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Governor Ron DeSantis signs bill banning grooming of young children in Florida schools

First let’s see the story, then I want to go over a bunch more laws that he’s signed into law. This guy is definitely running for President in 2024. He’s my current pick for the Republican nominee, because he has a pattern of taking on the secular left, and their allies in Big Tech and the corporate media. We have to measure his actions and see what he can do for us, if elected President.

Here’s the most recent action from Monday – a ban on teachers discussing sexual topics with children in grades K to 3:

Governor Ron DeSantis has signed H.B. 1557, the Parental Rights in Education Act. The signing ceremony took place Monday.

“A school district may not encourage classroom discussion about sexual orientation or gender identity in primary grade levels,” the bill says, not singling out any gender identity or sexual orientation – meaning the dominant kind of sexual orientation – non-LGBTQ – is banned in grades K-3 as classroom discussion.

Last week,  there was more action – signing a new bill to ensure transparency in the schools:

Friday, Governor Ron DeSantis signed H.B. 1467, “K-12 Education,” a bill that will require school districts to enact greater transparency measures like allowing parents to see library books, class book lists, instructional materials, along with the ability to review and object to class materials.

The bill will also ensure that the school curriculum and “teacher professional development” align with state standards and the required instruction “including no CRT [Critical Race Theory] or Common Core.”

“In Florida, our parents have every right to be involved in their child’s education. We are not going to let politicians deny parents the right to know what is being taught in our schools. I’m proud to sign this legislation that ensures curriculum transparency,” DeSantis said Friday.

The new legislation will also require that school districts make meetings open to the public when selecting instructional materials. There must be 20 days of public access to these materials before taking “official action” on them.

The Department of Education must publish a list of materials that have been removed or discontinued by school boards due to objections.

Last week there was more action – signing a new law designed to teach children basic financial skills in high school:

 Only one day after passing both chambers of the State Legislature, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) signed a bill into law requiring students complete a financial literacy course for graduation in all Florida high schools.

Passed in the midst of the final week of legislative session, S.B. 1054, or the “Dorothy L. Hukill Financial Literacy Act,” sailed through the bicameral state legislature with a tremendous amount of support. Both the State House and Senate approved the measure unanimously.

Just prior to DeSantis signing the bill, the Governor stated, “Financial literacy is an important life skill for a student to have.”

“We think it will improve a student’s capability for financial management when they enter the real world.”

And don’t forget, last year, DeSantis signed bills to protect wildlife, banning biological males from women’s sports, and punishing Big Tech social media companies for censoring conservatives.

This is what you’re going to get from this man as President. He was willing to fight these battles against the Democrats and the corporate media and the corporations (e.g. – Disney) in his state, and that means we can expect the same from him as President.

It’s not just words that make a man trustworthy to be given authority. Look at the demonstrated actions. If a person can be trusted with a little authority, then they can be trusted with more authority. DeSantis did a good job with a little authority. We know what he likes to do when he’s given power. Surely, judging him by his actions is a lot better than just choosing a candidate based on mere words. Right? Right.

12 thoughts on “Governor Ron DeSantis signs bill banning grooming of young children in Florida schools”

    1. There are plenty of reasons to dislike (not hate) DeSantis—this is not one of them. In fact, this is an example of why people on both sides of the aisle should rally around him. It is a reasonable and sane position.

      First graders do not need to be indoctrinated about anything sexual. At that age, it should be up to parents about what, if anything, is discussed regarding sexual orientation. When did we outsource parental rights and responsibilities to the school system?


  1. Let’s hear it for President Desantis….Florida will miss him the last couple of years, thank God the Lt. Governor will carry on!


  2. Not seeing him stand up much against abortion and sodomy is very disappointing.

    And let’s be honest: abolishing the sexual grooming of K-3rd students is an awfully low bar while allowing it 4th-12th. It’s kind of like saying you can’t abort a baby after 15 weeks but you can before.

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    1. I agree that the law doesn’t go far enough. I do not object to incrementalism (especially as opposed to doing nothing), but I think the law should at least have covered all the elementary school years as a start.

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      1. But that’s the beauty of the Christian Faith: there’s no value in incrementalism and much damage. 50 years ago, any of this kind of discussion would have brought the police into our school to arrest the perverted teacher. Instead, this law will send the sinful message to perverts and normal unsaved that grooming 4th-12th graders for perversion is perfectly acceptable.

        It’s the same message that 15 week abortion laws send to murderous mothers and other unsaved: it’s OK to kill a 14 week old child.

        The law is a powerful teacher. Now consider what the Guatemalan Congress recently passed: the abolition and criminalization of both abortion and gay “marriage.” Now this too falls short, because it’s sodomy that is illegal in God’s Eyes, not just gay “marriage,” but at least they understood the Christian responsibility to abolish and criminalize, and the blessings that would be received if their President were to sign it. Because of this, God’s Holy Wrath will not fall on the Guatemalan Congress but on the President, assuming he does not sign it.

        It really gets old watching the GOP just slide into the Pit of Hell a little bit slower than the Dimms. And always playing defense, and pathetically so, with zero offense. There’s no need for it. Just call the Dimms “baby killers and sodomites” and treat them accordingly. Lord knows that they will call us Nazis.


        1. If only our nation was one which recognized the preeminence of Christ. But it never has, not as a matter of codified law.

          I hate that 15 weeks is the cutoff in that bill, but it saves thousands more babies from slaughter than no law at all would have.


          1. It does not save one child. I know that the Pro-Lie Movement THINKS it does, but it doesn’t. Murderous mothers just adjust their behavior to murder their children before 15 weeks. That’s not hard to do at all, especially with better pregnancy test technology. Some of the children God has saved through me were as young as 4 weeks gestation. (Those children are not covered by Heartbeat Laws by the way.)

            Ask yourself this question: is it harder to write a pro-abortion (with exceptions) 15 week bill or an abolitionist bill with o exceptions? When you can answer that question, then you will discover that when it comes to abortion, the GOP Pro-Lie Movement is really almost identical to the Dimm Pro-Abortion Movement, except for the fact that the Dimms do not lie to us with their lips about their hearts when it comes to the unborn like the GOP does.

            It’s not a question of no law, it’s a question of SCOTUS idolatry. When the Dimms in blue states wanted their weed, they just ignored the feds and got their weed. It’s actually amazing that the Dimms care more about their weed than the GOP does about protecting the innocent lives of the unborn.

            And it’s not a question of the nation recognizing the preeminence of Christ: it’s a question of you and me, as Christians, recognizing the preeminence of Christ, and pursuing Christ for the unborn. Logically, it’s not “all OR nothing,” but “all AND nothing else.” Abolitionists have always recognized the preeminence of Christ, while the Pro-Lie Movement has recognized the preeminence of the Supreme Court. Huge mistake!

            And we would not pursue this ungodly strategy with ANY OTHER human rights atrocity, like rape or sex trafficking or slavery. Harriet Tubman and William Wilberforce never once pursued the abolition of slavery with “Let’s pass a law that allows slavery until the slave is 70 years old. Then, no one can own him or her again.” It’s ridiculous to even THINK about such a thing. In fact, it’s unChristian to even think about such a thing. And nobody does – except for the unborn.

            How about “It’s OK to rape anyone under the age of 40.”??? The only reason that we do this with the unborn is because we don’t consider them real persons in our minds. But, we will one day when we meet them, standing side by side with Jesus. It’s as evil to regulate murder in the womb as it is to regulate it outside of the womb. If you’d like to learn more about abolitionism, check out:



      2. Incrementalism is the only way to get anything positive done in the real world. People who oppose it live in imaginary worlds where the electorate are all angels.


        1. Lol. Or we’re just getting tired of being played by the GOP in election years with showpiece “laws” that accomplish nothing and do great harm to the unsaved and to little children.

          And we’re getting a little tired of standing in the heat and cold at the murder mills while the churches Sing a Little Louder and the Pro-Lie Movement pretends that murderous mothers are “victims” who are too stupid to know that they are killing their sons and daughters.

          Let’s call this law what it is: Pro-Grooming for 4th-12th Grades With Exceptions for K-3rd. Just like the 15 week law is Pro-Abortion for Under 15 Weeks With Exceptions for Over 15 Weeks.


  3. Interesting how the left media misrepresenting the bill. But again they want to destroy an society.


  4. What all the information goes to show so far. Is that there is an indelible link between homosexuality and grooming.


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