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Who pays for all of the Democrat “generosity” to Afghan refugees?

In a previous post, I  contrasted Trump and Biden on foreign policy. Trump was obviously a lot more serious about protecting taxpayers from violent criminals and from terrorists. You might remember how Obama pulled out of Iraq and allowed ISIS to take a lot of ground. Trump got them back under control. And now Biden is repeating the same mistake with Afghanistan and the Taliban.

One thing that taxpayers should care about is the cost for creating crises. We have two going on right now. The first is at the border, where Biden is letting in unvaccinated illegal immigrants. I wrote before about how taxpayers get the bill for that. The second is in Afghanistan, where Biden’s decision to pull out has created a refugee crisis. But Biden has an answer for that – he’s going to let in tens and thousands of refugees who can’t speak English or pay their own way. These are not skilled immigrants who play by the rules.

So who is going to pay the bill? Biden? My friend Neil did a survey of Democrats to see how much they give to charity. Biden doesn’t give much:

And consider how these Liberal heroes want to take your money to “give” to others but can’t manage any real and significant giving themselves.  If Joe Biden, for example, can’t afford to give more than 0.2% over his roughly quarter-million-dollar income (that is point-two percent, not two percent — only $369 per year), then how could he possibly afford to pay increased taxes?  Oh yeah, there will be loopholes for him and those who vote for the tax increase bills.

His 0.2% giving and the percentages below are even worse than they look because they are based on Adjusted Gross Income, which is typically much less than gross income.

Biden isn’t going to pay for this. So who will?

The Washington Examiner explains:

The expected welcoming of 65,000 Afghan refugees by the Biden administration is likely to hit local welfare agencies hard if the current use of Medicaid and food stamps by those already here is any indication.

In a thorough review of the 133,000 Afghan migrants already in the United States, the Center for 1mmigration Studies found that they are nearly three times more likely to tap into welfare than native-born Americans.

What’s more, the share of those in poverty is about twice as high as native-born Americans, according to census data used in the new report.

[…]“The Census Bureau data analyzed in this report indicates that a large share of Afghans in this country have modest levels of education, with many living in or near poverty and dependent on the welfare system. It seems likely that a large share of Afghans allowed into the United States in the future will also struggle in a similar manner,” said the report’s authors Steven A. Camarota and Karen Zeigler.

So far, following the bungled military withdrawal from Afghanistan, about 24,000 refugees have arrived in the U.S., and about another 45,000 are set to enter, according to the State Department.

The article notes:

The educational level of Afghan immigrants has fallen both in absolute terms and relative to the native-born. The share of Afghans (25-64) with at least a bachelor’s degree fell from 30% in 2000 to 26% in 2019, while increasing from 27% to 35% for natives.

Many Afghans have low incomes. Of persons in households headed by Afghan immigrants, 25% live in poverty — more than twice the rate of 12% for people in households headed by native-born Americans.

In 2019, 65% of Afghan households used at least one major [welfare] program (cash, food stamps, or Medicaid), while the usage rate in native-born households was 24%.

The Democrats aren’t kidding about making taxpayers pay for their “generosity”. Daily Wire says they have a plan to come up with the money:

Democrats on the Ways and Means Committee have drafted a proposal that would hit the American public with an additional $2.9 trillion over 10 years in tax revenue.

And the refugees will get “quick citizenship” too, according to Breitbart:

President Joe Biden’s congressional budget request would offer tens of thousands of Afghans arriving in the United States a host of welfare and quick naturalized American citizenship, a new analysis states.

The analysis, conducted by the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) and shared with Breitbart News, details Biden’s request to Congress for $6.4 billion in American taxpayer money to resettle 95,000 Afghans across the U.S. over the next year.

Specifically, Biden’s plan would provide an “expedited path to citizenship” to tens of thousands of Afghans who arrived via “humanitarian parole” by giving them green cards after just a year of residing in the U.S.

Then, after only a few years of holding a green card, those Afghans would be eligible to apply for naturalized U.S. citizenship. The FAIR analysis suggests that the Biden administration will fast-track the citizenship process by backdating green cards for Afghans to the date when they initially secured parole.

In a previous post, I talked about feelings-based voters. These voters listen to advertisements and biased news media, and they form an impression about which candidate will make them feel good about themselves, and look good to others. They really shouldn’t be voting at all, but they have so much confidence in their feelings and intuitions, that they do it anyway.

Next time, we need to fight the feelings-based voters a little harder, OK? We need to judge them a little harsher. We need to shame them a little more with the facts. And we need to be a little less bothered by their tears. Because we don’t have enough money to keep electing Democrats. I have other things to do with what I earn than spending it cleaning up Sleepy Joe’s messes. And so do you.

4 thoughts on “Who pays for all of the Democrat “generosity” to Afghan refugees?”

  1. The issue of illegals is one of the starkest examples of Leftists giving away the jobs, wage levels, and safety of those they claim to care about — just so they can amass more power.

    This isn’t theoretical. Illegals take the jobs of citizens, suppress the wages of remaining jobs, and import evil practices and diseases.

    I talked to the controller of a company where they had a rumor of an ICE raid. The illegals working there fled. Guess what happened? The jobs then went to citizens AND the wages of the remaining jobs had to be increased dramatically (from about $8/hr to $12/hr) to meet the market demand for non-illegals. And the illegals do bring drugs, sex trafficking, and diseases.

    And the “refugees” could be settled in many other places for a fraction of the cost of bringing them to America.

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    1. Not only could the refugees been settled elsewhere for much less, but it would be much healthier for them. As I understand it, when Afghans go to India for work, they suffered lung ailments and so on. they’re from high, cool and dry places. Many of them coming to the US, especially eastern states and the northwest have the same issues. But, the dnc needs a new pet. Non-whites are running from them and their lies, and Hitler loved Moslems.


  2. Is biden faking his senility to mock us? Yes, he’s had mental issues since at least college, if not prior to that. But, did you watch the video of him giving a rah-rah session to Kali dems?


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