Andrea Weiskopf, a Loudoun County teacher

What teachers think about parents’ desire for kids to get jobs and earn money

If you ask parents why they send their children to school, you’re likely to get the answer “so that they can learn useful skills, get jobs, and move out of my house”. But teachers don’t really see their goal as teaching children skills so that they can get jobs. They see their job as teaching children to vote for big government, so that they can get raises, vacation, conferences, benefits, pensions, etc. So, they focus on teaching children how to vote Democrat. And they do that by ignoring math, science, technology and engineering, and instead focusing on things that promote redistribution of wealth, and bigger government.

Here’s an example from Daily Wire, in which we find out what teachers really think of parents – in their own words:

A group of current and former teachers and others in L0ud0un County, Virginia compiled a lengthy list of parents suspected of disagreeing with school system actions, including its teaching of controversial racial concepts — with a stated purpose in part to “infiltrate,” to use “hackers” to silence parents’ communications, and to “expose these people publicly.”

Members of a 624-member private Facebook group called “Anti-Racist Parents of L0ud0un County” named parents and plotted fundraising and other offline work. Some used pseudonyms, but The Daily Wire has identified them as a who’s who of the affluent jurisdiction outside D.C., including schools staff and elected officials.

The sheriff’s criminal investigations division is reviewing the matter — but the group’s activities might be no surprise to top law enforcement because the county’s prosecutor, narrowly elected with the help of $845,000 in cash from George Soros, appears to be a member of the Facebook group.

The article is long (2600 words), but awesome. I recommend taking the time to read it, so you can have an accurate view about what teachers are really like. But I have some samples below.

Silencing dissenting teachers:

In recent years, L0ud0un’s school system has flooded its curricula and policies with racial rhetoric, paying about $500,000 to one racial consulting company alone. It required all staff to undergo “Equity in the Center” training that promoted a sense of injustice and urgency.

The school system proposed, then withdrew, a policy that would ban teachers from disagreeing with the schools’ racial philosophies, even when not on school district property. In January 2020, the school board’s Equity Committee voted unanimously to “Offer/Provide Equity in the Center-like training to parents.”

Doxing parents who wanted schools to teach children marketable skills, rather than Democrat socialist indoctrination.

Former teacher, Hilary Hu1tman-Lee wrote this in the private Facebook group:

“Regarding the anti-CRT movement, we’d like to compile a document of all known actors and supporters. Please comment below with legal names of these individuals, area of residence and or school board Rep known, known accounts on social media, and any other info that you feel is relevant,” wrote Hu1tman-Lee, who at one point taught Latin at Potomac Falls High School and who is listed as doing business with the school district as an education consultant.

The fascists responded by naming all the people, listing out their contact information, addresses, EMPLOYERS and spouses.

Look at this:

Andrea We1skopf, a teacher at River Bend & Seneca Ridge Middle School, named a father who has criticized critical race theory. The N44CP, which We1skopf (who is white) works closely with, previously sent an “URGENT” email to school officials alerting them that the man is married to a teacher. We “are hopeful she does not share the same ideologies as her husband. Please confirm receipt of this message,” it said, according to an email obtained by The Daily Wire.

The article describes the teachers in the Facebook group, and their derisive opinions of parents who speak out against secular leftist indoctrination. They’re not just talking about getting people fired, or shutting down their funding. They also talked about hacking web sites and violence.

Stop giving money to unionized teachers

Do you want to live in a world where taxpayer money is paid to secular left fascists? These people don’t have any marketable skills. They are often divorced, obese, single mothers, promiscuous, reckless, irresponsible, mentally ill, sexually deviant, etc. Even if they don’t behave like this themselves, they encourage self-destructiveness in others in the name of “tolerance”. They go into teaching to avoid having to please customers in a competitive market. They don’t want to interact with adults. They don’t want to feel pressure to perform a job well enough to keep it. They want security that’s divorced from accountability. They’re often just overgrown children, obsessed with the kinds of cliquish nonsense (feelings and peer approval) that occupied them when they were children themselves.

Political contributions from unions are overwhelmingly given to Democrats and leftists
Political contributions from unions are mostly given to secular left fascists

Teachers teach in order to get more money for themselves. They get more money by teaching children to vote for bigger government. They are not interested in teaching skills and getting kids jobs in the private sector. They are not interested in affirming the religion or morality of parents. They are not interested in teaching children to love their country. They want money. Stop giving them money.

5 thoughts on “What teachers think about parents’ desire for kids to get jobs and earn money”

  1. Don’t forget that a lot of government “school” teachers, male and female, are also pedophiles and rapists.

    20 years ago, I was an atheist homeschooling my children because even I, in darkness, could see through this. There is no excuse for a born again follower of Jesus Christ to send their children into these dens of iniquity in 2021. It is nothing short of spiritual child abuse.

    Watch out for the “christian” schools too.


    1. I’m much more worried about white women anxious to virtue signal with their “tolerance”. These are the sorts of people who think that you can prevent war by unilaterally disarming, etc. They indulge their feelings, then act surprised at the predictable bad consequences. They have ni idea how the world works. They’re so naive that they can never be trusted with any kind of authority. And yet there they are teaching our children their stupidity and ignorance. At taxpayer expense.


  2. There was a teacher’s group a couple months back where some “teachers” were discussing how schooling from home made the possibility of parents listening to what their kids were being taught more likely. One of the teachers actually posted “parents are dangerous”.


    1. At least that teacher was honest about believing that parents are the enemy of her indoctrination goals.

      And “Christian” parents who send their children off to government schools are surprised when their little children grow up to be little devils. smh

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Its incredible. We have to have stuff so much that we make both parents work and shuffle the kids off to day care and godless schools. Are the people who work in daycares and public schools moral? Are they successful at life? Why think that they will support Christian parents in their goals?

        Liked by 1 person

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