Harvard psychology graduate fired for threatening to stab people she disagrees with

Harvard University graduate Claira Janover wants to stab you for disagreeing with her
Harvard University grad Claira Janover wants to stab you for disagreeing with her

My wise advisor Dina sent me this news story about a privileged young woman who graduated Harvard University and got a job at the prestigious accounting firm Deloitte. She recorded herself threatening to stab people who disagreed with her Democrat convictions. Deloitte fired her. Now she’s complaining that she is the real victim.

Here’s the story in the New York Post:

Claira Janover, who graduated in May with a degree in government and psychology, went viral after posting a short clip in which she attacked anyone with “the nerve, the sheer entitled caucasity to say ‘all lives matter.’”

“I’ma stab you,” the Connecticut native said, zooming in close on her face.

“I’ma stab you, and while you’re struggling and bleeding out, I’ma show you my paper cut and say, ‘My cut matters too,’” she added.

And in another New York Post article:

In her new videos, she blamed supporters of President Trump for going after her job.

“Trump supporters took my job away from me,” she said in another new video posted Wednesday.

[…]“Now my future’s entirely compromised because Trump supporters have decided to come for my life.”

Yeah, getting fired for being a psychopath definitely is the same thing as Trump supporters coming for your life.

Here are the videos:

She’s trying to make herself into a victim now. I think it would help if she could Jussie Smollett or Bubba Wallace up some fake threats and hate crimes against herself. That’s what the universities teach young people – always be a victim, so that you can demand sympathy when you get caught being a fascist.

Keep in mind that the standard operating procedure for secular leftists Nazis nowadays is to dox you, vandalize your property, threaten your life, get you fired from your job. But when a young, entitled leftist gets fired, it’s the end of the world. These things aren’t supposed to happen to them. Christians and conservatives have been putting up with hate speech and violence from secular left terrorists for years, and no one batted an eye. No matter how gentle and respectful we are when putting forward our views, we know that some unhinged secular leftist is just waiting with a knife to stab us or get us fired.

By the way, I checked her Twitter account, and she hasn’t been suspended. Because making threats against conservatives doesn’t violate the Twitter terms of service. It only applies one way.

5 thoughts on “Harvard psychology graduate fired for threatening to stab people she disagrees with”

  1. Hey, WK. I appreciate your work as always.
    Allow me, for a moment, to play the lefty’s advocate.
    I affirm the statement “Black lives matter.” I also understand why “All lives matter” is not a particularly helpful response, given that there are people with a lot of power who seem to think black lives don’t. I think racism is a thing. I think it is part of a bigger problem, but a problem none the less. (See https://youtu.be/TnD5lS-rHJY)
    A good rejoinder I have heard to the “All lives matter” comment is that if your house is on fire and you call the fire department, if they said, “All houses matter” and hung up on you, you wouldn’t appreciate it.
    There are two issues with Ms Janover’s statement and the reactions to it. First, I think the “I’ma stab you and while you’re bleeding show you my papercut and say ‘all cuts matter’ is not a bad analogy to the “all houses matter/ all lives matter thing.” To isolate the “I’ma stab you” portion and construe it as a threat is uncharitable at best and intellectually dishonest at worst. The second issue is that this is exactly the kind of thing the PC crowd does to everyone else all the time, so the irony is glaring and the schadenfreude is delicious. However, if it’s wrong for the left to do it to us, then it’s wrong for us to do it to them.
    Even if you disagree with the “all houses matter” analogy, I think you can see how the “I’ma stab you…” analogy is a crude, but valid parallel (valid if you accept the premise of “all houses matter.”
    What do you think?


    1. I don’t care. Prosecute her. Because it’s the leftist cry babies who are removing all of our freedoms because of their feelings being hurt. Getting us fired, threatening us, vandalism, violence, crime.

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      1. If the far left would be honest and remove the hypocrites and tyrants from their ranks rather than protecting them and covering up for them I to could say don’t use their tactics.

        The rights has tried to be honest noble and cleaner than the left in fighting against them.

        But when many on the left are pathological liars that consider deception as a tool to go their way you can’t play by a standard book.

        If the left wants cancel culture then the only thing that will make them see it is not a good thing is for it to come after them


    2. Oh, but Black lives do NOT matter to you.

      Unless you stand in front of the abortion mills, with a sign that says Black Babies Matter. (BLM will issue you death threats if you do this – I know.)

      Unless you stand in front of the police station with a sign that says Black Blue Lives Matter. (BLM will threaten you here too – I know.)

      Unless you stand in Chicago with a sign that says Black Lives Murdered by Blacks Matter. (Haven’t done this yet, but it is on my bucket list.)

      Lacking this, your affirmation means nothing and is just virtue signaling.

      Which is what a lot of fake “christians” and “churches” are doing right now, straining out a gnat of virtue signals for “racial injustice” while swallowing the camels of Black Genocide by abortion and Black-on-Black crime.

      I agree with you that there is systematic racism in America, and 99% of it comes from the Left.

      Furthermore, did she set this up as a hypothetical thought experiment? I might have missed that part, but it sounds like a threat to me.


  2. I’m wondering if the video was a setup for conservatives. Why? Her employer, Deloitte, announced in early June they would be laying off 5-10,000 of their world-wide staff. Perhaps she knew she was on the chopping block and made the video, knowing some might suggest she be doxxed and “cancelled”. Maybe she even had someone planted to do so. Then she could tell the world she was fired because of the hypocritical conservatives. Mission accomplished.

    Anyway, I just got to wondering. I’ve not seen anyone even note the Deloitte job cuts when discussing Harvard girl.


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