Google employees revolt against having a black, female conservative on advisory board

Kay Coles James is president of the Heritage Foundation, my favorite think tank
Kay Coles James is president of the Heritage Foundation, my favorite think tank

My favorite think tank in all the world is the Heritage Foundation. Almost all of my favorite policy researchers work there. The president is a conservative black lady named Kay Cole James. Any company would be thrilled to have her on an advisory board. But not Google. A bunch of their employees revolted against her.

Here’s an article from the Daily Caller about it:

Google staffers are in revolt, demanding the removal of Heritage Foundation President Kay Coles James from an advisory board the company convened on artificial intelligence. A petition with more than 2,000 signatories from within the company was published on Medium on Monday, with the title “Googlers Against Transphobia and Hate.”

The petition’s signers described the appointment of Coles, a black grandmother, as a “weaponization of the language of diversity.”

The petition was promoted internally within the company by five individuals, some of whom have a history of leftist agitation.

[…]One of them, Meredith Whittaker, who leads Google’s Open Research Group, posted on a private Google listserv that, “I would disagree that their views are important to consider when those views include erasing trans people, targeting immigrants and denying climate change.”

[…]Whittaker shot down this idea, “Instead [of] recognizing the historical gravity of our position, and rising to meet the occasion, we’ve invited a vocal bigot whose hand is on the lever of U.S. policy to shape our views on where, and how, to ‘responsibly’ apply this tech.

There’s no diversity of thought at Google. Remember what happened to James Damore, when he suggested that there were differences between men and women? They ended up firing him for holding to view that most Americans agree with. He even had research papers to support his arguments, but they didn’t care… it offended people on the left, so he had to go.

I’m blogging about this today, even though it occurred last week, because Kay wrote about it in the far-left Washington Post on Monday.

She wrote:

Last week, less than two weeks after the AI advisory council was announced, Google disbanded it. The company has given in to the mentality of a rage mob. How can Google now expect conservatives to defend it against anti-business policies from the left that might threaten its very existence?

I was deeply disappointed to see such a promising idea abandoned, but the episode was about much more than just one company’s response to intolerance from the self-appointed guardians of tolerance.

It was symptomatic of where America is heading. Whether in the streets or online, angry mobs that heckle and threaten are not trying to change hearts and win minds. They’re trying to impose their will through intimidation. In too many corners of American life, there is no longer room for disagreement and civil discourse. Instead, it’s agree or be destroyed.

[…]Being attacked is not new for me. As a black, conservative, pro-life, evangelical woman, I have spent most of my life being called names and being denounced for my beliefs.

I guess Google isn’t really committed to the only kind of diversity that matters: intellectual diversity.

By the way, my Google traffic on this blog has dropped off by 90% since the 2016 election. I think Google decided to get serious after they lost that elction (and tape emerged of their senior executives literally crying about their candidate losing).

This record of bias against even moderates and libertarians is a concern to me, because we previously saw that Google feels that it is their obligation to manipulate search results (and YouTube videos) in order to benefit their allies in the Democrat party. If Google really is altering their products and services to promote Democrats, then maybe it’s time for the federal government to step in and regulate them, so that our basic human rights are not infringed by far-left fascist extremists.

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7 thoughts on “Google employees revolt against having a black, female conservative on advisory board”

  1. The left and their historical racist behavior MUST be held accountable. If you do not LOUDLY & BOLDLY speak out against this racism that has been a part of their beings for hundreds of years – you are part of the problem. We MUST be louder and in the dem’s faces far more than they have ever been. It is time NOW. Silence and timid behavior is no longer acceptable.

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  2. It’s interesting how the leftists talk about being pro-diversity and multiculturalism; but they clearly show their lunacy when they don’t want a black female conservative occupying a high ranking position.

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  3. The idea that leftists are somehow more tolerant or open to diverse thought is Orwellian irony to the highest degree. They are extremely rigid and lockstep in their ways, and they will utilize any means to make sure persons adhere to their dogma. Leftists will sue, mock, fire, and even imprison you for daring to challenge their “open-minded” ideology.

    I have been against government regulating online platforms because I know that may not end well and I cherish free speech. However, there is a clear argument to be made that Google has a defacto monopoly and is abusing that position of privilege to silence persons unlawfully.

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  4. Thr left also redefines terms to make it fit only the right.

    A wiki definition of fascism claims it is a thing of the far right. Not possible for the. Left to be fascist.

    A dictionary makes no distinction of left and right and only claims it is when a nation state or society imposes things over individuals.

    A necessary change of meaning as with all these things because Google and the far left are fascists that actually hold power.

    The far right faciists are not as worrying because they hold next to no power but the actual ldt faciists do hold a lot of power and control much of the main social media


  5. It is insane how any minority that chooses to think outside of a far left spectrum is no representative of their race and people.

    Apparently to the elite whites of the far left only the minorities at agree with them represent the views and the thoughts of the minorities. Those that don’t think like the left become honorary white people


    1. Yes. And it’s frustrating because I might be expected, being non-white, to marry someone of the same color as me. How am I supposed to do that when something like 80-100 percent of them are far-left? It’s hopeless.


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