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Christian woman takes on Democrats for voting by feelings instead of to get results

I found an amazing article about the Afghanistan situation over on An Affair with Reason. Laura has a background in defending Christianity to Muslims. She’s traveled all over the Middle East. So, she has a lot of experience in that area, having conversations with those people. I know she’s been to Afghanistan, so she knows what’s going on there. And she’s not happy.

Here’s the post.

She talks about how the Taliban have retaken Afghanistan, are capturing 12-year-old girls for sex slavery, and they are going door to door searching for Christians and U.S. allies to murder them. ISIS, (which nearly took over Iraq under Obama, then was crushed under Trump), is reforming and gaining strength. You might remember that ISIS is famous for sex-trafficking underage female captives. She mentions how China, which runs concentration camps and is a huge human rights violator, has also been emboldened by our weakness.

Since she wrote the article, more news has emerged. You may have heard that 13 American soldiers have been killed by the Taliban, and billions of dollars of high-tech military equipment has  been captured by the Taliban terrorists. Officers who are critical of these policies are being taken off duty and told not to comment on the Biden administration’s failures. The Biden administration is blocking efforts to evacuate Christians. Almost none of the people being evacuated are Christians. 

So, she asks this question for people who supported Biden:

Did our leaders calculate the cost of American lives being lost and decide that it just wasn’t worth it? Did they make the very difficult decision to turn our backs on our allies, abandon 15,000 American citizens in Afghanistan, allow women to be raped and killed, leave Christians to be beheaded and crucified, and permit the rise of terror cells because preventing all of that just wasn’t worth the massive numbers of American lives that were being lost daily in the war in Afghanistan? No! There had not been a single American casualty in Afghanistan in 18 months!! The cost in U.S. lives was down to zero! The huge price had already been paid and now our volunteer-registration military were maintaining a small presence of about 2500 soldiers to keep from losing all that had been gained by the tremendous sacrifice of Americans over the past two decades, both in lives lost and in trillions of dollars spent since September 11, 2001. There was no war, in the traditional sense. There was a small, strategic presence, and it was working magnificently.

The reality is that this decision was made because it’s what the American people demanded. As of April of this year, 69% of Americans wanted a full withdrawal from Afghanistan. And why did Americans think that was a good idea? Because short, catchy, popular phrases that make us look good to others are in, and thoughtful, well-researched, informed positions that go against the tides of culture are out.

We want to be on the side of “Black Lives Matter”, even though the policies of this organization overtly destroy black families and black lives. We want to be on the side of “Science is real”, even though this slogan is used to cover for a definition of science that excludes the supernatural, rejects objective morality, and, well…denies scientific facts. And we buy into foolishness like, “No more endless wars”, when the reality is that our way of life must be defended against the evil that seeks to destroy us.

We have been so dumb for so long, watching trash on television instead of reading great books, receiving our “education” from a government-run system that has rejected the principles upon which this country was built in order to fulfill a demonic agenda, and surrounding ourselves with people who are just as dumb, that we have lost our ability to think critically and to act morally. The drive to withdraw the troops from Afghanistan was no exception.

As Dan Crenshaw, member of the U.S. House of Representatives and a former Navy SEAL who lost his eye during combat in Afghanistan, has said, the argument for bringing home the troops was purely an emotional one. It was not an informed, fact-based decision in which voters and the leaders who represent them weighed the pros and cons and came to a sensible conclusion. Rather, like so many people’s policy positions today, it was driven by an emotion-driven slogan that sounds nice but doesn’t work in the real world. In this case, that slogan was “No more endless wars!”

Politics begins and ends for Democrat voters with their own feelings. They read almost nothing that would help them understand how the world works. They just try to watch social media and TV to see what slogans they need to spout in order to feel good and be liked. It doesn’t matter to them what happens next if policies are enacted. The important thing is to find out what is being praised on social media and TV, and then spout those slogans to their friends.

Consider policies like raising the minimum wage, or fixing the amount that landlords can charge for rent. Democrats support these policies, because they sound “nice”. And they want to feel generous – with other people’s money. But minimum wage hikes results in higher unemployment for low-skilled workers, and rent control results in housing shortages and slums. But if you only care about yourself, then these bad results don’t matter to you. And how can you predict the bad results? You read non-fiction books on economics – something no Democrat is willing to do. They want to feel good, and have an easy life. Reading books is boring and too much work. If they read anything, it’s devotions, self-help, romance novels and entertaining fiction.

That’s why Democrats look at the condition of blacks in America, and they don’t want to criticize the root causes: fatherlessness and government-run schools. It’s easier for them to blame some other successful ethnic group than to tell people who are making mistakes “you need to make decisions like Asians, if you want Asian life outcomes”. Instead of telling the truth, they lie, so that they look good to others.

We really need to do better than voting feelings and peer approval at election time. It’s about the direction of the country – not about your feelings or your need to virtue signal.

9 thoughts on “Christian woman takes on Democrats for voting by feelings instead of to get results”

  1. But, the churchy pharisees are thrilled because “no more mean tweets by bad orange man.”

    I listened to the Mom who lost her son call in to the radio station a few days ago and am so proud of what she had to say. Yep, she laid the blood of her son on the hands of Gropin’ Joe and every single person who voted for him – although I am certain that was nowhere near 81 million.

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    1. We all need to hold democrat voters accountable and take away their virtue signaling. They’re stupid, and only wanted to look good and feel good.

      If you let them have it about the SE trafficking of afghan children and the deaths of soldiers, it will flip them.

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      1. You are more optimistic than I am. I’ve been surrounded by Dimm family members my entire life, and only one flipped – and that was because of the individual mandate of ObamaCare of all things.

        People who don’t even know that it is wrong to murder children in the womb are not easy to flip. But, yes, we keep trying.

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      2. We can’t even get an honest reply on slavery in the US and why the borders were opened, let alone Afghanistan. Slavery is a billions of dollars industry rightly called the dirtiest of trades. It’s legal under Sharia and the dnc is ever the slavery party.

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  2. They don’t understand the genius of inalienable rights, federalism, Constitutional government, etc. They think that our current situation is the default, and we could do much better than everyone else by trashing the system. As if that hasn’t been tried before and Failed Spectacularly. It’s failing right now in north korea, cuba, venezuela, etc.

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