We can see how Democrat presidential candidates would govern from Democrat-run states

California's ignorant Democrat governor Jerry Brown keeps failing
California’s ignorant Democrat governor Jerry Brown keeps failing

A lot of low-information voters decide who they are going to vote for based on the words the candidates speak, and how those words make them feel, and what their peers will think of them. They see their vote as membership in a club, not as a way to get policies that will actually produce real-world results. Thankfully, we can know what results Democrats produce by looking at Democrat-run states.

Let’s start with the Democrat-dominated state of California, which has pursued some of the most aggressive Green New Deal policies in recent years. The prediction from Democrats is that Green New Deal energy policies will lower the cost of energy and produce abundant energy to fuel economic growth. Is that what happened?

Consider this article from National Review:

More than 2 million people are going without power in Northern and Central California, in the latest and biggest of the intentional blackouts that are, astonishingly, California’s best answer to the risk of runaway wildfires.

[…]The same California that has boldly committed to transitioning to 50 percent renewable energy by 2025 — and 100 percent renewable energy by 2045 — can’t manage its existing energy infrastructure.

[…]California governor Gavin Newsom, who has to try to evade responsibility for this debacle while presiding over it, blames “dog-eat-dog capitalism” for the state’s current crisis. It sounds like he’s referring to robber barons who have descended on the state to suck it dry of profits while burning it to the ground. But Newsom is talking about one of the most regulated industries in the state — namely California’s energy utilities, which answer to the state’s public utilities commission.

So, what happened? What happened is that the Democrats pursued a pretty standard play book in which they regulated the energy industry, forcing them to focus on green energy. And the result of that policy was higher electricity prices, higher gas prices and blackouts. By the way, the utility company has filed for bankruptcy, which is certainly not going to help matters.

They really should have known that this would happen, because other countries, like Germany and Canada for example, tried it first. And the results are the same: higher electricity prices and rotating blackouts. Is it any wonder that business owners are fleeing the state, or outsourcing their operations to areas that are more reality-based?

But that’s not all. What else do environmentalists do? They block the thinning out of forests which prevents forest fires. So what happened next?

Meanwhile, California has had a decades-long aversion to properly clearing forests. The state’s leaders have long been in thrall to the belief that cutting down trees is somehow an offense against nature, even though thinning helps create healthier forests. Biomass has been allowed to build up, and it becomes the kindling for catastrophic fires.

As Chuck DeVore of the Texas Public Policy Foundation points out, a report of the Western Governors’ Association warned of this effect more than a decade ago, noting that “over time the fire-prone forests that were not thinned, burn in uncharacteristically destructive wildfires.”

In 2016, then-governor Jerry Brown actually vetoed a bill that had unanimously passed the state legislature to promote the clearing of trees dangerously close to power lines.

The result of their environmentalist policies? Massive wild fires. California already has a homeless epidemic going on, and the wildfires will only make that problem worse.

But that’s not all, there’s more failure to achieve in other areas:

Californians know that having tens of thousands of homeless in their major cities is untenable. In some places, municipal sidewalks have become open sewers of garbage, used needles, rodents, and infectious diseases.

Yet no one dares question progressive orthodoxy by enforcing drug and vagrancy laws, moving the homeless out of cities to suburban or rural facilities, or increasing the number of mental hospitals.

Taxpayers in California, whose basket of sales, gasoline, and income taxes is the highest in the nation, quietly seethe while immobile on antiquated freeways that are crowded, dangerous, and under nonstop makeshift repair.

Gas prices of $4 to $5 a gallon—the result of high taxes, hyper-regulation, and green mandates—add insult to the injury of stalled commuters. Gas tax increases ostensibly intended to fund freeway expansion and repair continue to be diverted to the state’s failing high-speed rail project.

Residents shrug that the state’s public schools are among the weakest in the nation, often ranking in the bottom quadrant in standardized test scores. Elites publicly oppose charter schools, but often put their own kids in private academies.

Californians know that to venture into a typical municipal emergency room is to descend into a modern Dante’s Inferno. Medical facilities are overcrowded. They can be as unpleasant as they are bankrupting to the vanishing middle class that must face exorbitant charges to bring in an injured or sick child.

No one would dare to connect the crumbling infrastructure, poor schools, and failing public health care with the non-enforcement of immigration laws, which has led to a massive influx of undocumented immigrants from the poorest regions of the world, who often arrive without fluency in English or a high school education.

Stores are occasionally hit by swarming looters. Such Wild West criminals know how to keep their thefts under $950, ensuring that such “misdemeanors” do not warrant police attention. California’s permissive laws have decriminalized thefts and break-ins. The result is that San Francisco now has the highest property crime rate per capita in the nation.

Nothing is working. It’s a complete disaster. And it has to be blamed on Democrats, because they have super-majorities in the state House and state Senate, not to mention the Democrat governor.

Although Democrats like to present themselves as science-based and intelligent, the best way to measure scientific understanding and intelligence is by comparing intentions to results. Smart, reality-based people achieve what they tell others they will achieve. If a Democrat claims that they will get X result (e.g. – you can keep your doctor, you can keep your health plan, your health insurance premiums will go down) and they get opposite results across the board, then you know that they are not scientifically-literate or intelligent.

The best way to get the results you want is to elect people with a record of achieving results. That’s why we look at a candidate’s resume and references before hiring them – at least in the private sector. Democrat voters should know better than to hire candidates based on appearances and words and feelings. We need to learn from their failures.

10 thoughts on “We can see how Democrat presidential candidates would govern from Democrat-run states”

  1. I have relatives in the Los Angeles coastal plain. Every time I visit them I am more discouraged about the state of the state.


  2. The left has become authoriation. Implying that all their policy failures are due to even the existence of Conservative ideology.

    In forestry a common sense person would know that a few fire Marshall’s with knowledge of fighting forest fires should be able to sit on review boards that will decide where clear cutting must be done as a matter of public safety, because firefighters would know how large of an area needs to be cleared to allow a defence of important infrastructure and cities.

    But to many on the left the earth is of more value than human lives and the virus of humans that are not part of the left elite are a permissible sacrifice for the good of the earth

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  3. Wasn’t it Albert Einstein who called the definition of insanity “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result”?

    In this case, higher and higher taxes, bigger and bigger government, more Green policies, and more and more handouts for illegals.

    Will they never learn….

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  4. The important thing to remember is that politicians, Republican or Democrat, always act in their own interest, not your interest. They want to be elected/re-elected, so necessarily they are more concerned with saying what is going to get them elected, regardless of whether or not that is what they will actually do, or whether or not it will achieve the results they say. In order to get elected/re-elected, they need to be heard, and to be heard, they need funding for advertisements and other campaign activities. Thus, political donors and lobbyists will ultimately be the ones pulling the strings of these politicians. No amount of laws or regulations can ever undo this inherent incentive structure. It may sound cynical to say, but all politicians are liars. Actions speak louder than words.


      1. I welcome you’re disagreement. However, I would contend that history backs up my position. No matter what party controls the White House and Congress, two things occur. Federal spending increases, and the government grows in the size and scope of its authority. Thus, apart from Republicans saying they are the party of small government and traditional values, they too act in their own interests, using the power of government to further the interests of those that keep them in office. I’ve written about this here: https://my2centsvideos.com/2018/10/22/why-government-elections-are-a-farce/


        1. Understood. I could list out dozens of specific actions that Republicans have taken on issues that are a concern to me as a Christian and a free market capitalist. I am very informed about politics and politicians in my state in particular and track individual bills. My state ranks in the top five according to the 2018 Mercatus Center report on fiscal stability. We have improved by several ranks each year for the past few years. My job is to engage in the process and get things done, and I’ve seen results by doing that, which is what I care about. I’m a very active person and I usually get what I want eventually, by having a plan and carrying it out. That has worked for me in my education, career and finances, so that I’ve always felt that if I applied myself to a problem, then I would have success. Having achieved success over and over has given me the belief that individuals matter, that the system isn’t rigged, and that any failure I encounter is my responsibility, and can be fixed by trying harder and making better decisions.


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