Not just aborting babies with Down’s syndrome – Dawkins supports infanticide

Goodness Without God: is it possible?
Goodness Without God: is it possible?

The UK Telegraph reports on the latest Dawkins blunder.


Richard Dawkins, the atheist writer, has claimed it is “immoral” to allow unborn babies with Down’s syndrome to live.

The Oxford professor posted a message on Twitter saying would-be parents who learn their child has the condition have an ethical responsibility to “abort it and try again”.

His comments were dismissed by charities and prompted fury online from opponents but he insisted his stance was “very civilised” because foetuses do not have “human feelings”.

He claimed that the important question in the abortion debate is not “is it ‘human’?” but “can it suffer?” and insisted that people have no right to object to abortion if they eat meat.

[…]Anti-abortion campaigners describe the practice of aborting foetuses on physical grounds as a form of “eugenics”.

But Prof Dawkins strongly defended its as simply standard practice and ridiculed his critics as portraying him as “a horrid monster”.

The row erupted during a debate on Twitter about calls for further changes to Ireland’s abortion laws in the wake of the case of a rape victim who was forced to carry the child until she could deliver by caesarean section.

One participant said they would suffer a real ethical dilemma if they were carrying a child with the condition.

Prof Dawkins replied: “Abort it and try again. It would be immoral to bring it into the world if you have the choice.”

Another pointed to recent figures asking: “994 human beings with Down’s Syndrome deliberately killed before birth in England and Wales in 2012 – is that civilised?”

He responded: “Yes, it is very civilised. These are foetuses, diagnosed before they have human feelings.”

I’m really not sure why anyone is surprised by this. Dawkins is an atheist and as such, he has no rational grounding for objective moral values and duties. He also does not have any rational grounding for free will, which is required for making moral choices and bearing moral responsibility. To an atheist, what people ought to do is decided by conventions and customs that vary by time and place. There is no objective moral standard for the way humans ought to be. Dawkins is an evolutionist. He believes in survival of the fittest. The unfit should die – if necessary, directly at the hands of the fit.

Listen to what he writes in his book:

In a universe of blind physical forces and genetic replication, some people are going to get hurt, other people are going to get lucky, and you won’t find any rhyme or reason in it, or any justice. The universe that we observe has precisely the properties we should expect if there is, at bottom, no design, no purpose, no evil and no good, nothing but blind, pitiless indifference… DNA neither knows nor cares. DNA just is. And we dance to its music.

–Richard Dawkins, (River Out of Eden: A Darwinian View of Life (1995))

I’m not misrepresenting him – the man is a very consistent atheist, and there is no room for morality on atheism. It’s not rationally grounded.

Here’s how far Dawkins takes his view that there is no evil and no good:

Richard Dawkins explains morality on atheism
Richard Dawkins explains morality on atheism

But wait!

He goes even further than mere abortion – he also supports infanticide:

This man is very popular among rank-and-file atheists, so his views can’t be too far from what atheists accept and support.

9 thoughts on “Not just aborting babies with Down’s syndrome – Dawkins supports infanticide”

  1. I was a liberal atheist at the time of Roe v Wade but I knew that killing preborn babies was wrong. I even argued with family members over it. It doesn’t take much of a conscience to accept the minimal morality that executing the innocent is wrong.

    But I was a liberal, NOT a Leftist. So, I was for the oppressed, not for the oppressor like Leftists are. Abortion is as anti-liberal as it comes.


  2. I have come around to the belief that killing a child conceived as a result of rape is still wrong. After all it’s not the child’s fault that the father was a rapist.

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    1. Exactly! Why does the innocent child get the death penalty when the rapist dad doesn’t???

      And you will be happy to know that psychological outcomes for women who choose life after being raped are much better than those who choose abortion. Abortion just transfers the violence of rape to the violence of murdering a child. Whereas women who choose life say that their baby is the one positive thing that came out of the rape.

      I’ve been blessed to help save multiple children conceived in rape from abortion. They are just regular kids like you or I were. The circumstances of their conception do not define them.

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      1. A major faith by atheists is rape is natural and normal. Harris wrote a book on it, and a number of colleges were stopped from adding it to their biology studies. Be blessed and respected!


  3. No, it’s not consistent. He claims that the universe has no morality but he says that parents of children with Down syndrome have the ETHICAL responsibility to abort them


  4. Dawkins does love the taste of toe jam. He’s all for post-partum abortion until it comes to his own skin. He had the brass to knock Islam, only to back off when threatened, then said he feared with the death of Christianity something worse might come along. It has, and he’s on their A list. I’ve often told family and friends who are Muslim they should be thankful to atheists, not hate them. Atheists by wrecking christianity opened the gates for Islam to enter the whole world.


  5. I am biased since my sister is down syndrome. But as disabilities go out is one of they best to have. They tend to very nice, mostly happy. They really don’t know they have many problems if people don’t tell them.

    It is really a statement of a moron that hasn’t met many people with a disability. And if you start with a mild one like this. May as well go all in and say all that won’t walk or do other things to an acceptable standard. Even the old and unproductive are not of limits elimination in his view, if you try to apply the logic

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