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Did the Biden administration lie about the FBI targeting parents as domestic terrorists?

Do you remember the news story about how the FBI was asked to investigate parents for “domestic terrorism”. Not all parents, just the ones who express concerns about their children being raped in public school bathrooms. The latest news is that a whistleblower at the Department of Justice has come forward, and has some interesting news about Attorney General Merrick Gar1and.

The Federalist has the story:

New whistleblower documents suggest Attorney General Merrick Gar1and lied to lawmakers last month when he denied that the Department of Justice was being weaponized to target concerned parents at school board meetings.

Testifying before the House Judiciary Committee in late October, Gar1and said the agency’s interest in parents was provoked by a letter from the Nationa1 Schoo1 Boards Association asking for federal law enforcement to use “domestic terrorism” laws to go after those who are concerned about what is taught in classrooms.

[…]Gar1and told lawmakers he could not “imagine any circumstance in which the Patriot Act would be used in the circumstances of parents complaining about their children, nor … a circumstance where they would be labeled as domestic terrorists.”

“I do not think that parents getting angry at school boards for whatever reason constitute domestic terrorism,” Gar1and said. “It’s not even a close question.”

So, was he telling the truth?

A whistleblower says no:

Records from an anonymous whistleblower released by Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, on Tuesday, however, reveal that the FBI’s Counterterrorism Division is engaged in categorizing threat assessments relating to parents with a “threat tag.”

An internal email attached to a letter from Jordan to the attorney general references an Oct. 4 memorandum from Gar1and for the FBI to address “investigations and assessments of threats specifically directed against school board administrators, board members, teachers, and staff,” with the tag.

“This disclosure provides specific evidence that federal law enforcement operationalized counterterrorism tools at the behest of a left-wing special interest group against concerned parents,” Jordan wrote. “We know from public reporting that the Nationa1 Schoo1 Boards Association coordinated with the White House prior to sending a letter dated September 29 to President Biden labeling parents as domestic terrorists and urging the Justice Department to use federal tools — including the Patriot Act — to target parents.”

I just want to reiterate that the Obama administration isn’t interested in disagreement aka “domestic terrorism” when it’s Democrats committing it.

Democrats excuse harassment of anyone who blocks their secular left agenda. Senator Kyrsten Sinema opposes bankrupting future generations of Americans to the tune of $3.5 trillion dollars. When she is harassed by the radical left in a bathroom, and at the airport, there is no memo by the attorney general about that. No, Joe Biden says that particular harassment is “part of the process” and “it happens to everybody”. The law is only enforced one way by secular left fascists.

But Democrats have no problem with using government as a weapon over their conservative enemies.

Democrats are routinely using the government to punish people who disagree with their left-wing fascist agenda. Obama used the IRS to persecute conservative groups. Minnesota Democrats used law enforcement to conduct pre-dawn raids of the homes of people who supported right to work laws. Kamala Harris raided the homes of pro-life activists who had revealed organ-trafficking by abortionists. Obama passed a law forcing Christian businesses to subsidize drugs that cause abortions. And all the Christian businesses — bakersphotographersflorists, etc. — who are harassed and threatened by gay activists. Democrats don’t have any problem with harassment and intimidation so long as it advances their agenda.

2 thoughts on “Did the Biden administration lie about the FBI targeting parents as domestic terrorists?”

  1. I hope all the Never-Trumpers are happy with the Stalinist Utopia being created by the “President” they supported and voted for.

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  2. Life in the fast lane. School boards are like any governmental body. Every so often they need to be completely replaced with honest people.


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