Black women were more likely to be married before welfare programs

Does the “legacy of slavery” explain black women’s 72% out-of-wedlock birth rate?

James White asks: does the Bible apply to black women?
James White asks: does the Bible apply to black women?

I don’t like Calvinist theologian James White very much, but at least he’s willing to defend the moral teachings of the Bible against the woke identity politics that is taking over Christian churches. A few months ago he tweeted something very controversial (see above), and got into a lot of hot water with fake Christians. In this post, I’ll explain why he is right.

So, as you can see above, James is concerned that black women are having so many abortions, and he thinks that the solution to this is to encourage black women to take the Bible’s advice on sexual morality. Shocking, I know.

If you read the replies to his tweet on Twitter, you’ll see millions and millions of comments calling him a racist, and telling him that slavery is to blame for EVERYTHING that black women do wrong. Basically, the James haters say that black women can do anything they want, and should never be told that it’s wrong according to the Bible, because their bad choices are all the fault of slavery. So the Bible doesn’t even apply to them, or something.

Here is an example from a radical feminist progressive named Karen Swallow Prior:

Karen Swallow Prior says that black people have no moral agency
Karen Swallow Prior says that unlike whites, blacks have no moral agency

According to the fake Christians, it’s not that black women make poor choices with sex, it’s that the ghosts of white slavers who raped their great-great-great grandmothers reach through time with magic and force them to have sex with hunky bad boys who won’t commit to them before sex. It’s not rap music calling black women hoes! It’s the ghosts of slavery past. And even if this ghost theory isn’t true, we shouldn’t tell black women not to sin, because… it would hurt their feelings. After all, the Bible isn’t a book that’s designed to set boundaries to prevent self-destructive behaviors. It encourages us to listen to our hearts, be reckless, and sin as much as we can.

So when did black community problems with sex and abortion start? Did it start with slavery times? Actually, blacks were doing GREAT at marriage and sexual matters just 50 years ago.

This reply to James White explained:

Blacks married at rates comparable to whites before welfare
Blacks married at rates comparable to whites before welfare

That’s true. Black children weren’t fatherless, so they weren’t having early sex outside of marriage, and so they weren’t getting abortions.

As the header graphic shows, black women were just as likely to be married as white women in the 1960s,  FAR AFTER the days of slavery.

The reason that the graph is going upward is because daughters raised in fatherless homes tend to engage in sexual activity at younger ages, because they are seeking approval from a man which their (single) mother cannot give them. It’s a tragic downwards spiral, and it affects all races. The only way to stop it is to tell women to choose marriage-minded men (not hot bad boys) and marry before having sex, like the Bible says. But woke fake Christians think the Bible is too mean, and better to allow sin by saying that sin is inevitable because slavery ghosts or something.

What’s neat is that black men who take Christianity seriously are totally on board with the facts:

Black man here. Can confirm that the Bible applies to black women.
Black man here. Can confirm that the Bible applies to black women.

On this blog, I don’t talk about my ethnicity myself, for confidentiality reasons, but I have said that my skin is darker than Barack Obama. I’m not white or Asian. And the reason that I don’t fall into this trap of causing babies to be born out of wedlock is because I think that when the Bible says that sex outside of marriage is a sin, that this is true. I don’t make excuses or shift blame. It’s incumbent on me to obey, since I claim to be a follower of Jesus.I’m not interested in identity politics. I’m not interested in racial divisions. I’m not interested in blame-shifting. The rules are the rules. And my following of the rules caused me to not cause abortions, according to Christian specifications. Period.

When it comes to sex outside of marriage, the answer of every Bible believing Christian is simple: I’m against it. That is the correct answer, and anything more or less than this answer is demonic. If you are a Christian, sex outside of marriage is always morally wrong. And if you try to justify it, or blame someone else, in order to excuse it, then you’re not a Christian at all. If you try to make excuses for why someone did it, you’re not a Christian. Whether you have had it and been forgiven, or never had it, the answer is always the same: it’s morally wrong. Don’t do it. Never do it.

What I am seeing from people who are critical of James White’s tweet is that they are basically trying to attack those who make moral judgments based on what the Bible says. They want to make room for sinners to sin. The root of abortion sin is sexual sin. Real  Christians discourage sexual sin, and therefore protect unborn children. Fake Christians want to be liked by appearing compassionate, so they make excuses for sexual sin. If you take the Bible seriously on morality, you won’t be liked. Those who try to excuse sin do so because their need to be liked is more important than their need to promote what the Bible teaches.

Some fake Christians will say “oh, but I do think the Bible is right about sex and marriage, but we have to care about slavery reparations and global warming and refugees and illegal immigrants and trasnsgender rights, too”. Baloney. An authentic Christian is concerned about the things that the Bible teaches are “major” things. Drunkenness is a major thing. Sexual immorality is a major thing. Divorce is a major thing. Homosexuality is a major thing. If you meet a Christian who treats those issues as minor issues, and instead majors in what the secular left tells them are major issues, then you’re talking to a fake Christian.

Christianity isn’t a brain-dead faith. You get your priorities from the Bible, and you argue those priorities using facts. The facts about marriage rates are clear and they show that the problems in the black community aren’t caused by slavery. They’re caused by single mother welfare programs. Those welfare programs taught women of all races that they didn’t have to listen to their fathers when choosing men. Those welfare programs taught women that feelings were a better guide in relationships than the Bible. Those welfare programs taught women that their eyes were a better judge of character than performance of traditional marriage roles. Those welfare programs taught women that recreational sex was a way to get a man to commit and stop being a bad boy. We need to go back to the root cause of the problem. The root cause of the problem was making excuses for disobedience to the Bible, and transferring money from married homes to out-of-control women. Of all races.

10 thoughts on “Does the “legacy of slavery” explain black women’s 72% out-of-wedlock birth rate?”

  1. This is the essence of Marxism. Explaining all negative experiences in terms of an oppressor vs. oppressed class dynamic so that no one ever has to take responsibility for their own bad decisions. For Marx, it was the bourgeoisie and the proletariat, but neo-Marxists have expanded this to white/black, gay/straight, cis/trans, and whatever other societal distinctions suit their interests at the time. All they have to do is convince persons of one of the above sub-groups that all their problems are due to the oppressor class and that they never have to take responsibility for anything and those people will then give up their money and their freedom in the name of tearing down the oppressor class.

    What they don’t ever seem to notice is that the moment the oppressor class is gone, a new oppressor class pops up overnight. Why? Because if the ruling elite ever admitted that the oppressor class was gone, they’d have to face the reality that people are in fact responsible for their own decisions and can improve their own circumstances. Hence, no amount of money and freedom will ever be enough. They will keep manufacturing a new oppressor class.

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  2. Those welfare programs taught women that recreational sex was a
    way to get a man to commit and stop being a bad boy.
    Really, Wintery? I think that the women like being the rebellious
    tarts that they are. Regardless of race!!! Feminism 4.0!!!


  3. Really, Wintery? I think that the women like being the rebellious
    tarts that they are. Regardless of race!!! Feminism 4.0!!!


  4. If they want to play the oppression game of ancient past I use it back on them and ask.

    Can an Irish person get a free pass today because of oppression by Britain. Should people of Russian heritage be waiting to feel release when Putin and Russia decide to make up for the many attrocites committed in their history.

    Most people that moved here were fleeing some sort of persecution in society or due to religion and they moved on in life. Most kids have no idea in any way what their parents went through.


  5. The need for children to have fathers in the home is the elephant in the room too many on the left will not acknowledge because it goes against their goal of having more dependents reliant on the state. Therefore every time I hear them talk about how much they care about black lives, I know that they either do not believe it or are too blinded by their own progressive agenda to not realize that having a present father is critical to the development of children.

    I have seen so many references made to the Bible verses of the shepherd leaving behind the 99 sheep to save the 1 lost one in comparison to Black Lives Matter, implying that the black lives would be the lost sheep in this metaphor. The problem is that when the people who are making this comparison fail to realize that they are not leading the lost sheep back to the rest of the herd, they are chasing it off a cliff. They’re solutions to the problem not only fail to help the people they claim to care about, but they actually make the problem worse. These same people will never criticize single mothers for choosing bad men to be the fathers of their children, nor see the role of the welfare state in creating more single mothers. Rather, they double down on the exact policies that incentivized single mothers to no care about who they had sex with, which will only exacerbate the problems that they seek to fix.

    You cannot fix a problem when you do not know the cause(s) of the problem, so advocating for solutions based on a false premise will only waste time and make matters worse. Until those talking about how much they care about black lives actually seek solutions that will fix the problems with the black community, I will never take them seriously.

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  6. Creating statistics grouping people based on their skin color only keeps people thinking on issues based on skin color. It’s actual racist. It’s artificially creating groups based on a collective past; for black people that identity is in being a descendant of an African slave, for white people to be associated with slave trade. It only supports the “class struggle” ideas of Marxism, where the government is given the role to enforce any real or perceived inequality between such classes. Ask any survivor of Marxist regimes how that have worked out for them.

    What if we started to look at groups of people based on their ideology (which is a free choice)? I’m sure you will find the “sexual liberation” and “feminism” of the 60s at the core of many of the issues. But eventually, it’s all about people being in more and more rebellion against God.


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