New leaked documents reveal IRS discriminated against conservative groups

Catherine Engelbrecht of True the Vote testifies about being persecuted by the fascist IRS
Catherine Engelbrecht of True the Vote testifies about being persecuted by the fascist IRS

The Washington Free Beacon reports:

Staff at IRS headquarters in Washington, D.C., buried conservative groups’ tax exemption applications beginning in 2010 and lasting through President Obama’s reelection campaign in 2012, according todocuments released this week by Judicial Watch, a government watchdog group.

The group released 105 pages of FBI documents, which included interviews with Cincinnati IRS employees who disclosed that applications by Tea Party groups were automatically denied approval and assigned to a special group until they heard from the IRS headquarters in Washington, D.C.

“The FBI’s 302 interviews with Cincinnati IRS employees reveal that the agency adopted a series of policies assuring that Tea Party and other conservative group tax exempt applications would not be approved before the November 2012 presidential election,” according to a statement from Judicial Watch.

[…]Additionally, the IRS began a “BOLO” or “Be On the Lookout” list in 2010, adding Tea Party groups to that list in July or August 2010.

The IRS had a bucketing system, which determined whether applications were quickly approved or would be delayed. If an application was put into the “merit close” bucket, it meant the application met all criteria and was approved quickly.

According to the documents, IRS officials directed that no one on the BOLO list, which included Tea Party applications, could be put in the merit close bucket. This means that Tea Party applications would never be quickly approved.

“The BOLO was used as a tool for the screeners/classifiers and all revenue agents were expected to know what was on the list,” the documents read. “If an item was on the BOLO list, then that case could not be merit closed by the screeners/classifiers.”

[…]“IRS officials described for the FBI unlawful and purposeful bureaucratic delays orchestrated by top IRS officials in Washington, D.C.,” said Judicial Watch president Tom Fitton. “One IRS official details how concerns about the Obama IRS targeting of conservatives were ignored. We hope a future Justice Department follows up on this information in a renewed criminal investigation.”

More documents obtained by Judicial Watch revealed that Justice Department attorney Barbara Bosserman, who investigated the IRS’ targeting of conservative groups, is an Obama campaign and Democratic Party donor.

Bosserman donated $6,750 to Obama campaigns and the Democratic National Committee from 2004 to 2012.

“Is it any surprise that this compromised investigation found no reason to prosecute anyone in the Obama IRS scandal?” said Fitton.

The IRS did not respond to requests for comment by press time.

Naturally, the corrupt Obama administration – the most corrupt and deceptive administration in United States history – declined to prosecute anyone in the IRS. Because this is government working as designed – where is the defect? It would only be a defect if the IRS discriminated against gay rights groups or abortion groups or black supremacist groups or groups that promote voter fraud or eco-terrorism groups.

Here is True the Vote’s CEO’s testimony at the House of Representative’s investigation of the IRS:

At the end of the investigation, the corrupt DOJ declined to press charges. Because Obama doesn’t charge Obama.

I just want to say that during the GOP primary, we had two choices. Ted Cruz would have abolished the IRS and reduced the process of filing taxes to filing out a one-page form. Tax rates would have gone down, and government spending would have been curtailed by abolishing several other departments of the federal government.

Here he is talking about the plan with Megyn Kelly on Fox News.

Donald Trump, the Democrat clown, was all in favor of keeping the IRS, and probably was not even aware of the IRS discrimination scandal. We had a choice. We chose the adulterous clown who inherited money from his sugar Daddy.

People who thought that the IRS was a problem to be solved voted for Ted Cruz, and people who thought that the IRS was doing a good job and didn’t need any reform, voted for Donald Trump the adulterous, pro-abortion Democrat.

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6 thoughts on “New leaked documents reveal IRS discriminated against conservative groups”

      1. Yes. He most certainly. Those who supported him in the primary I likened to Obama supporters. When I look at the comments following commentaries less than flattering of Trump, in places like, it’s amazing the level of vitriol leveled at the author of the piece. While not getting too profane, there is little in the way of legitimate counterpoint.

        A Hillary victory is too dangerous to allow. How sad that we’re in a situation that requires voting for Trump to prevent it. While I do not disagree with your overall position regarding him, and I may even be less kind in my own description of him, I’m finding it harder each day to believe I serve my country well by “voting my conscience” and selecting some other candidate or not voting for president. My conscience will not be satisfied with a Hillary victory if I didn’t vote for who seems to have the only possible chance of preventing her victory.

        May God have mercy on us all.


        1. I’m not saying who to vote for and who not to vote for. I will not vote for Trump or Hillary. I do think that conservatives should vote Republican in every other race, especially if there is a chance to primary a non-conservative GOP nominee.


  1. Just because 13 million Republicans went insane doesn’t mean we can’t like them.
    But not to worry; I’m sure President Hillary will get to the bottom of all this when she’s elected in November (compliments of the above-mentioned lunatics; she couldn’t have done it without them).


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