSA) found that more than a thousand Telford children were exploited “over decades”.

Witness evidence suggested that West Mercia police “dropped the case like a hot potato” if complaints were made against Asian families, because investigating them would have been “too politically incorrect”.

[…]Crowther said that one of the most shocking pieces of evidence he had read related to “what was described as a ‘rape house’, which it became clear had been operating for years”.

Girls were subjected in several cases to death threats against themselves or their families if they tried to put a stop to abuse, the inquiry was told.

The report said: “In some cases, threats were reinforced by reference to the murder of Lucy Lowe, who died alongside her mother, sister and unborn child in August 2000.”

In 2001, Azhar Ali Mehmood, a taxi driver, was handed four life sentences when he was jailed for the murders of Lucy Lowe, 16, Sarah Lowe, 17, and 49-year-old Eileen Linda Lowe.

Exploitation was “not investigated because of nervousness about race” and information was not properly shared among agencies, the inquiry found. Teachers and youth workers were “discouraged from reporting child sexual exploitation” and offenders were “emboldened”. Police and the council scaled down teams to “to save money”.

This isn’t the first time I blogged about grooming and sex-trafficking by men of Middle Eastern descent:

As the chart below shows, Christianity is dead in the UK. It’s been replaced by secular leftism. And, as documented in Douglas Murray’s “The Strange Death of Europe”, it was the secular left that opened the borders to the Middle East. They did it in the name of diversity and inclusion. The secular left wanted to destroy Christianity and conservatism, so they imported people who denied Christianity and opposed conservative beliefs.

As we noted in our podcast on the rationality of moral behavior, secular leftists understand morality to be about feeling good, and  looking good to others. Their worldview tells them that the universe is an accident, and that human beings are machines made out of meat. To them, human rights is nonsense, and free will is nonsense on stilts. There is no standard of morality that governs their conduct. They are just adopting whatever rules are in effect in their tribe.

UK Religion Christianity Decline

The secular leftists in the UK enacted secular leftist policies – open borders, multiculturalism, diversity, inclusion. And when those policies produced the results you see, their response is to ignore the victims and cover it all up. They have speech codes that make it impossible to criticize the effects of their policies. They arrest people for talking about the crimes. They don’t arrest the people who commit the crimes. That is the “morality” that works best for them, their careers, their happiness, their popularity in their tribe.

Scotland Police has time for monitoring social media
Scotland Police has time for monitoring social media

Whenever I bring up the problems with morality for the secular left, they tell me what great objective morality they have. “We believe that rape is wrong” they say. “We believe that slavery is wrong” they say. Those are the words. But what are the actions? What are the results of the actions? It wasn’t William Lane Craig and Stephen C. Meyer making laws and culture in the UK for the last 30 years. It was the secular left. The Labour Party and the Liberal Democrats have been running things for decades. And the Conservative Party, if they ever win, doesn’t push Christian moral values. That’s dead.

Police resources are used to monitor social media in the UK
Police resources are used to monitor social media in the UK

Don’t listen to the words of secular leftists. The words are designed to paint a picture that makes them socially acceptable. Look at the consequences of their actions, especially for unborn children and fatherless girls. You cannot get a functioning moral system from an accidental universe and “survival of the fittest”. If you’re looking for a rational basis for self-sacrificial love for the weak, then you’re looking for Christianity. We do that. And there’s a price to pay for attacking Christian values and beliefs. When we go underground, the weak in society suffer. Our moral values block the strong from harming the weak.

4 thoughts on “Diversity and inclusion: secular leftist UK police decline to prosecute Muslim sex-traffickers”

  1. You can’t endlessly have the pastoral care be “spare sons of nobility” without running into a lack of belief on the parts of both the pastors and the flock. No moral ground and then anything goes: “better to not have someone think I’m racist than to investigate crimes against someone with darker skin color”, I can’t even phrase the recent bishops council statement on abortion as to why they would think that is good.. my imagination is not that good at imagining what leftists might think, etc.

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  2. But these cowards will track you down and punish you for posting “mean” (i.e., truthful) memes. You know that law enforcement has jumped the shark when they are afraid to go after real crime and punish the law-abiding instead.

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    1. Yes that’s what the unionized UK police does. Their job is to monitor social media for mean tweets. No free speech in the UK. But sex-trafficking? That makes their Labour Party socialism bosses look bad. Cover that up.

      People in the UK pay taxes in order to have their children treated like that.

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