What the nomination of Amy Coney Barrett communicates to secular left feminists

Amy Coney Barrett, her husband and her 7 children
Amy Coney Barrett, her husband and her 7 children in the Oval Office

Here’s an article from The Federalist by my favorite Federalist writer, Joy Pullmann, where she lists 9 feminist lies that were smashed by the nomination of Amy Coney Barrett:

  • Women Need Abortion to Succeed
  • Children Make You Unhappy
  • Women Must Repress Their Fertility to Succeed
  • Religious People and Conservatives Are Anti-Sex
  • Women Don’t Need Men
  • Christianity Oppresses Women
  • Conservatives Hate Women
  • Women Should Prioritize Career Over Family
  • Women Are Oppressed

The article is excellent. I will just focus on the one part that I thought was the most interesting:

Marriage is the epitome of the cooperation of the sexes, yet the left treats it as unnecessary at best and harmful at worst. The Black Lives Matter organization, for example, which has been supported by millions in donations and thousands of endorsements from CEOs and Democrat politicians, in its policy platform openly attacked “heteronormative” “nuclear families.”

Gloria Steinem, the apostle of feminism, popularized the phrase “A woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle.” Leftism and feminism pit the sexes against each other, while conservatism and Christianity recognize that the sexes are interdependent. This recognition brings humankind joy instead of hatred.

Fathers are crucial to the happiness and well-being of every child, a need that only intensifies with the addition of each child. Barrett’s husband Jesse is a full partner in their marriage with his own significant career. Barrett recognized her husband’s major contributions to their family and her happiness in her nomination acceptance speech Saturday night.

I couldn’t manage this very full life without the unwavering support of my husband Jesse. At the start of our marriage, I imagined that we would run our household as partners. As it has turned out, Jesse does far more than his share of the work. To my chagrin, I learned at dinner recently that my children consider him to be the better cook. For 21 years, Jesse has asked me every single morning what he can do for me that day. And though I almost always say ‘Nothing,’ he still finds ways to take things off my plate. And that’s not because he has a lot of free time—he has a busy law practice. It’s because he has a superb and generous husband, and I am very fortunate.

Given her description, I think it’s accurate to guess Barrett and her husband’s interdependence is a source of strength and joy to them both, as well as to their children and community. They have undoubtedly achieved much more together than they could have separately, as many highly successful women will also tell you of their marriages. Our husbands are our sometimes-secret weapon.

Feminists don’t like any of Joy’s 9 points, though.

Feminism is what a woman believes after she has smashed herself up by having sex with bad boys. Bad boy failures makes her think that all men are unreliable. She likes abortion because it allows her to chase the bad boys she is attracted to. When she learns how bad boys are unreliable, she intentionally delays marriage to focus on her career and pay off all her student loans. But, if a woman avoids bad boys, and instead chooses a good husband who supports her, she can have 5 kids and adopt 2 more and not have all that bitterness. With a good husband, and a network of supportive relatives, she can even get on the Supreme Court.

I prefer that young women study for a STEM degree, and try to avoid student loans with community college, scholarships, living at home, summer jobs, etc. I recommend they work until their first child arrives. After that, they should stay home with the children, at least for the first 3 years of each child’s life. And obviously, having more children leads to a bigger legacy than fewer children. I’m also a strong supporter of homeschooling. I don’t have much confidence in Christian schools, private schools and especially public schools.

However, in the special case of women like Amy Coney Barrett, who can make a huge difference in the world for the good of conservatives and Christians, then it may be possible, with an excellent husband and many willing relatives, to have a safety net for the children that allows her to do something that will protect us all from the secular left. This is not the ordinary case, of course. This is 1% of the 1% of the 1%. There is no doubt that her children will suffer from her decision to have a career. But if she makes a Supreme Court decision that protects the unborn, or safeguards self-defense rights, or preserves religious liberty, it will be worth it. I don’t think this is the ordinary case. I don’t support mothers of young children having ordinary careers just to make money, because usually the young children have to be placed with strangers.

My goal for my wife was that she be a stay at home wife and mother, at least while we have any children under 3, and preferably under 5. I wouldn’t have liked to have a wife who served on the Supreme Court. I wouldn’t want to share my wife with co-workers, because of the way I was raised. But I can understand why it is a good thing for me (and for conservatives and Christians) that she is the nominee.

13 thoughts on “What the nomination of Amy Coney Barrett communicates to secular left feminists”

  1. A bit off-topic, but since when did the intact family become a “white” thing? Almost all the issues in the black community can be directly traced to single mother households. Kids need their dads, especially the boys. For people to intentionally deny a kid a father is outright cruelty to children. Disgusting people.

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      1. It’s interesting to note that Friedrich Engels, Karl Marx’s partner in writing the Communist Manifesto, specifically stated in his own works on the subject, that the family was a threat to the goals of the Communists. It’s no surprise then that expanded welfare programs (one of the 10 planks towards Communism articulating in the Manifesto) tends to lead to fewer intact families.

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        1. I think the reason why single women like welfare is because it frees them up to go after the bad boys they are attracted to. Amy Coney Barrett married a guy who was a hard worker with good character who wanted to marry young and have lots of kids. He’s boring. A much better plan, according to feminists, is to have sex with a lot of bad boys and then really on welfare as a substitute husband. This has the advantage of avoiding the “sexism” inherent in marriage, where the woman actually has to respect her husband.

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          1. As I often tell my children, “Mommy likes boring things”. Other words that could be used instead of boring to describe a hardworking man of good character indicating how much he is valued: my husband is dependable, reliable, and faithful. Steadfast.

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  2. It also shows how they can see evil in everything.

    A woman shows she can arise to one of the most powerful positions in America while being in a loving family and relationship as you showed.

    And they attack rather than celebrating the woman because it seems like you are only valid if you repeat the current talking points of the far left.

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    1. Oh, thank you. I am glad you liked it. I think we can celebrate her while still saying that men and kids really love having the wife / mom in the home. I’m glad she’s the nominee though.

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      1. Can you really? Talking to the ultra conservatives (this post seems almost liberal compared to what they have had to say), many were upset simply because she was a woman on the highest court in the nation and women should not be in authority over men. She was blaspheming the word of God because she was not at home with her children, and her husband was being emasculated because he was being her helper in her life goal and not the other way around. Can it really be justified?
        *disclaimer: the views above do not reflect that of my own.


        1. The ultra conservatives have my view, we want a pro-lifer on SCOTUS. It’s ulta-conservative to want to push abortion down to the states to decide the law, instead of having the SCOTUS decide that abortion is legal through all 9 months of pregnancy.
          The people who fuss about piety are the ultra liberals. They don’t want a pro-lifer on the court, they want abortion on demand.

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